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TRENDING Nov. 27,2013

All lanes of US 441 are closed from Cherokee to Gatlinburg..due to winter weather./ US 321 is closed due to a rock slide.

Today--The Wednesday before Thanksgiving ---is traditionally the busiest travel day of the year / this storm front will... affect travel up the east coast..disrupting flights and casing hiway delays

outdoor retailer … Cabela's  is hiring over 230 people for its new  Greenville store / dtails at

new jobs -when  The new Embassy Suites.. goes up… ….at RiverPlace along the reedy river // Windsor aughtry will also build a  Home 2 Suites .. at North Main Street and Elford Street…with a three story parking garage

One Direction will perform in charlotte at the PNC Music pavilion on sept 27 (sat)tickets  on sale January 1.../ ."

After nearly half a century of decline in …the bus… industry, theres a new breed of sleek, Wi-Fi-equipped coachs…that are  transforming the image of the bus …as the last resort. With free Internet connections, tickets as cheap as $1 and decent legroom, companies such as and BoltBus are luring holiday travelers disenchanted with the hair-pulling rituals of airports and driving.

.One of the main goals …South Carolina coach ….Steve Spurrier… wants to achieve …is out the hands of the No. 10 Gamecocks. /   Spurrier said …he would rather…. win the Southeastern Conference title …..than beat No. 6 Clemson on Saturday. /  But whether the Gamecocks win the SEC East to get a shot at the title will be decided when No. 5 Missouri plays No. 19 Texas A&M

.the dancing with the stars – season 17-winner is  Glee star-- Amber Riley

gas prices are averaging  $3.29 a gallon, putting it on track for the lowest average since 2010. /
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Wednesday November 27th Tias Gossip Blog


GQ must really hate Miley Cyrus...SEE WHAT OTHER NEGATIVE LIST THEY PUT HER ON!!

Watch the guys from Anchorman...SING AFTERNOON DELIGHT AGAIN!!

Justin Bieber had to sign a behavior contract for a hotel...CAN YOU BLAME THEM!?

Britney Spears opens up about her new boyfriend...OVER HERE!!

Two former Spice Girls are at war...STORY HERE!!

Did Jennifer Love Hewitt give birth? LOOK!!

Is Ashton Kutcher trying to hide a pregnant Mila Kunis? VIDEO HERE!!

Alec Baldwin has been fired...FROM MSNBC!!

Jamie Lynn Spears has released a new song...TAKE A LISTEN!!

Why did Lupe Fiasco storm off stage? WATCH THE VIDEO!!

Paris Hilton wants you to know she never made a dime...OFF THAT SEX TAPE!!

Frankie Muniz had a secon mini-stroke...GET AN UPDATE ON HIM HERE!!


A security researcher named Evan Booth figured out a way to MacGyver together a WORKING GUN using JUST items you can buy at the airport once you're past security. Evan's gun was made of dental floss, magazines, a Red Bull can, Mentos, a fridge magnet, a hair band, a hairdryer, a can of Axe body spray, batteries, and CONDOMS. Then he was able to USE the gun to shoot his pocket change through 1.33-inch thick drywall. Evan says he made the gun to show that all the TSA screening is just SECURITY THEATER, we have to catch terrorists early, because once they get to the airport, it's probably too late.


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Tuesday November 26th Tias Gossip Blog

How did Miley Cyrus celebrate her 21st birthday? FIND OUT HERE!!

See how much Miley allegedly had stolen...DURING THAT BREAK IN!!

How did Taylor Swift deal with seeing Harry Styles...AT THE AMA's!?

Justin Bieber released a new song...LISTEN TO IT HERE!!

James Franco and Seth Rogen spoof Kimye...WATCH THE VIDEO!!

Last year Angelina Jolie got Brad Pitt a waterfall...SEE WHAT SHE  IS GETTING HIM THIS YEAR!!

See who was named Entertainment Weekly's...ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR!!

Did Hayden Panettiere get a boob job? YOU DECIDE!! 

An online petition has been created...TO BRING BRIAN BACK TO FAMILY GUY!!

Kelly Rowland got engaged...LOOK!!

Check out Lauren Conrad on the cover of Cosmo...PICTURES HERE!!


"How to Fight a Baby" a guy demonstrates self-defense moves against a baby. It's HIS kid, and obviously it's a joke. He only does things that any baby could handle. But it does involve throwing, flipping, pretend choking, and tackling a baby on a bed. Oh, and tickling, and blowing in its face.


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Friday November 25th Tias Gossip Blog

Rihanna received a major award...AT THE AMAs LAST NIGHT!!

Did Miley Cyrus keep it classy...AT THE AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS!?

Miley Cyrus had her home broken into...A DAY BEFORE HER 21ST B-DAY!!

Find out why Beyonce got kicked off a tour of the pyramids in Egypt...OVER HERE!!

There's a statue of Jay Z with a bunch of Care Bears...SEE IT HERE!!

See how Pauly D is enjoying parenthood so far...OVER HERE!!

