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Today -  is the deadline to sign up for private health insurance … created by President Obama's health care law. / - go to
to see if your car is included in  the recently expanded recall of general motors vehicles..go to  .the recall …is  tied to defective ignition switches..
in Greenville – A new law will take effect ..tomoro… -it will be  illegal to talk, text or use electronics while driving /. 

The city of Clemson  is one step away from giving the green light to The Dukes Center, downtown on College Avenue/ area residents say the large  mixed-use development..,would create major traffic problems.. /The Board votes on April 1
it's been a week since the  massive mudslide in Washington states..  North Cascades Mountain. /  21 have died..30 are missing..
 the chevy cruz … 2013 and 2014 models  are being recalled.. because an axle shaft.. can fracture and separate while being driven

The  – Astra Girls -5K- is Saturday, - 9:00 AM …at the roger miliken center… benefitting children of abuse, and neglect  in Dominion Family Services, details at Spartanburg day school. Org

the search for the missing Malaysian jetliner  continues..with another setback.. /Four orange objects spotted by aircraft … in the Indian Ocean ..turned out to be fishing equipment, / A conclusive piece of debris is needed to narrow down the search area..

Pinka licious  by  the Childrens  theatrer Friday, April 4 at 7:00 pm/ Saturday, April 5 at 1:30 & 5:30 pm/  Sunday, April 6 at 1:30 pm

the Federal Trade Commission says the mobile apps… of movie ticket-seller Fandango ….and credit report-provider --Credit Karma …may have left users' credit data and social security numbers…exposed./   The FTC says those two applications had security holes for a number of years
at Nickelodeon's ..annual Kids' Choice Awards  last weekend.. Jennifer Lawrence wins favorite movie actress /
A biblical tale opens on top. Russell Crowe stars as ``Noah'' -- which debuts at number-one this weekend. /. ``Divergent'' drops to second this weekend, followed by ``Muppets Most Wanted'' and ``Mr. Peabody and Sherman.''
 The final four has finally been set. The matchups for the NCAA men's basketball championship features a quartet of nationally known teams, despite the series of early upsets that ripped apart many brackets soon after the title chase began. Florida, the top overall seed, takes on Connecticut, while Wisconsin goes against Kentucky. The games will be played at Cowboys Stadium, where the giant video screens will dwarf the basketball court laid out on the field where Jerry Jones' team usually plays.
NCAA site:

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Monday March 31st @sgntias Gossip Blog

The Kid's Choice Awards were Saturday night...SEE WHO THE WINNERS WERE!!

Hey what's that on Selena Gomez's ring finger!? PICTURES HERE!!

See how Kesha is getting rid of all the negative influences...IN HER LIFE!!

How did Avicii's surgery go? FIND OUT HERE!!

"Frozen" has become the highest grossing animated film...EVER!!

Elton John will be getting married...IN MAY!!

Is Chelsea Handler ending her show!? MORE HERE!!

There was a MAJOR wardrobe malfunction...AT THE KID'S CHOICE AWARDS!!

Find out why former Bachelor Juan Pablo...HAD A DRINK THROWN IN HIS FACE IN ATLANTIC CITY!!

Check out the Harry Potter spin-off trilogy...OVER HERE!!


Some guy named Andrew Cowen recently set a new record by bowling a 280 while standing BACKWARDS on every shot. He posted a video of it on


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Friday March 28st @sgntias gossip blog

Did Miley Cyrus ruin a 7 year-old Make-A-Wish kid's moment? STORY HERE!!

One of the big names on Lindsay Lohan's hook up list...SAYS SHE'S LYING!!

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin went on a "break-up moon"...AFTER THEIR SPLIT!!

Watch a video of Arnold Schwarzenegger...DOING "THE STANKY LEG"!!

James Van Der Beek let an underage Justin Timberlake...USE HIS ID BACK IN THE DAY!!

Is Kris Jenner going to be in Playboy? AT 58!?

Simon Cowell that he, Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, and Ryan Seacrest...WILL REUNITE SOMEDAY!!

Watch a video of Sean Kingston having his Bentley repossessed...OVER HERE!!

See the trailer for the new TMNT movie...VIDEO HERE!!


A woman in Tampa uploaded a video of a guy in a truck tailgating her this past Monday. Then he pulled up next to her and flipped her off, because he thought she was driving too slow. But right afterward he lost control and crashed into a TREE. And in the video, you can hear the woman start LAUGHING at him when it happens.


