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Monday June 30th @sgntias Gossip Blog

There was a fatal stabbing at a BET Awards pre-show party...MORE HERE!!

Check out an interview with Ed Sheeran in Parade...OVER HERE!!

Lorde says Rihanna's nipples...ARE NOT CORRUPTING OUR YOUTH!!

Why did Beyonce show a mugshot of Justin Bieber...DURING HER SHOW!?

Zendaya won't be playing Aaliyah...IN HER BIO PIC AFTER ALL!! 

Meet Miley Cyrus' new dog...PICTURES HERE!!

Amy Adams did something for a serviceman...STORY HERE!!

Lauren Conrad's friends tried to embarrass her...AT HER BACHELORETTE PARTY!!

Ireland Baldwin has confirmed she's dating a FEMALE rapper...LOOK!!

Erykah Badu crashed a TV reporter's live shot...TO KISS HIM!!

Ice T's grandson has been arrested...FOR KILLING HIS ROOMMATE!!


There's a video making the rounds of a Swedish guy in his socks and underwear going through a car wash, while lying ON TOP of the car. And it's one of those car washes where a huge spinning brush comes down. Apparently he was fine.


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It's National Mosquito Awareness Week

conserve  and boil water…vigorously.. for at least one minute prior to drinking or cooking ---if you’re in anderson or parts of pickens counties,.. …a ruptured pipe is the problem.../ A number of businesses are closed due o the issue

three surgical patients at Greenville Hospital System … … diagnosed with  a rare mycO-bacterial infection have died, A total of 15 patients have tested positive for the infection,

a job fair today  - hiring for  auto assemblers, material handlers forklift operators, customer service, and data entry / stop by Kelly Services  Howell Road in Greenville.
from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

yesterday, The U.S. lost 1-0 to  Germany, but still advanced to the knockout stage of the tournament, Belgium 4 tuesday

are you  a heavy drinker Women are considered "heavy drinkers" if they have eight or more drinks a week, according to the CDC. Men can have 14.

an intoxicated.. Shia LaBeouf was arrested for liting up a cigarette  during a play at a new York theater…the  Actor was drunk and using foul language.. He was arrested and charged with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct

Winthrop University has fired its president less than a year after hiring her. University trustees voted yesterday to terminate Jamie Comstock Williamson's contract. They say Williamson violated the university's nepotism policy by hiring her husband, among other violations / Williamson denied all the trustees' complaints.

Federal health regulators have approved a first-of-a-kind set of robotic leg braces that can help some disabled people walk again. The ReWalk system consists of leg braces with motion sensors and motorized joints

The public corruption case of a former South Carolina State University trustee is about to go to a federal jury. The prosecution and defense plan closing statements Friday in Jonathan Pinson's trial. Authorities say Pinson used his position as a trustee to try to get the university to buy land from a Florida developer so he could get a Porsche SUV as a thank you gift. 

 The FBI says nine people from five states have been charged with taking $15 million from investors in a fake coal mining company in Tennessee. Prosecutors say more than 160 investors from around the country were targeted. The people charged are from Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina, Indiana and Kentucky. 

The board overseeing San Francisco's iconic Golden Gate Bridge is scheduled to make a big decision today about preventing suicides on the span when it votes on a $76 million funding package for a net. There's been a decades-long debate over whether the barrier would work. Since the Golden Gate opened in 1937, more than 1,400 people have plunged to their deaths
, .
The system provides water to 13 utilities that serve 200,000 customers.  
Police in suburban Atlanta say a couple accused of locking their son in the basement of their home for more than a year are facing criminal charges. Gwinnett County police spokesman Jake Smith said Thursday that the Buford couple is accused of confining the 13-year-old boy in a small room with a mattress and a makeshift toilet.
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Friday June 27th @sgntias gossip blog

Kesha says she's going to...TRY AND BE PRETTY NOW!!

What were Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez...ALLEGEDLY CAUGHT DOING!?

NBC is planning to air a Miley Cyrus concert...WHAT WILL THEY BE ABLE TO SHOW!?

Find out who is the top selling digital artist of all time...OVER HERE!!

Robert De Niro crashed someone's apartment...TO WATCH THE WORLD CUP GAME!!

