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The most exciting places in South Carolina …Greenville was number 1 --….scoring in the top 10… in nearly each category ….of the survey / ..myrtle beach was 2nd..charleston 3rd..another upstate city – Clemson ranked 7th

Wren high school junior- Tommi Rae Fowler, …won the Food Network's "…Chopped Teen Challenge" …yesterday.. she is now heading to the grand finale …. August 12th on Food Network.

Zach Galifianakis, Owen Wilson and Kristen Wiig star in the Untitled Armored Car Project film based on the true story of an armored truck heist / The movie is scheduled to film in the Asheville area through August and is still looking for a few more extras. Send vitals to Asheville

Zooz ahpalooza-// …. tickets are moving fast- ..just $10 now- but go up the day of the show – which is this Saturday! - go to b for details
a letter writing campaign is underway tto show community support for Fort Jackson in hopes of avoiding cuts or closures at the base.

Thirty-five-thousand gallons a minute. That's how much water was lost when a major water pipe burst under Los Angeles' Sunset Boulevard yesterday/ spewing water onto the campus of UCLA. More than 100 vehicles were stuck in parking garages and firefighters had to use inflatable boats to rescue some people. /officials say the loss of some eight million gallons of water ``is not ideal in the worst drought in the city's history.''

Six same-sex couples are going to ask the Greenville County Probate Court for marriage licenses this morning. The couples say they expect to be turned down because …South Carolina's… ban on gay marriage still stands.

The four-door Mini Cooper Countryman is the only one of 12 cars to earn a top rating of ``good'' in new frontal crash tests.

The Nissan Leaf, Nissan Juke, Fiat 500L and Mazda5 wagon fared the worst in tests performed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

. Troppers working collision – no injuries- at I385NB [x[WOODRUFF RD]


Roadway is blocked by an accident at SC14 S [GREENVILLE COUNTY] at x[S BUNCOMBE RD]


Gov. Nikki Haley is urging the Atlantic Beach Town Council to work with her to end the town's annual Memorial Day biker festival after a number of shootings this year/ the mayor tho... wants to keep the Bikefest ..but is open to suggestions for improving security around the weekend.
Many Americans are wary of granting refugee status to children crossing illegally into the U.S.

Fifty-three percent of those who answered an Associated Press-GfK poll believe the U.S. has no moral obligation to offer asylum to people who escape violence or political persecution, and 44 percent believe it does. And 52 percent say children fleeing gang violence in Central America should not be treated as refugees, while 46 percent say they should.

The Happy Hooves 9th Annual Charity Golf Event.
Is coming up oct 1 at fox run cc… http://www.happyhooves
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Wednesday July 30th @sgntias #Gossip Blog

Why did Jennifer Lawrence allegedly get broken up with? FIND OUT HERE!!

Did Orlando Bloom throw a punch at Justin Bieber? STORY HERE!!

Lady Gaga announced when her album with Tony Bennett...WILL BE RELEASED!!

Find out why Martha Stewart is throwing shade...ON BLAKE LIVELY!!

DWTS's Maksim Chmerkovskiy...SAYS HE'S DONE WITH THE SHOW!!

Toby Keith had some pretty nice things to say...ABOUT TAYLOR SWIFT!!

Elizabeth Banks says she's genetically blessed...LOOK!!

The guy Bachelorette Andi picked weighs in on that other guy...CALLING HER OUT FOR SLEEPING WITH HIM!!

Watch DMX freak out while riding a amusement park ride...OVER HERE!!


There's video of a five-year-old named Sadie on YouTube, and her parents started recording after she found out her baby brother won't STAY a baby and she was DEVASTATED. Apparently they also explained DEATH to her for the first time, because she freaks out about that too.

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Two women were trespassing on a railroad bridge in Indiana a couple of weeks ago when a freight train caught up with them.

The video from the Indiana Rail Road Company was released yesterday, and it’s horrifying.

You can hear the freight train whistling frantically as the women scramble in front of it to get off the bridge and the tracks.

Just as one woman looks like she’ll be able to jump to safety, the other one falls down right in front of the train, and her friend goes to help her. That’s when they disappear from view.

Bottom line: both women walked away from the incident. Okay, more like they ran away from it, and drove off in a nearby vehicle.
The local sheriff has identified them, and is now tracking them down, treating the incident as a crime.

After getting run over by a freight train, I can’t imagine that handcuffs are really going to scare these women…

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Get Ready to Cringe!

This happened two weeks ago, but it’s really gotten some traction on the internet in the past few days.

A young girl at the Lava Hot Springs water park in Idaho was on a high-dive platform when she was distracted by another diver rushing past her.

She panicked – it appears – and tried to stop her own dive.

Momentum and gravity took over, and she went off her platform and bounced off the platform below before plunging to the water.

Amazingly, she just hurt her finger – but I’ll bet it’s a long time before she attempts another high dive.


Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Peyton Planning to Dance with the Stars?

At the Denver Broncos practice facility yesterday, quarterback Peyton Manning got hit with a bad case of happy feet.

Someone blasted the unofficial fight song of his alma mater, the University of Tennesse. It’s a country tune called “Rocky Top,” and Peyton just had to bust a move.

Check out wide receiver Wes Welker (#83) in the video, sort of spinning like he just got off a roundabout at a playground.

