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In the Global Connected Car  Contest - Two Clemson University researchers have developed award-winning…apps/ “ParkinGain” -- helps drivers find the best parking spots and feed the meter.. remotely/ Ready2Pick,” is a shopping application.. that would allows order fast-food …and groceries from businesses … with drive-through service.
the national “Save A Life Tour”  puts you in a texting and driving -  simulator at  Haywood Mall … thru the weekend. its free

travelers rest.. is ranked  as one of the top five "Coolest Small Towns in America."/  in Budget  Travel's annual contest, 

the South Carolina High School ..Upper State …Basketball Finals are today and tomoro…details at  www.bonsecours

Clemson and South Carolina’s baseball  rivalry this weekend starts tonight game is in  Cola/  - game 2 - tomoro  at Fluor Field in Greenville.. the fan fest starts at ten-  the game at 2pm . / then Sunday at 4 p.m. at Kingsmore Stadium in Clemson.
The oscar mayer  weinermobile  will be at the electric city animal clinic in Anderson – 8-2 tomoro/  
the Junior Achievement BIZ Bowl “FUNdraiser”,   is tonight  6:30pm  in Greenville at Star Lanes,/
kim won the visit by visitng
to Benefit Upstate K-12 Students
the Carolinas has two contestants on national tv-talent competitions/ Caleb Johnson of Asheville  is on  American Idol/ Delvin Choice  of Greenville advances on The Voice/
the Oscars Sunday night-. Jennifer Lawrence is trying for her second straight Oscar at the age of 23/   and Any one of three movies could win best picture, ``12 Years a Slave,''/ ``Gravity'' and ``American Hustle.'' Pharrell Williams is up for  best original song for ``Happy'' from the ``Despicable Me 2'' soundtrack,
as mortgage refinancing slows down./    
Wells Fargo & Co. is cutting 700 jobs from its home lending business /JPMorgan Chase ..says.. it will cut 6,000 jobs from its mortgage unit this year.
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Friday February 28th @sgntias gossip blog

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher got engaged...CHECK OUT HER ROCK!!

Check out Pharrell in GQ...OVER HERE!!

Are there hard feelings between Katy Perry and John Mayer? STORY HERE!!

Did Katy Perry deliver a baby? LOOK!!

Robin Thicke is trying to win his wife back...VIDEO HERE!!

Jessica Simpson shared a picture with her daughter...SEE IT HERE!!

Kim Kardashian is getting her own biopic...LOOK!!

What did David Arquette want to name his baby!? FIND OUT HERE!!

Jamie Lee Curtis saved her friend...WHO OD'D IN A CAR!!

See why Seth Rogen was speaking to Congress...OVER HERE!!


A Guy Tried to Rob a Store at Gunpoint, but a Customer Body Slammed Him


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Thursday February 27th @sgntias Gossip Blog

Are Katy Perry and John Mayer over? LOOK!!

A video of Justin Bieber taking a sobriety test after his arrest...HAS BEEN LEAKED!!

Amanda Bynes talks about her breakdown...OVER HERE!!

Check out who George Clooney is dating now...SEE PICTURES!!

Even Judge Judy is taking shots...AT JUSTIN BIEBER!!

Paula Deen made kind of a weird comparison...WHILE TALKING ABOUT HER STRUGGLES!!

Find out who could be the next Bachelorette...MORE HERE!!

Allison Williams got engaged...FIND OUT TO WHO!!

A Boat Got Too Close to a Whale, and Its Tail Slapped a Girl in the Head

A whale-watching boat off the coast of Baja California got a little too close to a whale over the weekend. And when the whale tried to dive, its tail slapped a girl in the HEAD. But according to the person who posted the video, she was okay.


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