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Friday January 31st @sgntias gossip blog

Several drugs were found in Justin Bieber's system...WHEN HE WAS ARRESTED IN MIAMI!!

Harry Styles flashes his butt...WHILE PEEING IN SIR MIX-A-LOT'S BUSHES!!

Rihanna revealed what she would change about her body...STORY HERE!!

Is Demi Lovato engaged!? MORE HERE!!

Will Kimye's daughter be featured on Keeping Up With The Kardashians? LOOK!!

See pictures of Bruce Jenner...LEAVING AFTER HIS THROAT SURGERY!!

Mila Kunis is the new face of Jim Beam...SEE HER FIRST AD!!

Did Wiz Khalifa fall asleep during a Grammy performance? SEE WHICH ONES IT WAS!!

Check out Halle Berry just 4 months after having a baby...PICTURES HERE!!

Jerry Seinfeld revealed new details on a secret project...MORE HERE!!

Is there going to be a Full House reunion!? YES, PLEASE!!

Back in 1984, a woman in the Seattle area who's a HUGE Seahawks fan couldn't make it to the big celebration after they made the playoffs for the first time, because she was six months pregnant. Now 30 years later, her son has made it up to her.


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STOP using .. Britax strollers immediately.. theres a recall of  The B-Agile,single and double and BOB Motion single and double … / problems with the release strap and button- could  partially amputate,..or  break fingers… / get a free repair  kit/  information is on my Heidi blog at ---free repair kit at (866) 204-1665.

Vaseline--- a secret weapon in the super bowl??

there are closings, delays and cancellations….  Get  details  at  hawk and tom .com

…The Taylors Fire Department has closed Cunningham Road from Dellrose Circle to Old Spartanburg Road  due to a  water main break .that has turned the road into ice. /avoid the area

South Carolina reported eight more flu deaths last week, bringing this season's death toll from the illness to 49 people. /

Yahoo. usernames and passwords …have been stolen…and used to get the info of those that the user recently contacted..  /  Users who have been affected, unsurprisingly, will be asked to change their password, and may receive an SMS text

The hero walk  for our soldiers and veterans …is Saturday at furman – 8:30 am
On Sunday – its Maggie's 5k and fun run -- 2pm  at Christ Church School…

For the first time, the Super Bowl will be played outdoors in a cold-weather city… East Rutherford, N.J. in MetLife Stadium/-- temps expected to be 37 kickoff at 630./  .how are players staying warm? Long sleeves,space heaters, heated benches..and fills the pores and creates …an insulator
The  Sweetheart Ball is Saturday- at the hyatt Greenville..details at  meals on wheels .org

 the average cost of a Super Bowl ticket –on stubhub……just after the  conference championship games….$7,700 / on Monday of this week..–the average dropped to half that ./ by gametime ..prices could plunge below face value/
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Updates on travel  conditions - Call 511.
If you run into car trouble on the road, call *HP for assistance.
Get  information…on closings, delays and cancellations….  at  hawkand tom .com

Toyota and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are discussing a possible recall of some Toyota vehicles that have seat fabric and heated seats. /  the fabric may not clear flammability standards. Models that may eventually be recalled are the Camry, , Avalon , Corolla ,Sienna ,Tundra and Tacoma

Maggie's 5k and fun run is Sunday at 2pm  at Christ Church School… Football field

The  Sweetheart Ball is Saturday- at the hyatt Greenville..details at  meals on wheels .org

For the first time, the Super Bowl will be played outdoors in a cold-weather city… East Rutherford, N.J. in MetLife Stadium/
the average cost of a Super Bowl ticket –on stubhub……just after the  conference championship games….$7,700 / on Monday of this week..–the average dropped to $3,100 - ./ are bailing due to figid temps and ticket prices are in a tailspin/ tix may go below face value by gametime
Maybe the obama health care law was about wealth transfer, after all. /  A study by the nonpartisan Brookings Institution finds that the Affordable Care Act will boost the incomes of Americans… on the bottom …of the income ladder… by about 6 %..., while slightly reducing average incomes...of the middle class/.
Justin Bieber turned himself in to a Toronto police station yesterday.. / . The 19-year-old… has been charged ..for allegedly assaulting a limo driver last month  in Toronto ../just another problem on top of drag racing in miami and egging a neighbor's home in Los Angeles
help with peanut allergies- . In experimental therapy, researchers mixed.. peanut flour food given... to  kids with severe peanut allergies/  over time. … most of those kids could eventually tolerate eating a handful of peanuts

no more ..Chobani ..greek yogurt…/ They  lost a court fight and have to remove the word “Greek’from labels…in the UK..because..a competitor says …the yogurt is made in america …not Greece…./  Greek yogurt is strained to achieve a thick and creamy texture
more than half of North Carolina households have little or no savings to cover emergencies or start building a better life. The non-profit Corporation for Enterprise Development …says the financial security of North Carolina residents ranks near the bottom in the country
 Chobani has lost a court fight in Britain. An appeals panel upheld a lower court ruling today that the U.S. yogurt brand cannot label its products ``Greek'' in the U.K. because they are made in America. Chobani's rival Fage maintains the ``Greek yogurt'' label is misleading to consumers if the yogurt is not made in Greece. Greek yogurt is strained to achieve a thick and creamy texture