Watch video of Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston...READING THE BREAKING BAD FINALE!!

Christopher Walken hitched a ride with some random fans...PICTURES HERE!!

Lamar Odom wants you to know...HE WASN'T HIGH ON DRUGS!!


See the 25 LEAST influential people of 2013...LIST HERE!!

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Carrying 218 passengers and crew- several cars of the New York-bound Amtrak Crescent … has derailed in Spartanburg county … on cedar crest at falling creek rd.., four people suffered  minor injuries.

Forecasters are warning Thanksgiving travelers to beware, as a sweeping winter storm system could … bring   flight delays and  icy roads, and snow in the higher elevations in westen nc and ne ga…/ .. Ice is also possible in the Upstate …with a slight glaze …on elevated surfaces tomoro morning, but widespread travel problems are not expected.

After nine weeks of falling gas prices, the average U.S. price of a gallon of gasoline /a gallon of regular is $3.25. is up 3 cents over the past two weeks.

The American music awards last night..Taylor Swift took  four awards, including top honor… as artist of the year for the third time/     Justin Timberlake won favorite male… pop/rock artist…also fav male soul and RB artist and album

It’s the panthers their longest win streak since 2003./ Carolina  won their  7th straight  game -  beating Miami 20-16

.In the AP and BCS college football polls- Clemson  is  No. 6 … South Carolina is  No. 10. / kick off for Clemson-at Saturday ..7pm

The ``Hunger Games'' sequel ``Catching Fire'' opened with $161. million at the box office, narrowly besting the original film and setting a record for a November opening.

– caught on video… kicking the dog.. got ….Steron Jihad Glover arrested by the Greenville police ….at his apartment…. in the Mallard Cove ….on Saturday../ he is charged with ill treatment and torture - of animals …./the  dog was taken from the home by animal control

and for the first time.. a man may answer the  Butterball Turkey Talk Line….after 32 years ..Butterball is enlisting the help of men to give advice on preparing the perfect bird…
 .and with good reason - : One in four Thanksgiving turkeys… is cooked by a man. And they're putting their own touch on the feast.
Retailers are offering " "pre- Black Friday" sales earlier in the week. / items advertised in Black Friday are aqvailable in advance..

Forecasters say holiday travel plans should include winter weather gear in parts of the country. A storm blamed for at least eight deaths in the West is making its way east..bring ing the possibility of rain, sleet or snow

The Obama administration says people will have another eight days to sign up for health care insurance at and still get coverage by Jan. 1 People will have until Dec. 23 to enroll. The extra time could prevent people from having a break in coverage because of the federal government's balky enrollment website.

  Budget cuts to the military have forced installations around the country to alter training exercises and daily routines to save money. For airmen and pilots, that means fewer flights. For soldiers and Marines, it means fewer drills or delaying them until a deployment nears. In Air Force and Navy, similar adjustments have been made. 

. The first test tires produced at the new  Continental Tire plant in Sumter... were displayed on Friday. Ground was broken in last year,,, the new $500 million facility for Continental Tire, the North America arm of German-based Continental AG.

weekend talks between Iranian officials and world powers ..ended with an agreement …allowing Iran to keep elements.. of its uranium program… while stopping… its enrichment… at what is needed for nuclear arms.
Texas fgov and former presidential candidate rick perry is featured speaker at the salute to scouting  event  - wed- dec 4 poinsett club gvl – proceeds benefit the 11k scouts in the upsate
Advance tix sales ends nov 26

Behold the living legends! Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® brings the unbelievable to Children Of All Ages in an all-new show —— Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Presents LEGENDSSM. Experience unimaginable family fun, as amazing performers from around the globe perform awe-inspiring feats of daring, spectacles of strength and thrills of wonder to summon the mythical and the mysterious: a Unicorn, a Pegasus and a Woolly Mammoth! Join us for an unforgettable family night of legendary proportions! Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Presents LEGENDS!Bon Secours Wellness Arena
Wed. JAN. 29 - Sun. FEB. 2
Act fast! Offer ends 11/26/2013.
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Friday November 22nd Tias Gossip Blog

Jennifer Lawrence screamed at photographers...WATCH THE VIDEO!!

Kanye West went on another rant...INVOLVING BRUNO MARS, NIKE, OPRAH, AND MORE!!

You won't believe how Chris Brown...WANTS TO TREAT HIS ANGER PROBLEM!!

Watch Justin Bieber console his little brother...AFTER HE GOT HIS FACE PUSHED IN CAKE!!

Are Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner a thing!? CHECK OUT THESE PICTURES!!

See when Justin Timberlake...WILL BE RETURNING TO SNL!!

Alec Baldwin wants you to know he's loved a bunch of dudes in his life...BUT HE'S NOT GAY!!

Get an Amanda Bynes update...OVER HERE!!

Mike The Situation is a target...IN A FELONY INVESTIGATION!!

Aaron Carter has filed for bankruptcy...MORE HERE!!

Whitney Port got engaged...SEE TO WHO!!