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Thursday March 27th @sgntias Gossip Blog

Has Katy Perry moved on from John Mayer? FIND OUT WHO SHE MIGHT BE DATING!!

Chris Brown is being dissed in jail...BY HIS PRISON MATES!!

A college is going to offer a course...ABOUT MILEY CYRUS!!

Gwyneth Paltrow explains "conscious uncoupling"...OVER HERE!!

Check out who will be playing...AT LOLLAPALOOZA!!

Did Robin Thicke win back his wife? STORY HERE!!

Will Bradley Cooper become the new...INDIANA JONES!?

Get ready for a "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" spinoff...MORE HERE!!


A make-up artist in Russia recently turned a woman into a real life MARGE SIMPSON and the result was actually pretty terrifying.


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Wednesday March 26th @sgntias Gossip Blog

Check out Pharrell's GQ interview...OVER HERE!!

Is Jay Z lying about his age? LOOK!!

Did Diddy has changed his name...AGAIN!?

Shakira can put her legs behind her head...WATCH THE VIDEO!!

What is Kanye West getting Kim Kardashian...AS A WEDDING GIFT!?

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin...HAVE SPLIT!!

What did Chris Hemsworth and his wife name their twins? FIND OUT HERE!!

Is Chris Evans quitting acting? STORY HERE!!

Maria Menounos...IS LEAVING EXTRA!!

Who has the best legs in the music business? I BET THE ANSWER IS GOING TO SURPRISE YOU!!

Find out why Kathy Griffin is getting death threats...OVER HERE!!


A store in Gilford, New Hampshire recently had a run in with a GHOST, at least that's what some people say. One of the security cameras shows the glass cover of a cake stand suddenly shoot across a table and shatter on the floor. Obviously someone could have just tied a string to it and yanked it from off screen. But the storeowner swears that didn't happen. Check out the video and see what you think.


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Tuesday March 25th @sgntias Gossip Blog

See how Demi Moore feels about Mila Kunis being pregnant...OVER HERE!!

Watch a video of Taylor Swift spending 4 and a half hours...WITH PEDIATRIC CANCER PATIENTS!!

Will the Spice Girls tour...WITH THE BACKSTREET BOYS!?

Did Kanye West pay off Vogue to get Kim on the cover? LOOK!!

Nick Cannon did "whiteface"...PICTURES HERE!!

Drake released a new song...DURING A SHOW IN ENGLAND!!

Stop telling Jennifer Aniston...THAT SHE'S ATTRACTIVE "FOR HER AGE"!!

Chris Brown released a new video...WATCH IT HERE!!

How did Ariana Grande break three toes!? FIND OUT HERE!!

Stacy Keibler is pregnant...MORE HERE!!

Judge Joe Brown was arrested...STORY HERE!!


Earlier this month, firefighters in Colorado were doing a controlled burn when a dust devil, which is basically a mini tornado, and it started picking up hundreds of burning tumbleweeds and throwing them around. They were eventually able to get the fire back under control. And the video of it online is actually pretty cool.


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Monday March 24th @sgntias Gossip Blog

It looks like Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher...ARE PREGNANT!!

"Divergent" star Shailene Woodley...SHARES THE KEYS TO HER HEART!!

Justin Bieber had an interesting venue...FOR HIS LATEST TATTOO!!

Check out Amanda Bynes at a fashion school event...PICTURES HERE!!


Jimmy Kimmel recreated the Ellen Oscar selfie...WITH THE CLINTON FAMILY!!

Kevin Bacon recreated scenes from Footloose...ON "THE TONIGHT SHOW"!!

Seth Rogan and James Franco...SPOOF KIMYE AGAIN!!

See how they plan to finish the latest Fast and Furious movie...OVER HERE!!

Christina Aguilera is pro...STEAK AND BJ DAY!!

ABC is set to launch another Bachelor spinoff...LOOK!!

Actor James Rebhorn...PASSED AWAY AT 65...

Drew Carey talks about his DWTS experience...OVER HERE!!


A magician from Finland wanted to see what would happen if he offered dogs a treat and then made the treat disappear using a slight-of-hand trick. The video of it is online, and you'd kind of expect them to find the treat anyway using their sense of smell. But instead, they were all just THOROUGHLY confused by it.


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