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In the Global Connected Car  Contest - Two Clemson University researchers have developed award-winning…apps/ “ParkinGain” -- helps drivers find the best parking spots and feed the meter.. remotely/ Ready2Pick,” is a shopping application.. that would allows order fast-food …and groceries from businesses … with drive-through service.
the national “Save A Life Tour”  puts you in a texting and driving -  simulator at  Haywood Mall … thru the weekend. its free

travelers rest.. is ranked  as one of the top five "Coolest Small Towns in America."/  in Budget  Travel's annual contest, 

the South Carolina High School ..Upper State …Basketball Finals are today and tomoro…details at  www.bonsecours

Clemson and South Carolina’s baseball  rivalry this weekend starts tonight game is in  Cola/  - game 2 - tomoro  at Fluor Field in Greenville.. the fan fest starts at ten-  the game at 2pm . / then Sunday at 4 p.m. at Kingsmore Stadium in Clemson.
The oscar mayer  weinermobile  will be at the electric city animal clinic in Anderson – 8-2 tomoro/  
the Junior Achievement BIZ Bowl “FUNdraiser”,   is tonight  6:30pm  in Greenville at Star Lanes,/
kim won the visit by visitng
to Benefit Upstate K-12 Students
the Carolinas has two contestants on national tv-talent competitions/ Caleb Johnson of Asheville  is on  American Idol/ Delvin Choice  of Greenville advances on The Voice/
the Oscars Sunday night-. Jennifer Lawrence is trying for her second straight Oscar at the age of 23/   and Any one of three movies could win best picture, ``12 Years a Slave,''/ ``Gravity'' and ``American Hustle.'' Pharrell Williams is up for  best original song for ``Happy'' from the ``Despicable Me 2'' soundtrack,
as mortgage refinancing slows down./    
Wells Fargo & Co. is cutting 700 jobs from its home lending business /JPMorgan Chase ..says.. it will cut 6,000 jobs from its mortgage unit this year.
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Friday February 28th @sgntias gossip blog

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher got engaged...CHECK OUT HER ROCK!!

Check out Pharrell in GQ...OVER HERE!!

Are there hard feelings between Katy Perry and John Mayer? STORY HERE!!

Did Katy Perry deliver a baby? LOOK!!

Robin Thicke is trying to win his wife back...VIDEO HERE!!

Jessica Simpson shared a picture with her daughter...SEE IT HERE!!

Kim Kardashian is getting her own biopic...LOOK!!

What did David Arquette want to name his baby!? FIND OUT HERE!!

Jamie Lee Curtis saved her friend...WHO OD'D IN A CAR!!

See why Seth Rogen was speaking to Congress...OVER HERE!!


A Guy Tried to Rob a Store at Gunpoint, but a Customer Body Slammed Him


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Thursday February 27th @sgntias Gossip Blog

Are Katy Perry and John Mayer over? LOOK!!

A video of Justin Bieber taking a sobriety test after his arrest...HAS BEEN LEAKED!!

Amanda Bynes talks about her breakdown...OVER HERE!!

Check out who George Clooney is dating now...SEE PICTURES!!

Even Judge Judy is taking shots...AT JUSTIN BIEBER!!

Paula Deen made kind of a weird comparison...WHILE TALKING ABOUT HER STRUGGLES!!

Find out who could be the next Bachelorette...MORE HERE!!

Allison Williams got engaged...FIND OUT TO WHO!!

A Boat Got Too Close to a Whale, and Its Tail Slapped a Girl in the Head

A whale-watching boat off the coast of Baja California got a little too close to a whale over the weekend. And when the whale tried to dive, its tail slapped a girl in the HEAD. But according to the person who posted the video, she was okay.