Beyonce and Jay Z shared a never before seen wedding video...SEE IT HERE!!

Jennifer Lopez got a visit from her ex Casper Smart...STORY HERE!!

Shia LeBeouf got arrested...FIND OUT WHY!!

Neil Patrick Harris revealed when he lost his hetero virginity....MORE HERE!!

Shailene Woodley defended Miley Cyrus...LOOK!!

Is Zoe Saldana pregnant? MORE HERE!!

Chris Rock and Kris Jenner...HAD AN AWKWARD MOMENT!!

TRENDING VIDEO OF THE DAY:  Man throws water on reporter!


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Monday June 26th @sgntias Gossip Blog

Adam Levine reveals if he actually hooked up with Lindsay Lohan...OVER HERE!!


Is Channing Tatum's marriage coming to an end? MORE HERE!!

A recent interview with Mila Kunis got pretty weird...STORY HERE!!

Michael Jackson once sent Bubbles the chimp to a party in his place...THROWN BY BON JOVI!?

North Korea may declare war on us...THANKS TO JAMES FRANCO AND SETH ROGEN!!

Melissa McCarthy opens up in an interview...WITH PEOPLE MAGAZINE!!

Chris Brown rejected his plea deal...LOOK!!

Diane Sawyer is leaving...ABC WORLD NEWS!!

TRENDING VIDEO OF THE DAY: Drunk man stumble with WWE comentary.

We've seen these before, but this one's pretty good. Someone took footage of a drunk guy trying to stand up and falling on his FACE outside a Luke Bryan concert then added real WWE wrestling commentary to it.


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Sunday alcohol sales in Greenville county- do you think its time to make that happen? Greenville County Council said No to putting the question on the nov ballot..But- you can make it happen. 7500 signatures are needed on a july 6. Go to b937 and download a form../ power to the people!  You have the vote! Unite- its your right

Anderson County and parts of Pickens County were placed under a boil water and conservation advisory …last night after a pipe ruptured at a pump station./  officials say it is not  connected to the water color and odor problems customers had been experiencing,   To know if you are affected..go to

The Anderson Regional Joint Water System has asked that customers  should only "use water for essential purposes" and boil water until further notice. / all residents using Electric City Utilities , Homeland Park, Starr-Iva Water District and Broadway Water to boil their water for at least one minute prior to drinking and cooking. / West Anderson Water District, Hammond Water District, Sandy Springs Water District, City of Clemson, Clemson University, /Pendleton, / Williamston and Big Creek Water District are also included.. The Joint Water System said customers can call 864-226-9676 with any questions or concerns.     THE ABOVE IS Courtesy of FOX NEWS

Confluence Outdoor will be hiring assemblers and molders during a job fair today./   9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at..SC Works - McAlister Square in Greenville

A unanimous Supreme Court says police may not generally search the cellphones of people they arrest without first getting search warrants. The justices say cellphones are powerful devices unlike anything else police may find on someone they arrest. Chief Justice John Roberts says because the phones contain so much information, police must get a warrant before looking through them.

a  new study shows the recycling industry has a $13 billion impact on South Carolina's economy. The College of Charleston study focused on businesses that make a profit by recycling their own materials or materials from other businesses. It did not consider residential recycling or municipal solid waste.

the U.S. is fighting to advance the World Cup,..they face Germany at 11:30 on ESPN/  Americans could  advance with a loss.. if Ghana and Portugal draw or if Portugal wins by a narrow margin.

All over the world..little librarys are being erected ….//   people are encouraged to share their books..for free …by leaving them in homemade structures …some cities are shutting down these ``Little Free Library''

Google says 2  new smartwatches running Android Wear are now available..From -  LG-and  Samsung / A third one, from Motorola'is coming later this summer.

Oklahoma recorded nearly 150 earthquakes between January and the start of May. Most have been weak, but they've raised suspicions that the shaking might be connected to the oil and gas drilling method known as hydraulic fracturing.

