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Chelsea's Kid Republican?

At a conference on Wednesday, former First Kid and soon-to-be mom, Chelsea Clinton, was asked by a reporter what would happen if Chelsea gave birth to a Republican?

Chelsea handled it well. “I would find that very hard to believe,” she said.

But seriously? This is journalism now? Asking a kid who grew up in a White House occupied by a pair of Democrats what would happen if her kid grew up to be a Republican?

That’s a very important question. And you can bet that same reporter will be there at the kid’s first birthday to see if he prefers the elephant rides to the donkey rides too.
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This freaks me out, do you trust this?

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Since 1998, more than 600 children have died from being left in cars.  / A majority of them, were forgotten by their parent or caregiver, 29 % were unsupervised children playing in vehicles… and 18% were intentionally left in vehicles by adults. A 13 month old died Wednesday after beig lwft in the car in Florence county

A new movie starring Zach Galifianakis, Owen Wilson and Kristen Wiig is set to film in the Asheville area, /according to, the title is Loomis Fargo." Detail on my fb page

the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season starts this weekend/,
brew in the zoo- is tonight at Greenville zoo/

announced last night – by visit Greenville sc   Greenville now has a clothing line- #yeah that Greenville
Legacy Charter School is celebrating their first graduation class.. 100% of the graduates are attending college or the military. Board Chairman William Brown, says Every grad will receive a $4000 Legacy Charter Scholarship

Now, you can drink your beer and eat it, too. Craft brewers are putting their leftover grains to use – making  bread,  granola ,  cookies, and even pizza dough

forbes magazines most powerful woman is – german chancellor- angela merkel/ michelle obama was number 8 on the list

who should pay on a date- seven in 10 people surveyed …say it's unacceptable to expect a date to pay for everything…except on a first date- then it’s a mans job to pay

About 150  National Guard soldiers shipped oout of toccoa ga this morning…for a 9 month deployment to Afghanistan

Last nights storms brought heavy rain, high winds, lightening and hail to  areas of the upstate…More of the same is expected today, with the possibility localized flooding
It's the first time … in more than 50 years that the  Scripps National spelling Bee. Has ended in a tie…between  a 13 and 14 year old /

The South Carolina House has resurrected an attempt to create a comprehensive research university in Charleston. A regulatory relief bill allows colleges to bypass multiple layers of state approvals for certain construction projects. The amended bill passed 82-13 and returns to the Senate. 

Documents show that General Motors recalled some Pontiac G6 midsize cars to fix a faulty brake light system in 2009.., yet waited more than five years to call back over 2 million other cars with the same system./   The delayed recall left cars with potential safety problems on the road for years without GM warning drivers. GM says the problem caused 13 accidents and 2 injuries. 

 . The Los Angeles Clippers of the NBA could be sold for a record $2 billion to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Shelly Sterling says she's signed a binding contract for a sale that needs league approval. Her husband, Donald Sterling, has been banned for life for racist remarks that were made public. His lawyer insists he's not selling the team.
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Friday May 30TH @sgntias gossip blog

See how Harry Styles reacted...TO THE ONE DIRECTION JOINT VIDEO!!

Selena Gomez is being treated for lupus...MORE HERE!!

Are Uma Thurman and Quentin Tarantino together? LOOK!!

Check out when Adam Levine will be getting married...AND WHERE!!

The two American Idol finalists...WENT TO PROM TOGETHER!!

Beyonce replaced Godzilla in the movie trailer...WATCH THE VIDEO!!

Did Gwyneth Paltrow compare getting trashed on the internet...TO WAR!?

Find out why Rob Kardashian skipped Kim and Kanye's wedding...OVER HERE!!

Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet...IS BEEFING WITH ROCK BAND KISS!?

Lena Dunham's dog bit her on the butt...SO SHE SHARED THIS PICTURE!!

There's now a twitter account...FOR A CERTAIN PART OF JESSICA BIEL'S BODY!!

The cast of "The Wonder Years" reunited...SEE THE PHOTO!!