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The South Carolina Senate has approved a bill …allowing school boards … forgive up to five days of classes canceled during this winter's snow storms. / Greenville County Schools  will still require makeup days.. two are in March..7th and 10th…another on June 6,
.an state employment program ..helps  troops of all branches… leaving military service… find jobs in the state/ ..thru  S.C. Guard employment advisers …. in … S.- C. Works regional offices … =- go to Operation Palmetto

Area companies are hiring..biltmore estate for food and beverage service ..visit
A greeer cmanufacturer needs drivers..go to //job
Nutrition Facts'' labels on food packages are getting a new look./ Calories would be in larger, bolder type,/   for the first time we’ll know if there are  added sugars…and serving sizes will be more realistic/
profitable Fortune 500 companies …that didn’t pay any federal income taxes… from 2008 to 12,…include  Duke Energy   .GE ..and Verizon ..they are among the  26 companies… that didn’t pay  federal taxes …… according to a new  nonpartisan report on corporate taxes/   
A bill that would have allowed Arizona businesses to.. deny service… to gays and lesbians out of religious conviction has died on the governor's desk. Other states, though  including Georgia, Idaho, Mississippi and Missouri  are considering similar bills. Proponents say the measures would protect people from being compelled to take actions against their religion, while critics say they're a way to discriminate against gays.
Crude oil prices are rising.. but at the gas pump, the average price for a gallon of regular – remained at  $3.43. That's 15 cents higher than a month ago,
How veterans seeking employment can get more information about the new program:
Go online to
Call program manager Kyle Caldwell at (803) 299-1639.
Email Caldwell at

Fountain Inn Police say a man followed a  UPS truck …then, went to doorsteps and stole the delivered items/   Gerald McConnell has been charged.
Read more here:

10 hours of video of  Justin Bieber's January arrest …in  South Florida ..for driving under the influence and other charges…has been released../ his wobbly sobriety test is among the clips/
The South Carolina Senate  voted to waive state law requiring schools to make up snow days/ still, the greenville county school district will require makeup days.. two are in March..7th and 10th …and  June 6,
Simpsonville’s Police Department was shaken up again …as a new majority of city leaders… . voted to… rescind former Police Chief Keith Grounsell’s …firing …more than a year ago…and make the current chief his second in command. /  Grounsell gets 14 months back pay. Grounsell’s firing and accusations of corrupt government.
State senators have rejected a proposal requiring elected officials in South Carolina to disclose on ethics forms how much their employers pay them. It happened after Sen. Vincent Sheheen attempted yesterday to add it to an ethics reform bill that senators tentatively approved last week. 

th egovernment is investigatating  whether General Motors acted quickly enough to recall 1.6 million ...older-model small cars..... in a case linked to 13 deaths. /  On Tuesday, GM doubled the number of cars in a recall for faulty ignition switches. Documents show GM knew of the problem as early as 2004. The recall affects  the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky sports cars, the Saturn Ion, Chevy HHR SUV, Chevy Cobalt and Pontiac G5.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has vetoed a bill that would have allowed business owners to deny services based on their religious beliefs. The Republican bill set off a national debate over gay rights, religion and discrimination
Electric car maker Tesla Motors is considering sites in Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas for a massive battery factory that would employ around 6,500 people
Singer and actor Clay Aiken is now officially making himself a North Carolina congressional candidate. The former ``American Idol'' runner-up planned to file his candidacy papers today in Raleigh for the 2nd Congressional District seat currently held by Republican Rep. Renee Ellmers. Aiken will face a May Democratic primary against at least two other candidates.
21-Jadeveon Clowney was arguably the biggest star of the show at the NFL combine, but it may be Puma that makes the biggest move of the week. Clowney would represent a major U.S. catch. While Nike is the sports apparel industry's runaway leader in sales, Adidas and Reebok are well-established, and Under Armour is an up-and-comer. Puma's place in the market, particularly in the U.S., could benefit from an athlete withClowney's name recognition... Clowney, a former University of South Carolina defensive end eyeing a top draft slot in the NFL,  6'5" and weighs 266 poundsNike enjoys exclusive rights to outfitting the players. 
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General Motors is expanding a recall of compact cars …due to an ignition problem,  that has resulted in the death of 13 people. / The recall now affects over a million-  vehicles… built between 2003 and 2007./  Saturn Ions and Sky, Chevrolet HHRs, and  Cobalts …and Pontiac Solstice/  GM's engineers concluded there was a problem with the ignition switch in 2005, / take the  vehicle  to a dealer, to  replace the ignition switch at no charge.
It's a whopping dose of hydrocodone packed in an easy-to-crush capsule,/" more than 40 health care, and addiction treatment groups …are.. urging the Food and Drug Administration to revoke approval of the prescription drug Zo-hydro/   . One expert its five times more potent than current medications/  "It will kill people as soon as it's released,"/zohydro is set to be released next month