Census Bureau figures show the United States as a whole is getting older, but not everywhere,/  the median age in the United States is 37.6 years ..except in 7  states …Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, the  Dakota’s, Oklahoma, and Wyoming, thanks in part to an oil boom in those states.
Swedish furniture chain'-- Ikea is  raising the minimum wage for thousands of employees . $10.76 an hour,

the U.S. is fighting to advance the World Cup,..they face Germany at noon on ESPN/ watch parties are springing up in bars, restaurants and public spaces. Americans could advance with a loss.. if Ghana and Portugal draw or if Portugal wins by a narrow margin.

Trustees at Clemson have approved a 3 percent tuition increase for students this fall. University officials say the increases will help offset state-mandated pay raises for employees; and costs for retirement and health insurance. University of South Carolina trustees also raised tuition by 3 percent for this fall.

Is college worth it? a person with a bachelor's degree can expect to earn about $1. million …more than …someone with just a high school diploma./ And someone with an associate's degree will bring in $325,000 more than someone with a high school education.

Police in Detroit say a 12-year-old boy found Wednesday in the basement of his home after being missing for a week is being medically evaluated. There had been an intense search for Charlie Bothuell V, and police just hours earlier had told reporters that they were not ruling out the possibility of homicide. The boy's father says he's as surprised as anyone that his son was in the basement. Police say the child appeared to have been hiding
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Greenville County Council said No to putting the Sunday alchol sales on the nov ballot…But, what do you, the voter want??!!
If you think its time to have Sunday alcohol sales in gvl county- make it happen!   sign the petition…7500 signatures are needed on a july 6. Go to b937 and download a petition get yur friends to sign it! ../ power to the people!

Looking for work? Theres a job  fair  today  at Harmon Field in Tryon from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m, / , OpSource is hiring for  jobs in  Inman..machine operators, production and assembly workers.  

in Clemson The Patrick square community  and town square..will feature  new housing ,retail and restaurants.. including   a rick erwins restaurant- -a spa and gym ..butcher,and baker, and will feature a huge  green space for a  farmers market and free movies /
Is college worth it?   a person with a bachelor's degree can expect to earn about $1. million …more than …someone with just a high school diploma./    And someone with an associate's degree will bring in $325,000 more than someone with a high school education.

Congratulations to our â€ª#‎misssc2014 â€ª#‎cmnh Miracle Maker Award Top 5 Finalists! Miss Clarendon, Hanna Henshaw / Miss Clemson, Callie Martin / Miss Hilton Head Island, Rachel Tripp / Miss Columbia, Mya Kayler / Miss Trevilian, Mary Grace Nasim â€ª#‎congrats â€ª#‎misssc â€ª#‎mao
Some anderson county residents their drinking water....the color, smell and taste of their drinking water …,/the  Anderson Regional Joint Water System  says… an increase in algae in  its raw water source …Lake Hartwell …
The Great Recession and the slow recovery have sharply widened the gap between the wealthiest Americans and everyone else, according to a study that underscores the unevenness of wealth gains since the recession ended. /   The richest 5 percent had 24 times the wealth of the median household in 2013 up substantially from 16.5 times as much in 2007, according to a study by University of Michigan researchers.

two daredevils want to jump a southern Idaho canyon... `Big Ed'' Beckley says he'll clear the canyon..with a  rocket-powered motorcycle./ Eddie Braun  will use a steam-powered rocket. /  The Snake River Canyon is a quarter-mile wide in some places and 500 feet deep
/the jumps are scheduled for  late September or October.

An Arizona company says it has successfully completed the first  test flight of a high-altitude balloon ..and capsule ...that will take tourists to the edge of space./   World View Enterprises of Tucson plans  to begin its $75,000 per-person flights in 2016
… Theres a power outage…Maudlin Siompsonville area,traffic lights are out…crews are working to restore power
In the Twitterverse ….which  world leaders… put an emphasis on digital diplomacy?  President Obama’s white house and Indonesia's President
have nearly 5 million followers... India's.. new Prime Minister is a close second.. followed by  Pope Francis,; the best-connected..france and sewden

Is a college degree still worth it? Some comforting news for recent college graduates facing a tough job market and years of student loan payments: That college degree is still worth it. people with bachelor's or associate's degrees earn more money over their lifetime than those who skip college,

`This year's ``American Idol'' included the show's lowest-rated finale ever, `The network announced Monday that Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. will be judging singers again in 2015, and Ryan Seacrest will remain the host./ The network is taking the show's downfall into account in scheduling, saying it will air fewer hours next seasonAmerican Idol'' auditions are coming up in Uniondale, New York; Nashville, Tennessee; New Orleans; and San Francisco.
A new report by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York says that even after factoring in the cost of higher education. The study also says that a degree is still a good investment for college grads whose jobs don't require college.

