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South Carolina Highway Patrol troopers arrested Spartanburg High School. math teacher and cross country assistant coach …Dedra Kiser./  She's facing charges of DUI and child endangerment. ..she had 7 studetns in the car when she was pulled Charleston county last friday.

Toyota says it is recalling a few hundred thousand -  Tacoma pickup trucks..the  Four-by-Four and Pre-Runner …from the 2005 through 2011 model years.…because the rear leaf springs could break, puncture the gas tank and cause a fire.

He walked right into the white house-  on  Sept. 19  an intruder, armed with a knife, made it through front door of the white house…then was detained . At least publicly, the president is expressing confidence in the protection the The Secret Service'  provides.

in Ball Ground, Georgia-  a father, backed up his riding lawnmower, and accidentally, …ran over his 5 year old son/ the boy is hospitalized with severe injuries. .. to his legs, fingers, toes and an arm, no  major arteries were cut.

Texas Roadhouse on Wade Hampton in Taylors  will donate 10%  of proceeds today -  to The  Down syndrome BuddyWalk 

Mellencamp  wont confirm if he and Meg Ryan …have split up after dating 3 years./he says tho that he will never, ever, ever be with a funnier girl than her….And adds  ``Nothing's over. I never say die for anything
It's the biggest plane, on the longest route. A Qantas Airbus A380 touched down yesterday at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. The inaugural flight was about 15 hours long, from Sydney, Australia, to DFW. The non-stop flight covered more than 8,500 miles. Qantas previously flew the Sydney-Dallas route with the Boeing 747, which required a stopover in Brisbane, Australia. Taking the new flight won't be cheap. A couch ticket is about $1,900. First class runs up to 13-grand. For that kind of money passengers get pajamas and a sheepskin mattress.

 U.S. Sen. Rand Paul is making a swing through South Carolina for a series of events in coordination with the state republican party/ Rand,from kentucky... is speaking Today  at the University of South Carolina in Columbia and will head later to the College of Charleston and a Republican event in Myrtle Beach.
Visit our 2nd Annual Homesteading Festival from 9 - 4 on October 4, 2014, for free classes, networking, community building, exhibitions, and demonstrations. We'll have a farmers market and vendors with plants, seeds, books, soap, chickens, quail, food preservation and homesteading supplies, and more. 
football pays the bills in prime-time television.

NBC's ``Sunday Night Football'' charges $627,300 for a 30-second advertisement, more than any other program in prime-time broadcast television. That's according to a survey by the trade publication Advertising Age. CBS' Thursday football telecast, being shown this fall for the first time, is second at $483,333.

Television's top-rated comedy, ``The Big Bang Theory,'' is the scripted show with the priciest ads. The top drama is NBC's ``The Black List.''

Advertisers pay a premium for younger audiences, which is why CBS' ``NCIS'' didn't make Ad Age's top 10.
Britain-Twitter Troll

Suspended House Speaker Bobby Harrell is being released on bond on nine misdemeanor charges accusing him of misconduct and using campaign donations for personal use. Harrell appeared in court in Columbia, where a judge Monday gave Harrell a personal recognizance bond that didn't require him to post any money. 

An attorney representing actor-comedian Tracy Morgan says it's ``appalling'' that Wal-Mart calls Morgan partly to blame for injuries he suffered in a New Jersey highway accident involving one of the company's trucks. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. says in a court filing Monday that the passengers' injuries were caused by their failure to properly wear seatbelts
Squealing on the sq bbq laurens sc
Sptbg international fest,barnet park
Delving chouice repelling gvl family partnership saturday
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Brain Freeze, Maybe?

A Peruvian author who lives in New Jersey is suing the folks at Disney for $250 million dollars, saying that stories, characters and plots in Frozen were stolen from her autobiographical works.

Read that again: a movie featuring a woman with the power to freeze everything, plus a talking reindeer and snowman, stole ideas from a New Jersey's autobiography.

Yup, makes perfect sense.

The woman refuses to back down, and is demanding a jury trial.

Disney, for its part, told CNN that the woman needs to "let it go."

Nicely played, Disney. I see what you did there.

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Biebs & Selena On Again?

The rumor mills are going full tilt these days, with reports that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are once again a couple.

US Weekly says they're spending some time together in Saint Martin.

Want proof?

Well, here's Selena's Instagram shot of her wearing a bikini top...

And here's a shot of Justin on a boat...
I'm convinced. How about you?
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Draking's a Good Thing?

Drake, the Canadian singer, got his start as Drake, the actor on the TV show, Degrassi.

On the show, his character, Jimmy Brooks, was wheelchair-bound.

So a couple in Toronto, after reminiscing about Degrassi one night and seeing some handicapped signs, decided to create some stickers that put Drake's head on top of the stick figures in the wheelchairs.

It's called Draking, and the couple says they're doing it to make people smile.

Sure, technically it's vandalism, and sure, it's probably offensive, but if you're smiling...

Never mind. It's still wrong. But Drake thinks it's great. Go figure.

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Secet Service Grilling

Things aren’t looking too rosy for the Secret Service today, as the agency’s director will have to answer questions in a congressional hearing on White House security measures.

This a day after it was revealed that the White House fence-jumper from two weeks ago actually got a lot further into the building than first reported. Turns out he overpowered an agent and made it to the East Room before anyone was able to stop him.

Another story released over the weekend suggests that it took the Secret Service about four days back in 2011 to realize that someone had fired a high-powered rifle at the White House.

If this weren’t so serious, it would be almost funny.