a Gaffney manufacturer  needs to fill 25 positions..go to   sc
a sports bar- arcade-  will open at magnolia park --gvl …by the end of the year/ hiring info is at

SC lawmakers are considering a statewide ban on texting and driving/ and…
Theres a proposed amendment to the  SC  constitution ..that would allow couples to divorce after 150 days of separation,… rather than one year.

Consumer Reports' all-around top-rated car for the 2014 model year. Is The all-electric Tesla Model S
a Gaffney manufacturer is hiring machine operators, quality auditors and others a job fair today …details at   sc

daveandbusters sports bar- arcade- / will open at magnolia park --gvl by the end of the year/ go to

a SC Air ..National Guard.. defense  exercise with fighter jets.. from  at Mcintire… is scheduled  today over Anderson and Columbia …

Consumer Reports' all-around top-rated car for the 2014 model year. Is The all-electric Tesla Model S /top picks – include the Honda accord/Audi A6/ Toyota prius/BMW 328i

S.C. State University will run out of money early next month to pay its bills. The 3,400-student Orangeburg school is working with vendors to buy extra time while it ties to work through a $13 million cash shortfall,/   Read more here:

Tinis and Tapas, A Night at the Oscars…is  Saturday night at the Country Club of Spartanburg.. to benefit hope center for children

Read more here:

A  bill that outlaws texting while SC … is headed to the state Senate floor.
Obesity rates  for those ages 2 to 5 years have plummeted over the past decade,/  a new study shows between 2003 and    12, obesity rates… for those ages… declined from 14% to 8%.  
President Barack Obama is ordering the Pentagon to accelerate planning for a full U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan by the end of this year.

South Carolina is the only state in the South without a texting ban…that may soon change..A  bill that outlaws sending  messages …while the wheels are rolling… is headed to the state Senate floor.
city engineers plan to study the deadliest intersections in the city of Greenville.. and …how to make them safer/Woodruff Road and Interstate 385 //Haywood Road at Interstate 385 //Wade Hampton Boulevard at Pleasantburg Drive .
 federal officials have launched a criminal probe of a Northern California slaughterhouse that recently recalled more than 8. million pounds of beef. /   The USDA says Rancho feeding Corp.. ...processed diseased and unhealthy animals and circumvented federal inspection rules./  The recalled beef was sold at Walmart and other national chains ...and used in products, including Hot Pockets.

Colorado's Pueblo County says it collected $56,000 in sales taxes ...from  just two recreational marijuana stores that opened there in January/  . Officials say the two shops had about $1 million in total sales that month./  Three more stores opened in Pueblo County in February, and officials expect the marijuana industry will generate more  than $700K... in tax revenue.... for the county by the end of the year. 
They're called bitcoins and they are supposed to be the new ``in'' thing when it comes to virtual currency. But the sudden disappearance of one of the largest bitcoin exchanges has put a chill those thinking about using the online exchanges. Prominent bitcoin supporters said the apparent collapse of the Tokyo-based Mt. Gox exchange is an isolated case of mismanagement. And they say the collapse will weed out ``bad actors'' in the industry. But the sudden setback also raises serious questions about the use of bitcoins. At least one supporter says the blow could be fatal to bitcoins' quest for public acceptance.
the new H&M store at Carolina Place is set to open Feb. 27,
The 17,000-square-foot apparel retailer will open at noon. In Charlotte, H&M has a store in Northlake Mall and is building a third location at SouthPark mall.
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According to recent recruitment ads ..Dave and Buster's … a combo .. restaurant, sports bar and arcade ….plans to open in  Magnolia Park on Woodruff Road. Greenville this fall.