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Wednesday June 25th @sgntias #Gossip Blog

The Hope Solo 911 call has been released...LISTEN HERE!!

Justin Bieber was involved in a car accident...PICTURES HERE!!

Check out the guys from One Direction...ON SESAME STREET!!

Justin Theroux says he wants to bring Jennifer Aniston...TO THE AFTER LIFE!?

Lana Del Rey ended her engagement...MORE HERE!!

Is Jenny McCarthy getting bounced from "The View"? MORE HERE!!

Eliza Dushku is single again...LOOK!!

Did a "Deal or No Deal" model's husband commit suicide...BECAUSE SHE PARTIED WITH DICAPRIO!?

Watch the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer...OVER HERE!!

Get ready for another Predator movie...YES, ANOTHER ONE!!


A video of a little kid discovering his EYEBROWS is a hit online right now. His mom is holding him in front of a mirror, and each time he raises and lowers them, he cracks up.


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Hi! Have a great time,but,be careful!!

June 27-28

Ninety Six

• What: Festival of the Stars
• When: Fri. June 27, 6 – 10 pm and Sat, June 28, 10am-10pm
• Where: Downtown Ninety-Six
• The SC Festival of Stars is an Independence Day celebration that is held annually on the last weekend in June. The festival begins with a Friday night "Concert in the Park" held at the Ninety Six Town Park, Saluda Street/Cross Ave, Ninety Six, just off Hwy 34. The four-hour concert is free to the public. Bring your lawn chairs, blankets and prepare to be entertained! Saturday morning begins with a Main Street Parade, filled with flags, ribbons and orf, white and blue! Then is down to the Town Park where food vendors have delicious festival foods waiting. Who can resist the BBQ, sausage sandwiches, corn on the cob, even African cuisine on the menu. Cotton candy, ice cream and sweet tea are just a sample of what you will find. Crafters and craft vendors of all varieties are on hand along with Amusement Rides, Helicopter Rides, an Automotive contest, Motorcycle contest, Horseshoe and several other contests designed to try your skills (or luck). If your feeling brave, you may want to enter our Hot Wings Contest, or may stick to something more traditional like watermelon. Live entertainment on stage and music all day as various Bands play right up to the fireworks, which begin at 9:45 pm.

City of Greer Freedom Blast

• When: Sat, June 28, 6pm-10pm
• Where: Greer City Park
• Kick off the Independence Day celebration a few days early at the annual City of Greer Freedom Blast at Greer City Park. Music, food, and fun for all ages is in store at Freedom Blast, which will operate from 6pm. until the grand fireworks display at 10:15pm. Guests will have ample food and drink options, as vendors will line the Greer City Park promenade with a variety of treats for sale. Pepsi and Budweiser will also be on sale at beverage carts and guests are asked to be aware that beer sales will close at 10pm. There will also be a salute to the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces.


Here is a list of the 4th/5th of July events in the Upstate and Western, North Carolina

Upstate Events:

Rock Hill
• What: Red, White, and Boom!
• When: July 3 5:00pm – 11:00pm
• Where: Old Town Amphitheater, Rock Hill
• The Carolina Wind Orchestra and Image & GT Sound will perform as part of the 12th annual Red, White & BOOM! festival where the community comes together in Old Town to celebrate America with a live concert, kids activities, ice cream eating contest, food and beverage vendors, and fireworks at 10pm