 One bridge leading to Mount Pleasant has been reopened, but the Ravenel Bridge between Charleston and its northern suburbs remains closed because of ice. The storm has moved out of South Carolina, but state emergency officials warned that overnight driving could still be  hazardous in spots

The American College of the Building Arts is planning a new campus in  Charleston / The college is the nation's only liberal arts college, training students in traditional building trades such as plastering, timber framing and masonry. 

help with peanut allergies- . In experimental therapy, researchers mixed small amounts of .. peanut flour food given... to  kids with severe peanut allergies. /  The amount was increased over time. /  most of those kids could eventually tolerate eating a handful of peanuts. 

 Union police say a Wal-Mart store will not prosecute a man accused of stealing milk and bread ahead of an advancing winter storm. A police report says a man was seen on surveillance camera putting roughly $11 worth of items including a gallon of milk and a loaf of French bread into a bag. A worker said he got the man's license tag number but did not want to press charges.

Maggie's 5k and fun run is Sunday at 2pm  at Christ Church School… Football field / Certified course and timed event. Register the day of . or, Call Wink Mcleod 864-230-2184 or register online In memory of my Friend, Maggie Mcleod ,and her legacy... Maggie's School B93.7 All the Hits! The Hawk and Tom Show Heidi Aiken
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Thursday January 30th @sgntias Gossip Blog

Justin Bieber is going to be charged with criminal assault...LOOK!!

Will Barack Obama be the one to decide...IF JUSTIN BIEBER GETS DEPORTED!?

Chantel Jeffries says life sucks with Justin Bieber...AND SHE DIDN'T STAB ANYONE!!

Austin Mahone responded to rumors he's dating Selena Gomez...OVER HERE!!

Kenndrick Lamar responded to his Grammy snub...MORE HERE!!

See the $15,000 thank you ad Lorde wrote...TO HER FANS IN NEW ZEALAND!!

Check out one of the guy's from Daft Punk...ON THE BEACH!!

Don't expect seeing Cameron Diaz in any Taco Bell commercials...AFTER THIS!!

Will Bruce Jenner not be invited to the Kimye wedding? HE WON'T IF ONE THING HAPPENS!!

The ACM Awards nominees are out...SEE THE FULL LIST!!

TRENDING VIDEO OF THE DAY:  Eatiing a Banana while wearing pantyhose on your head??

For whatever reason, the new trend on YouTube is to have a friend put PANTYHOSE on their head, and try to eat a banana THROUGH the pantyhose. It's called the "banana challenge," and apparently someone came up with it years ago. But this is the first I've heard of it. It is POSSIBLE by the way. It just takes a while for it to seep through and you look like a MORON while attempting it.


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I don't think Bieber's the only one that needs help in this story......Enjoy!
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Wednesday January 29th @sgntias Gossip Blog

See which music legend will join Miley Cyrus...FOR HER MTV UNPLUGGED PERFORMANCE!!

Find out why it's going to be a sucky Valentine's Day...FOR JUSTIN BIEBER!!

Justin Bieber is moving out...LOOK!!

Billy Ray Cyrus has some advice for Justin Bieber...SEE WHAT IT WAS!!

If you were confused at how old Lorde is...THIS SHOULD CLEAR IT UP!!

Kanye West settled his Beverly Hills beating case for a ton of money...MORE HERE!!

Watch Vin Diesel dance to Beyonce and Katy Perry...VIDEO HERE!!

Did Taylor Swift dance so hard at the Grammys...THAT SHE BROKE HER DRESS!?

Ellen DeGeneres is bringing a lesbian sitcom...TO NBC!!

Alyson Hannigan talked about saying goodbye...TO HER HUSBAND!!

Toni Braxton bought a $3M mansion...6 MONTHS AFTER DECLARING BANKRUPTCY!!


A College Kid Tries to Interrupt a Weather Report And Gets a Knee to the Crotch By Jim Cantore


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A blast of freezing rain and snow is  expected to arrive today across our area/ with snowfall and freezing rain lasting thru early morning tomoro…creating slick driving conditions/
 road crews are on ready..and some school districts have already  closed..  schools. ...a list is at hawk and tom .com

airlines have …already…..canceled flights ..many of them in Atlanta.. a few out of greenville  -    details at gsp

one more reading at a  greenville city council meeting next month..and  its expected the distracted driving  ordinance will pass/ … It bans the use of handheld devices while operating a  the city of Greenville
Laurens Electric Cooperative,will perform   “75 Acts of Kindness” for their 75th anniversary/ …The company will award donations of up to $500 for 75 specific needs/ /   apply  online at laurens…or at a Laurens Electric office

. President Barack Obama's ...expected theme: for tonights - State of the Union address. --The federal government can play a key role in increasing opportunities for Americans. 