The feds have  stopped a …work-from-home ….scam…. that left victims thousands of dollars in debt. /
/ customers were falsely told they would learn how to start their own Internet businesses and make $379 a day by working at home/don’t fall for it/

Auto debt per borrower  in the U.S.  is at about  $16,700/    higher than last quarter…still, car owners are making monthly payments on time.
Byrnes head coach ..Bobby Bentley is  leaving  to coach quarterbacks at Auburn University / Bentley,   has led the Rebels to four state championships as a head coach and two as an assistant,

The swamp rabbit run is may 2 at 6:30 at gateway park in TR/ info at

Blurred lines - Robin Thicke and his wife Paula Patton …`have `mutually decided to separate – after 9 years of marriage/

The Greenville News building in downtown Greenville will be  demolished, / more than 50 buyers are  looking at the 4 acre site….

new rules by the Agriculture Department …will …phase out …the advertising of sugary drinks and junk foods…. around school campuses,,, …including on scoreboards, vending machines, cups, posters and menu boards..
It happened at the walmart in Easley ..late Sunday night

/ A 14-year-old boy was arrested after police say he ran from a security officer,..the teen  pulled out a 9mm handgun..then opened fire on bystanders./no injuries reported and the teen is in custody

For the month of March, Pomegranate restaurant on Main in donating a portion of hummus appetizer sales to support Loaves & Fishes.

Hands On Greenville Day is
May 3rd… clean-up project applications and team registration forms …are being accepted ….at hands on Greenville .org

For  large-scale farmers  or  backyard gardeners, the Organic Growing Conference is  March 1  /details at organic

Comedy actor, director and writer Harold Ramis has died at his suburban Chicago home. yesterday of  complications from an autoimmune inflammatory disease./  He co-wrote and acted in ``Ghostbusters,'' - `` he co-wrote Animal House'' and ``Meatballs'' and directed ``Caddyshack'' and ``Groundhog Day.'' He was 69.

Taco Bell is readying for the launch of its national breakfast menu on March 27, /And the chain says breakfast will be available until 11 a.m…. a half-hour longer than fast –food-leader- McDonald's …offers its Egg McMuffins.
A 29-year-old vet..who survived a tour of duty in Iraq… was killed while celebrating his birthday in Greenville early Saturday morning//   Rodney Jermaine Nesbitt was  shot  in the head…while ridng in a chevy tahoe…after authorities received… reports of an altercation… at a Pelham Road business.

an Upstate pastor was charged yesterday with sexually abusing a teen/  27-year-old Ronald Norris, of Roebuck. is the pastor at The Church on East main st  Spartanburg./ He is innocent until proven guilty…

Disney World has raised the one-day ticket price to the Magic Kingdom by $4 so that it now costs $99 before taxes for visitors over age 9. ./
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Tuesday February 25th @sgntias Gossip Blog

Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner have split...FIND OUT WHY!!

Is One Direction spitting up? STORY HERE!!

See how Jimmy Fallon already changed the landscape...OF LATE NIGHT TALK SHOWS!!

Robin Thicke is headed for divorce...UT OH!!

Will American Idol lose money this year? MORE HERE!!

Ted 2 is in the works...AND LOOK WHO WILL BE STARRING IN IT!!

Jimmy Kimmel is going to have another kid...LOOK!!

Nominees are out for the 2014 Kid's Choice Awards...SEE THE LIST!!


A couple months back I shared a video of the movie "Frozen" getting the unnecessary censorship treatment. It was pretty crazy how a few well placed bleeps can make something so appropriate seem so dirty. Well, the guys behind that are back and this time they focused on the movie "Finding Nemo". Good luck ever watching it same way ever again!


