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Caterpillar in Ft Inn is moving operations to ga and texas..and will closeby  the end of the year…affecting  380 full time and 130 temporary workers. ( over 500 people.)

Tec company, Red Ventures in charlotte  will  hire 580 workers and plans to spin off… tech startups.

…on the Voice…the Upstate's Delvin Choice  was saved by viewers' votes has made it to the  top 8/ he performs again Monday night

to improve communication and camaraderie,…team-building exercises-can turn out to be uncomfortable..for some/ but, new trends in team building…that employees actually seem seem to like- . charitable activities..-  cooking different courses of a meal/ , learning to ice-sculpt, fencing … donning fat suits for sumo and running constructuion equipment/the most favored event – scavenger hunts.

Wal-Mart is partnering with  to offer coverage  in eight states.  available nationwide in the next few months.
the Abbeville Spring Festival is  tomoro.. thru saturday

Saturday – is  Hands On Greenville Day  Hands on Greenville .org - the Liberty Spring Festival and Cruz-In and strawberry festival north of travelers rest…on 276

Then over the weekend-  the , Spartanburg Spring Fling  The - Greer Family Fest /  Westminster’s  - Mayberry Days Festival –

the best web sites win Webby Awards/ winners for this year..include;  .Beyonce' - for celebrity fan site /.. Jay-Z's ``Magna Carta -Holy Grail'' app …won for best music app /Ferrell  Williams' ..24-hour video for ``Happy'' won for best …use of interactive video

The University of SC  rose to No. 9 in the Baseball America Poll/

Phil Magdic has resigned after five seasons as football coach at Greenville High to become defensive coordinator at Byrnes

high-level nuclear waste …from Canada and Germany…may be stored at the  Savannah River Site in aiken…/ An environmental group says  the Department of Energy… has not provided enough info to  taxpayers and advisory boards.

The man responsible for a shooting at a FedEx warehouse in Kennesaw was found dead inside the building with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to authorities. He was identified as Geddy Kramer.

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Tuesday April 29th @sgntias Gossip Blog

Miley Cyrus opens up about her hospital stay...OVER HERE!!

Did Blake Shelton tweet Adam Levine's phone number? LOOK!!

Beyonce and JAY Z announced their tour yesterday...CHECK OUT ALL THE DATES!!

George Clooney's parents...HAVE CONFIRMED HIS ENGAGEMENT!!

Are Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom hooking up? MORE HERE!!

Chrissy Teigen talks about joining The Mile High Club...IN THE LATEST COSMO!!

Betty White did a "ask me anything"...ON REDDIT!!

Craig Ferguson made a big announcement last night...WATCH THE VIDEO!!

DJ E-Z Rock passed away...R.I.P....

Paula Deen is going to do a live show tour...LOOK!!


The downhill mountain biking championships were in Australia over the weekend. And a rider named Adam Brayton broke his leg in a crash. Then a spectator who hasn't been identified offered to look after his bike for him. And shortly after that, the guy actually attempted to ride down the course HIMSELF, with no helmet or pads of any kind. And of course he WRECKED. It happened on a part of the course that features obstacles called "whoops", which basically look like big speed bumps. And when he hit one of them, he flew over the handlebars, hit the ground, and then tumbled for another 10 or 20 feet. He ended up with two cracked vertebrae and a dislocated shoulder, but he's in stable condition. And they actually loaded him into the same ambulance with the pro who'd just wrecked on the same bike.


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