The National Weather Service says the winter storm sweeping into the Southeast on Tuesday could dump as much as 8 inches of snow around the Carolinas, with the heaviest amounts expected in northeastern South Carolina. Forecasters say the rare bout of snow, sleet and freezing rain will make roads slipper in several Southern states and send temperatures plunging
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Tuesday January 28th @sgntias Gossip Blog

Find out which former boybander wants to mentor Justin Bieber...OVER HERE!!

Ariana Grande weighed in on the Bieber drama...SEE WHAT SHE SAID!!

See Steven Tyler's advice for Justin Bieber...IT MIGHT SURPRISE YOU!!

Check out Macklemore's Grammy apology...STORY HERE!!

Get the story behind Pharrell's hat...OVER HERE!!

Trent Rezor is super unhappy with the Grammys...SEE WHY!!

Kimye's wedding could go down in June...ACCORDING TO RADAR ONLINE!!

Read about the crazy Grammy party...THAT INVOLVED A CAMEL AND A LION!!

Watch Scarlett Johansson's sexy Super Bowl commercial...SEE THE VIDEO!!


A video of a diaper-wearing two-year-old kid doing tricks on a SKATEBOARD has some people online calling him the next Tony Hawk. His name is Kahlei, he lives in Australia, and he's been skateboarding since he was SIX MONTHS OLD.


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Parts of SC.. will be under a winter storm watch tomorrow and  Wednesday,/   Abbeville, Greenwood, Laurens, Union and Newberry counties may see one to two inches of accumulation, with areas south of Columbia ..and coastal areas....seeing the potential for at least 1 inch of snow
..motorists in greenville will not be able to talking and texting on hand-held mobile devices ..Greenville City Council is scheduled to hold its first vote on a distracted driving  ordinance tonight./  It would require another reading in February and be implemented April 1
The average U.S. price of gasoline has dipped nearly 4 cents  a gallon in the past two weeks … to $3.31… for  regular …According to the Lundberg Survey.
At last nights grammy awards./  lorde won Song of the year for royals… at the  and best pop solo performance../. Daft Punk ..won 4 -  including album of the year… /and with pharrell williams -  Get Lucky."won  record of the year " / darius rucker won best country solo performance-- for wagon wheel
Super Bowl ads costing about $4 million for 30 seconds/there are more than 50 commecials to air during coverage..of the seatlle -denver game on Sunday/
Michaels Stores is investigating a possible company data security breach that may have affected its customers' payment card information/   Neiman Marcus and Target  have recently reported secutrity breaches as well/
With Super Bowl ads costing about $4 million for 30 seconds, and more than 50 spots vying for attention, marketers are enlisting promotional gimmicks to ensure the audience pays attention
The Powerball jackpot stands at $171 million with a $97.6 million cash payout. 

For the first time, working-age people, not children and the elderly, make up the majority in U.S. households that rely on food stamps
The Games are less than two weeks away, and all we're still talking about are security concerns. The U.S. is putting two warships in the Black Sea and keeping a transport aircraft on standby in Germany. It's an unfortunate necessity. Islamic militants have made it quite clear that they'll try to disrupt the Games.
Greenville city council will vote t on a law that would ban motorists from talking and texting on hand-held mobile devices.
Daft Punk won4  Grammy Awards including best pop duo/group performance. Pharrell Williams also won four Grammys last night, including his first Grammy for non-classical producer of the year./  Macklemore & Ryan Lewis also had four wins
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Monday January 27th @sgntias Gossip Blog

See all of the winner's from last night's Grammy Awards...OVER HERE!!

Check out all the fashion from the Grammys...PICTURES HERE!!

Did the cops lie about Justin Bieber...AND HIS DRAG RACING IN MIAMI!?

Is Usher stepping in...TO TRY AND SAVE JUSTIN BIEBER!?

Jennifer Lawrence looks exactly like an actress...FROM THE 1950's!!

Kristen Stewart wants to get a tattoo...WHERE!?

See the job that Susan Boyle just applied for...STORY HERE!!

American Idol winner Scotty McCreery saved a woman's life...LOOK!!

Sharon Osbourne had a explosive confrontation...AT A PRE-GRAMMY PARTY!!

Find out why firefighters showed up...AT SNOOP DOGG'S HOTEL ROOM!!

James Van Der Beek...IS NOW A FATHER!!


John Legend performs "All of me".  Notice the spotlight on his wife the whole time. #BrowniePoints


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