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Warning! This is a Warning!

Someone posted a video that captures the sounds of Chicago’s tornado sirens to Facebook the other day.

You have to give it a listen.

Imagine waking up to something like that.

I wouldn’t know if it was a tornado or whales in heat.

Interesting, if nothing else…

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Zac Efron's Social Lubricant

Zac Efron is the first celebrity to appear on NBC’s new reality show, Running Wild with Bear Grylls, and for some reason, took that as the opportunity to open up about his struggles with alcohol and drugs.

It’s a two-day survival show, throwing the celebrity into the wilds to see how he or she can handle it. Bear is along for the trip, plus a camera crew.

And during the filming, Zac confessed to Bear that the whole Hollywood thing overwhelmed him.
He said the pressure of being out there with the press and the people had him reaching for a social lubricant.

Whatever it was, he didn’t name it, but you can bet that will be the new buzz word around Tinsel Town.

I fully expect a bar along Sunset to change its name to Social Lubricant before the week is out. You watch.
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5 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 1 Naked Dude

A guy in Texas was trying to save some money on the cost of selling his house.

So he took his own pictures of the interior of his house to post online.

He didn’t know when he posted it, but one of the bathroom pictures showed him in the mirror, standing in the corner, naked, while taking the picture.

The flash blurred out his face, but everything else was there on display.

Ironically, the website he was posting to was

Maybe he knew he was in the picture after all, but was confused about what site he was posting to…
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There are detours in place in the Powdersville area …SC 81 is closed between 86 and SC 153… due to an accident / power lines are in the road/

Gold's Gym will buy The Rush Fitness Complex - 23 clubs in the Carolinas and Georgia/including clubs in Greenville and Asheville

nordstrom Rack is hiring for their new store at magnolia park Greenville..from alterations to managers.. the off-price retail store is set to open oct 9

Bath Planet of Greenville is hiring 15-20 new hires during a job fair today / 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. - Brozzini Court in Greenville.

Catch the Carolina panthers practice …this morning.. 930 wofford college spnbg/
Zooz ahpalooza-// …. tickets are moving fast- just $10 now- to see 3 fab acts- cost rises day of the show- go to b for details

more than 35% of Americans have debts and unpaid bills… that have been reported to collection agencies./ These consumers fall behind on credit cards or hospital bills. Their mortgages, auto loans or student debt pile up, unpaid./ Even past-due gym membership fees or cellphone contracts can end up with a collection agency, potentially hurting credit scores and job prospects.

Ryan Lochte, owner of five Olympic gold medals in addition to three silver and three bronze, took to Twitter on Monday to show off a single meal supposedly worth 10,000 calories.

The Greenville Chamber will hold Hashtag---Lunchbag----GreenvilleSC..this Saturday/./ when , hundreds of… at the chamber to make bag lunches…to give to the homeless. /Visit

Sc's tax free weekend starts Friday at 1201…thru midnight - Sunday

What better place to be stranded than in Hawaii? Some Air New Zealand passengers have been unable to leave Hawaii since Saturday because of mechanical problems with their plane. /. Some of the 227 passengers took a flight on another airline. Air New Zealand issued a public apology last night, has scheduled the plane to leave today and is compensating each passenger $850 US dollars.

in the Powdersville area …SC 81 is closed between SC 86 and SC 153… due to an accident / power lines are in the road/

Teen survivors... of April's ferry sinking off.... the South Korean coast ....are testifying for a second day today in the trial of the ferry's 15 crew members./ They face charges of negligence and failing to carry out their duty to rescue passengers. The sinking left more than 300 people dead or missing. Most of the victims were students who were traveling to a resort island on a school trip.

A woman in Austria is dead after being attacked by a herd of cows. Police say the 45-year-old German woman was hiking through a fenced-in pasture and some 20 cows and calves were apparently spooked by her dog. They rushed her

Lawyers for Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling say they plan to appeal a judge's ruling that allows the sale of the Clippers to go ahead. The Los Angeles Superior Court judge sided with Sterling's estranged wife Shelly, who negotiated the $2 billion sale to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer after Sterling made offensive remarks and was banned for life form the NBA

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Tuesday July 29th @sgntias Gossip Blog

The trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay...IS OUT!!

And now a video of Peyton Manning dancing...WATCH IT HERE!!

Justin Bieber was honored for his charity work...AND GAVE THE AWARD TO A MAKE-A-WISH KID!!

Why did Beyonce really skip the Kimye wedding? LOOK!!

Did Kim Kardashian admit to kissing her step brother...BACK IN THE DAY!?

See how Sandra Bullock celebrated her 50th birthday...OVER HERE!!

Watch the trailer for the next Hobbit movie...SEE IT HERE!!

Freddie Prinze Jr. and Kiefer Sutherland are feuding...FIND OUT WHY HERE!!

Kendall Jenner says it was harder to become a model...BECAUSE OF HER NAME!?

Things got awkward on The Bachelorette after show...LAST NIGHT!!

Guitar legend Slash admitted to drugging his girlfriend's mom once...FOR WHAT


A couple on vacation in Mexico were recording themselves with a GoPro camera earlier this month. And while they were posing for the shot, a bolt of lightning hit a tree RIGHT behind them.

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