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Gas prices  jumped 12 cents per gallon during the past two weeks. an  average $3.41... a gallon , for regular according to the Lundberg survey

Closing ceremonies  of the olympic games last night./  .the US finished 4th overall in medal count with 28- /  9 gold/ / host country Russia- won with 33 and 13 gold -----
Dale Earnhardt Junior .was  in victory lane after yesterdays..Daytona 500…snapping a 55-race losing streak to 2012.

a federal lawsuit claims that ``American Idol'' contestants  have been ripped off of at leats $10 mill in royalities by sony music…./ they include - Kelly Clarkson, Jordin Sparks.. Clay Aiken Chris Daughtry. and Carrie Underwood

the first NASCAR driver to top more than 1 million followers on Twitter…. Is danica Patrick - … ranking her among …the top… female athletes… in the world / top twitter female athlete is Serena Williams'  with 4 million followers

Rowdy, who is a scent hound known as a petit basset griffon Vendéen, was named Best in Breed at the nationally acclaimed dog show, which happened at Madison Square Gardens earlier this month, the creator of many of the online personality quizzes..that are breaking traffic records…says The most popular  is …``Which State Do You Actually Belong In?'' …has generated about 41 million page views.
Twitter – after danica , Next highest is six-time champion Jimmie Johnson'with  530,000 followers
. at the  NAA-CP Image Awards. John Legend won for top male artist, and best song for ``All Of Me./Beyonce was the top female artist.

If the Daytona 500 you were watching late Sunday afternoon looked familiar, that's because it was last year's. During a weather delay of Sunday's actual race, Fox Sports showed the 2013 version  and when that rerun finished, people took to the Internet thinking Jimmy Johnson had won. He had  just not this year. Even Fox News was confused for a little bit

Neighbors are on edge in the Upstate community of Terrance Gardens after five different properties were targeted ..this burglars…mostly for  tools and landscaping equipment /

the box office over the weekend/ The Lego Movie''  was number one - for the third week,,,/ 2nd was- ``crime drama ``3 Days to Kill,'' - with  ``gladiator drama...Pompeii'' placing third/

Usher and Shakira are back in the swivel chairs, joining Blake Shelton and Adam Leveene ..for the start of Season 6 of ``The Voice'' …tonight. / The Voice has replaced ``American Idol'' as the most popular singing competition on TV.  

Seth Meyers starts hosting ``Late Night'' tonight. / Amy Poehler is among one of his first guests tonight.
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Monday February 24th @sgntias Gossip Blog

"Dancing with the Stars" has apparently FIRED host co-host BROOKE BURKE-CHARVET.  They're replacing her with Fox Sports reporter ERIN ANDREWS, who was a contestant on the show back in 2010.

SAM WORTHINGTON from "Avatar" was arrested for fighting with a paparazzi scumbag who allegedly attacked his girlfriend.  (Full Story)  And actually, she might be his WIFE now.

JUAN PABLO from "The Bachelor" is doing local commercials for a furniture store in Upstate New York that his brother-in-law owns.  (Full Story)

JIMMY FALLON'S "Tonight Show" debut gave the franchise its highest-rated week in 20 years.  (Full Story)

CNN is canceling "Piers Morgan Tonight".  (Full Story)

QUESTLOVE from THE ROOTS will play a corpse on an upcoming episode of "Law & Order:  SVU"ICE-T Tweeted a behind-the-scenes picture.

EMINEM and RIHANNA are going to tour together this summer.  (Full Story)

British singer LILY ALLEN is naming her new album "Sheezus".  (Full Story)

KATY PERRY showed up for the MILEY CYRUS gig in Los Angeles on Saturday night . . . and Miley called her up to the edge of the stage for a lip lock. Ironically, it seemed to be Katy who was a little uncomfortable with the girl-on-girl kiss.   (Here's video.)


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