It’s almost like the Keystone Cops have been resurrected. Read about them here...
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Get Thee Behind Me in Line, Satan!

Nicholas Cage has a new movie coming out on Friday called Left Behind. It's about the people who aren't taken up in The Rapture.

And a famous Biblical character wants you to see it. Or not.

Producers released some posters over the weekend that quote Satan: "Please do not bring unbelievers to this movie."

You've got to check out the reactions some people have posted to the film's Facebook page. They actually believe Beelzebub gave that quote.

Do you think he's the first guy they asked for a quote...?

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And the Winner of the Lindsay Lohan Wannabe Award Is...

Amanda Bynes - another child actress who's having trouble becoming an adult - was arrested at 3 o'clock Sunday morning. According to the California Highway Patrol, she was "driving under the influence of a drug,"

Hers how they nabbed her. She stopped at a red light. But in the middle of an intersection.

An officer pulled her over, and noted her "disheveled appearance," suggesting that she was under the influence of some substance.

A drug recognition expert was called in - seriously, that's a job now? - and Amanda ended up getting bookedand then released on $15,000 bail.

Here's the thing: she's currently on probation. Which could mean that when she sees the judge in a month or so, she could end up doing time.

Check out this video of her making another court appearance last year, disguised as a Smurf.

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 Alorica (- A-lor-rye-cah)  is  holding a job fair today and tomoro.. for call center representatives. 9 a.m. until noon and 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. at  Centerpointe Boulevard in Simpsonville.

Clemson University sophomore… Tucker William Hipps' ….was laid to rest yesterday in Easley // the 19 year olds body was found in lake hartwell last weekand . An investigation is underway
Banks making bank –on fees…. the average fee… for using an out-of-network ATM –…$4.35 per transaction./

Overdraft fees also surged, to an average …$32.74. according to
, Jason Derulo … says he spent ``three great years'' with  Jordin Sparks  and denies there was anything scandalous that led to their  breakup /. He calls it an amicable split

John Mellencamp  wont confirm if he and Meg Ryan …have split up after dating 3 years./he says tho that he will never, ever, ever be with a funnier girl than her….And adds  ``Nothing's over. I never say die for anything
The Gamecocks have fallen out of this week's AP poll. Dropping from 13/ Georgia is ranked 13 this week/ Fla State maintains the top spot/ Oregon, Alabama, Oklahoma and Auburn 

Rapper Snoop Dogg says he'll do a concert in Alaska if voters in November approve an initiative legalizing recreational use of marijuana.
George Clooney  married human rights lawyer …Alma Alamuddin …in Venice, Italy, over the weekend. Cindy Crawford, Matt Damon, Bill Murray were among the celebrity guests. .
Banks making bank –on fees…. the average fee… for using an out-of-network ATM –is at a new high… of $4.35 per transaction./
Overdraft fees also surged, to an average …$32.74. according to
Should the company that supplies your Internet access be allowed to cut deals with online services such as Netflix, Amazon or YouTube to move their content faster?/   Netflix and much of the public accuse the FCC of handing the Internet over to the highest bidders.

Harley-Davidson is recalling  bikes from the 2014 model year … their clutches may fail,.. causing stopped bikes to creep forward/. The recall includes   the Electra Glide -Ultra Classic… and the CVO Road King./
Denzel Washington led the thriller ``The Equalizer'' to a $35 million debut, and to number one at the box office/
 the young adult novel adaptation ``The Maze Runner'' slid to second /The stop-motion animated release ``The Boxtrolls'' opened in third
Texas Roadhouse on Wade Hampton in Taylors  will donate 10%  of proceeds on sept 30 to The  Down syndrome BuddyWalk  
A South Carolina senator says a lack of compliance to a 2010 law requiring annual training of in-home caretakers means legislators may need to add penalties. Just 13 percent of in-home day care operators in Greenville County have completed the two hours of annual training ``Kendra's Law'' required. 

State police are investigating whether an Abbeville County town has months' worth of missing fines. Calhoun Falls officials ...asked the State Law Enforcement Division... to investigate ....potential wrongdoing or sloppy accounting practices town employees. Mayor Johnnie Waller says SLED officers will arrive today to collect documents. 

lancaster police are investigating the death of a man who was found after homeowners reported a fight in their back yard. Police say the homeowners called police shortly before midnight Saturday about people fighting in their back yard and deck area. The owners did not know the people fighting.
Today George Clooney' is marrying s wedding in Italy on Monday. /  Authorities will close  the walkways around the 16th Century …Cavalli Palace …for the marriage between Clooney and   human rights lawyer …Amal Alamuddin.
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Denzel Equalizes the Competition

Denzel Washington is back in the box office sweepstakes, and he's on top.

Over the weekend, his new movie, The Equalizer grossed over $35 million.

In it, Denzel plays a former special forces fighter who comes out of retirement to fight the Russian mob.

The movie is loosely based on the TV series of the same name from the late 1980s that starred Edward Woodward.

And before the movie even opened, they were working on a sequel.

That's some powerful faith right there.

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Clinton Grandchild Arrives

Chelsea Clinton gave birth to Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky last week, the first grandchild for former president Bill Clinton and possible future president, Hillary Clinton.

The Clintons are simply delighted to be grandparents.

In fact, Bill tweeted a note to hours-old Charlotte.

"@billclinton" said he and "@HillaryClinton" appear to be very happy about Charlottes arrival.

And they've still got a year or so to decide whether the baby will need to call grandpa and grandma by their Twitter handles...
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