Wells Fargo Red, White, and Blue

• When: July 4, 5pm-10:30pm
• Where: Downtown Greenville - Court St. to Camperdown St./Broad St. from Laurens St. to Falls St. including Falls Park.
• Along with live musical entertainment, the free event will also feature a variety of food and a children’s area from 5-10:30 p.m. at East Broad and Main streets.
• Entertainment: Pepsi Main Stage
• 5:30 p.m. – 6:45 p.m. – Most Wanted Bluegrass
• 6:45-8:15 pm – Matt Tucker Band
• 8:15 – 9:35 pm – Cody Webb
• D Stage at the Peace Center Amphitheatre
• 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. – 246th Army Band
• 8:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. – 246th Army Band
• Fireworks Display
• 9:30 p.m. - Bon Secours St. Francis Health System Fireworks

Earle Street July 4th Parade
• When: July 4 7:00 – 7:30 pm
• Where: Earle St from Robinson to North Main St./ 225 West Earle St, Greenville, SC
• Annual Parade down Earle Street
• Admission: Free

Easley Celebrate America
• When: July 4, 7pm-10pm and July 5, 7pm-10pm
• Where: Easley Downtown at Old Market Square
• One of the largest outdoor celebrations in the upstate area, featuring a host of musical entertainment, food, vendors, children’s area and a fireworks display at 9:45pm on July 4.

• What: Salute to America Block Party and Fireworks Show
• When: Friday, July 4, All Day Event
• Where: Holly Springs Fire and Rescue District- 3301 Hwy 357, Inman, SC 29349
• Com join us on the 4th of July for some wonderful festivities. This year will be the best yet. Live Music, Great Food, Local Vendors, Inflatables for Kids, Model Airplane Show, Little Miss & Mr. Holly Springs Pageant, Bake Sale and much more. Oh, and of course the Best fireworks show in Spartanburg County!!!
• BBQ will be sold from 11am until sold out for dinner.

Mountain Rest
• What: 55th annual Hillbilly Day
• When: Thursday July 4th from 9 am to 3 pm
• Where: The 55th annual Hillbilly Day will be held on Thursday, July 4th from 9am to 3pm at 120 Verner Mill Road in Mountain Rest, Oconee County, South Carolina. Observe the holiday during this annual family event featuring Blue Grass music, clogging contests, fiddle and banjo competition, BBQ, chicken food plates, greased pig chase, and greased pole climb. Free parking and admission. Please bring your own chairs for seating! For more information and directions please go to

• What: Newberry Fireworks Celebration
• When: Thursday, July 4th
• Where: Newberry High School located at 3113 Main Street, Newberry, SC
• This is a family friendly event features games for the kids and food for all ages. Childrens activities will start at 6:00 pm, a skydiving celebration at 8:00pm and the fireworks will begin at dusk. All activities are free and open to the general public..


• What: 4th of July Celebration
• When: July 4, 7:00 – 10:00 pm
• Where: 114 Main Street
• A celebration of America on its day of independence. Join us for a free event for the entire family.

• What: Seneca 4th of July Celebration
• When: July 4, gates open at 6pm
• Where: Gignilliat Park Community Center
• The 4th of July Celebration features bounce houses for the kids, with performances by Funk Factory and The Tams. A huge fireworks display rounds out the evening’s festivities.

• What: Independence Day Patriotic Pops
• When: July 4, 8 pm (gates open at 5:30)
• Where: Charter Amphitheatre, Heritage Park, Simpsonville
• This annual event is an all-American celebration at Charter Amphitheatre at Heritage Park in Simpsonville, SC featuring the Greenville Symphony Orchestra, an awe-inspiring fireworks display, children's activity center and fun for the entire family.
• The gates open at 5:30 p.m. and the GSO concert begins at 8:00 p.m
• VIP seating: $50 for adults, $30 for Children 12 and under, VIP seating also comes with admission the VIP tent, which includes food and beverage. General Admission is $25 per car
• Picnic baskets are permitted with food only. Drinks must be purchased at the concessions.
• Please note, all ticket prices increase on the day of the concert, so be sure to purchase your tickets before July 4!

• What: Red, White, and Boom
• When: July 4, 6pm-10pm (gates open at 5pm)
• Where: Barnet Park
• Enjoy music, food, and of course, a fabulous fireworks show. Patriotic music by the Spartanburg Community Band, the Spartanburg Jazz Ensemble, and the Craig Woolard Band. Fireworks show begins between 9:30 and 9:45.
•General Admission Tickets are $5 each and children 6 and under are admitted free.