See LeVar Burton's reaction to his kick starter for Reading Rainbow...REACHING IT'S GOAL IN JUST HOURS!!

TRENDING VIDEO OF THE DAY: Goat riding a guy riding a bike

Someone in Ethiopia posted a YouTube video of a guy riding a bike with a GAZELLE riding on his back, piggy-back style. I'd explain it further, but that's what is.


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There's a New Annie in Town

Quvenzhane Wallis, the child actress who wowed Hollywood in “Beasts of the Southern Wild,” is now tackling one of the most iconic characters in movies, theater and the funny pages: Little Orphan Annie.

“Annie,” due in theaters around Christmas, is already getting some buzz. It’s an updated version of the classic, featuring Jamie Foxx as the Daddy Warbucks character. His name: Benjamin Stacks.

Get it? Stacks of Benjamins?

Let’s hope the movie’s a little better than that. And from the trailer, it looks like it just might be. Make sure you pay close attention for Cameron Diaz’s portrayal of the devilish Miss Hannigan.

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Wondering Where "The Wonder Years" Went?

The entire cast of “The Wonder Years” – that sorta-sitcom from the late 80s and early 90s – reunited recently. Are they going on tour, or ramping up to do a new series?

No. They just got together to record extra content for the DVD collection called “The Wonder Years: The Complete Series.” It’s due out sometime before the end of 2014 – no specific date has been set.

Meanwhile, everyone was there, and gathered around an old-style kitchen table for the picture that Danica McKellar posted on her Instagram page. See if you can figure out who’s who. There’s Kevin, Winnie, Mom and Dad, of course, plus Wayne and Norma, and who could forget Josh.

If you do really well at picking out the players, you’ll undoubtedly be camped out to be the first in your neighborhood to pick up the box set.

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Scout Willis Blows Her Top to Protest Instagram

Scout Willis, daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, got angry when Instagram deleted her selfie showing a sweatshirt she’d designed that had two topless women pictured on it.

The site cited a violation of its Community Guidelines, and that got Scout hot.

So hot, she took off her top and walked around New York City. Being topless in public is “Legal in NYC but not on Instagram,” Scout shared on Twitter along with a topless photo of herself.

She’s done with Instagram – for a while, anyway. She’s thinking of starting a new Instagram account showing beautiful artistic nudes as an experiment, just to see how long it takes until she gets kicked off.
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Change It! Change It Now!

When Hilary Duff decides to make a change, she moves on it!

On Wednesday night, she texted her hair stylist and said she wanted to make a change for the summer. So on Thursday, hairdresser Marcus Francis trimmed off 3 inches of Hilary’s blondness, angling it a big shorter in the back than in the front.

The stylist reports that Hilary made the change “just to feel healthier in general,” according to US Weekly.

You want to feel healthier? So you get a haircut? What happened to the good old days when you took vitamins or maybe worked out to feel healthier?

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All This to Prove What...?

Vitalii Sediuk is making a name for himself - and it's not a good one - by getting up close and personal with high-profile celebrities at public events. On Wednesday, his latest prank was to jump a barrier at the Hollywood premiere of “Maleficent” where he allegedly hit Brad Pitt in the face.

Nothing new. He’s hugged Will Smith, latched onto the legs of Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper, and tried to crawl up under America Ferrera’s dress.

Sure, he was arrested, but Sediuk says he’ll keep pulling his pranks, just to show how easy it is to sneak into Hollywood events.

Here’s a solution: invite him to everything. When you’re on the guest list, it’s impossilbe to say you snuck in, am I right?
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New Queen on the Way

Queen guitarist Brian May revealed that he and his bandmates are working on a new album – likely titled “Queen Forever” – that will feature never-before-released vocals by Freddie Mercury, who took his final bow in 1991.

As May tells the story, the vocals are “scraps”," so the band is working with them and putting new music behind them. If things work out as planned, the album should be ready for Christmas.

Which could mean a Freddie Mercury hologram will put in an appearance at next year’s Billboard Music Awards. Right?
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