• What: Fourth of July Family and Friends celebration
• When: July 4, 7:30pm Free ticketed event. Call 864-296-9533 for your ticket.
• Where: Unity Baptist Church in Starr SC off of Flat Rock Rd
• Free Hotdogs, drinks and door prizes.
• Live music and lots of fireworks! Everyone is welcome, bring a chair or blanket!

• What: Williamston Independence Day Celebration
• When: July 5, 4pm
• Where: Downtown Williamston
• Events planned include fire truck rides, music, and car show.
• McDonald’s will also co-sponsor a Classic Car Cruise-in car show with the Williamston Fire Department. There will be a cash drawings for cruise-in entries each hour. Fireworks will begin after dark.
• The Yesterday’s Ride Classic Car Museum next to Ace Hardware will also be open to the public all day.
• The tour of the car museum is free.

.Homeland Park Fire Department 4th of July Celebration
• When: July 5th – 11AM
• Where: 3299 South Main Street Ext., Anderson, SC
• Hotdog plates 11am until sold out
• Raffle Prizes/ Concessions/ Live Band
• Fireworks at 9:30pm
• Hotdog eating contest. $20 a plate for a prize of $300 for the winner
• Come out and meet the firefighters serving their area and have a good time

Cowpens Celebration of Freedom!
• When: Sat, July 5, 9:00am – 5:00pm
• Where: Cowpens National Battlefield
• This free event kicks off with a guided battlefield walk at 10:15, and local re-enactors will give weapons firing demonstrations every hour on the quarter hour from 10:30am – 2:30pm To set the mood for the evening activities, there will be special reading from the Declaration of Independence at 2:45. The Spartanburg Community Band will play patriotic music from 3:00pm – 4:30pm on the lawn behind the Visitor Center. The Chesnee branch of the Spartanburg County Library will sponsor children's activities at 1:30pm, and the park will sponsor them from 3:00pm -4:30pm. The Park closes at 5:00pm. (There will be No fireworks display)


North Carolina:

Ingles 4th of July Celebration in Asheville
• When: July 4, 2pm
• Where: Downtown Asheville
• An event for the whole family, the Ingles Fourth of July Celebration festivities start at 4 PM in Park Square Park and close with fireworks at 9:30 PM. The day features live music, old-fashioned games, a variety of food from area vendors and a grand fireworks finale.

Brevard 4th of July Celebration/ 17th Annual Firecracker Run
• When: July 4, 8:00 AM (run start), festivities all day until fireworks
• Where: Downtown Brevard. Run start: 1 Brevard College Drive Brevard, NC
• Morning 5K/10K Firecracker Run. During the day, downtown streets are closed to an overflowing crowd. Transylvania Community Arts Council hosts its Annual Fine Arts & Craft Showcase. The Classic Automobile Show stretches for blocks and delights even the casual aficionado of 1920s to 1970s vintage vehicles. The Courthouse Gazebo is center stage for day-long musical entertainment. Fireworks at 9:30 PM

Chimney Rock
• When: Friday, July 4 – Saturday, July 5 – Sunday, July 6, 11am – 4pm
• Where: Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock State Park
• Stand under Old Glory atop Chimney Rock for the family photo op of the year! Meet some of Grady’s live woodland friends or possibly our birds of prey, a Red-tailed hawk and Great Horned Owl, and learn about their natural habitats. Program at 2pm. Try to outwit gravity with a free climb per person on our climbing tower open 11am–4pm. Later, don’t miss a 4th of July fireworks display in Lake Lure over the weekend.

• July 4 – 31st Annual Fabulous 4th Bike Tour
• Date Start: Friday, July 4, 2014 @ 7:30 AM
• Address Harmon Field, Tryon, NC 272 Harmon Field Rd. Tryon, NC
• Registration: Friday, July 4, 6:00 am Sign in, with 1:00am – 4:00 Pm Lunch Served to riders at Harmon Field

Read more:
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there are hiring events   today- for  forklift drivers at Kimura Logistics Piedmont and BMW.-- Go to SC Works in Mcalister Square. Greenville.  from 9am to 4pm /and at  the Tyger River Campus of Spartanburg Community College.- 9am to 1pm..50 positions will be filled/ go to sc 

A recall of defective air bags… made by Japanese supplier… Takata. -
is spreading to more manufacturers. /
BMW, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Nissan and Toyota will recall older –model cars sold in places ..where hot, weather can potentially affect the air bags.
the  air bag inflators can rupture.

Run-off elections today - / .If you didn’t vote on June 10, you can still vote in either primary today/ Or, , if you didi vote then…, you can’t switch parties.

They were family friends……. Upstate pilot … 47 Michael Trotter, of liberty…and  15, Dakota Jacks… a student at  pickens high… were killed  over the weekend a small-plane  ….crash in Arizona…

. Help zowie, the 3 year old has cancer and heres a fundraiser tonight at Tonys pizza and subs in ft. inn…all sales between 4-8 help zowie
The miss sc and teen sc pageants are underway in cola../ preliminaries are thru  Thursday./ finals on Saturday night/

?some say –who cares about world cup soccer/ a lot of ppl care/    The United States' 2-2 World Cup draw with Portugal last Sunday…was a key moment for soccer, ranking as the most-watched… non-football telecast in ESPN history…Coupled with Univision in the U.S..  viewership numbered  23 million/  ...Team USA faces powerhouse Germany  on Thursday/
A new report on climate change – is designed to  convince businesses to cutt emissions… that are heating the planet/ …to avoid lost property, …and higher health expenses // by 2050 …up to $100  billion in costal property… will likely be below sea level

 three-year-old Victoria -the victim of a dog attack…was asked to leave a jackson mississippi  fast food place..because of her facial scars.. /plastic and reconstructive surgeons heard aboit it  and have offered to help Victoria,  for free..and the.. ff chain …has offerd $30k toward her care.
Help zowie, the 3 year old has cancer and heres a fundraiser tonight at Tonys pizza and subs in ft. inn…all sales between 4-8 help zowie

San Francisco's city attorney has issued a cease-and-desist demand to a mobile app called Monkey Parking, which allows people to auction public parking spaces they're pulling out of to drivers looking for a space. Drivers sometimes sell the space for as much as $20. The city warning is the latest attempt by city government officials and state lawmakers nationwide trying to figure out how to regulate such Web-based businesses

. Shaw Industries . is expanding in NW Georgia...investing  $17 million in a recycling plant in Ringgold that is expected to create 70 new jobs.

sales have been steadily dropping at Avon..The direct seller of cosmetics  will cut another 600 corporate  jobs as it tries to reduce its spending.

. Help zowie, the 3 year old has cancer and heres a fundraiser tonight at Tonys pizza and subs in ft. inn…all sales between 4-8 help zowie

latin american fans... of world cup soccer.. ..have been given so many ...government-declared holidays.. on game days..that..businesses could lose   billions of dollars ...schools out, there are major traffic jams..cities are ghost towns during play,..still,fans ..say they may make 50% less but, they are having 200% more fun
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Tuesday June 24th @sgntias Gossip Blog

What is Miley Cyrus' little sister in charge of at her shows? FIND OUT HERE!!

Watch Robin Thicke's video for his new song "Get Her Back"...OVER HERE!!

Check out what Kanye West will be doing...AS PART OF HIS COMMUNITY SERVICE!!

Are the American Idol judges coming back next season? LOOK!!

Anna Paquin opens up about the sex scenes...ON TRUE BLOOD!!

If you're a fan of the show Kitchen Nightmares...THERE'S SOMETHING YOU NEED TO KNOW!!

Kristen Bell is pregnant...AGAIN!!

Is Kristen Stewart planning on suing Joan Rivers? STORY HERE!!

Kelly Osbourne is hooking up with Diddy's stepson...LOOK!!

This Kendra Wilkinson/Hank Baskett relationship drama...IS CRAAAAZZZZY!!

Bow Wow wants you to know he's changing his name...JUST FYI!!

Pro golfer Michelle Wie was twerking and drinking beer out of her trophy...SEE THE VIDEO!!


Some website in Russia edited a bunch of scenes from famous movies, so it looks like the characters are taking SELFIES, including Batman, Superman, Voldemort, Indiana Jones, Gollum from "Lord of the Rings" and a bunch more.


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