It's amazing how guys continue to find new, creative ways to propose to women. A guy who competes in RAP BATTLES recently rapped his proposal live on stage, and now the YouTube video of it is getting some plays online.


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Advance ticket sales are underway for ..for the  Ringling Bros – Legends- show..: amazing performers from around the globe perform daring stunts are just  $10 for two special performances.. 
link is below;

A survey of South Carolina teens… shows cigarette use ….among high school students …has dropped significantly in the past two years. …about 15 percent of high school students have smoked. 

Voting for the American Music Awards ..has closed on all categories.. except Best New Artist./  Voting for that ends during Sunday's show at 9 P.M. Eastern. Fans can vote for Phillip Phillips, Ariana Grande (GRAHN'-day), Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Imagine Dragons or Florida Georgia Line at or through Twitter. The American Music Awards will air on ABC.

santa makes an appearance at the  Augusta Road ..Holiday Open House,on  Sunday /free trollys will shuttle you around  area businesses..who are offering discounts,, ,refreshments, prizes,/ will be there.. /, visit for details

The Salvation Army “Angel Tree” Campaign is underway. Angel Tree tags with wishes for children in need can be picked up at local SUBWAY® restaurants

This weekend- Clemson hosts the citadel at noon/usc plays coastal Carolina 1pm/    Wofford   at Furman /*    presbytn plays gardner webb

Advance ticket sales  are underway for ..for the  ringling bros – Legends- show..: amazing performers from around the globe perform daring stunts are just  $10 for two performances..go to my Heidi blog for the link..
link is below;

The am. Cancer soc moonlight and magnolias fundraiser is Saturday the old cigar warehouse dt gvl/

An apple a day is said to be, eat your nuts/ ..A 30-year study has found that regular nut eaters are less likely to die of cancer or heart disease or any other cause… than people who never eat nuts… A handful a day - is all you need/

… hit by a stry cola ..USC student..Martha Childress is  paralyzed from the waist down / to help with medical bills… theres a yard sale..tomoro - 8-1 at the meriovan center- in greenville

Katy Perry opens the American Music Awards Sunday… on ABC.... Pitbull is the host- Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. lead the nominations with six,

South Carolina officials plan to release the state's unemployment rate for October today. The September unemployment rate in South Carolina was 7.9 percent, marking the first time in five years the jobless rate had dipped below 8 percent. The national unemployment rate for September was 7.3 percent. 

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Thursday November 21st Tias Gossip Blog

Did Chris Brown get kicked out of rehab...FOR BEING VIOLENT!?

What is Kanye banning Kim from doing? FIND OUT HERE!!

Justin Bieber responds to all the bad press he's been getting...OVER HERE!!

Are Miley Cyrus' eye brows missing!? PICTURES HERE!!

Jennifer Lawrence got very TMI...ON LETTERMAN LAST NIGHT!!

Eminem might get back with his ex-wife Kim...LOOK!!

Oh Eminem also explained that really weird ESPN video he did...TO ROLLING STONE!!


Bruce Jenner wants you to know...HE'S PROUD OF KENDALL JENNER'S BOOBS!?

Leighton Meester and Adam Brody...GOT ENGAGED!!


I don't know about this one....This looks totally staged...a guy pranking his girlfriend by telling her he CHEATED. But it backfires, because she tells him SHE cheated too. Then after he flips out, she reveals she's just JOKING, and that she saw him set up the camera. Also, she's disappointed because she thought he was going to PROPOSE.


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Tobacco use remains the single largest preventable cause of disease and premature death in the US/   Today is the - Great American Smokeout …/.

The BI-LO grocery store  in  downtown Greenville will close at the end of this month/. 
The Clemson - Carolina –pep rally is tonight ..6-11.. at the old cigar warehouse DT Greenville across fluor field./  / details

Legendary psychic Sylvia Browne, a mainstay of television and radio and the author of scores of best-selling books, died early Wednesday,. She was 77.

Verruckt – is the German word for insane,… … …you’ll shoot 17 stories 65 miles per hour./ then back up …a 50 ft hill- on a jet blast of water.. the  verruckt –opens in the Schlitterbahn Waterpark.. in Kansas City- next spring.. Its the tallest, fastest waterslide in the world

Veteran Affairs offices in Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson are holding town hall meetings for veterans to voice their needs and concerns. Tday- at the  Greenville Outpatient Clinic: 10:00am-11:30pm/ then the Spartanburg County Library 2:00pm-3:30pm
east your nuts/  ..A 30-year study has found that regular nut eaters are less likely to die of cancer or heart disease or any other cause than people who never eat nuts. A handful a day – is all you need/

Katy Perry  opens  the American Music Awards  Sunday… on ABC.... Pitbull is the host- Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. lead the nominations with six,
the Augusta Road ..Holiday Open House, is  Sunday /free trollys will shuttle you around  area businesses..who are offering discounts,, ,refreshments, prizes,/ santa will be there.. /, visit

Two cast members of ``The Real Housewives of New Jersey'' face the reality of new charges in federal court.  Joe and Teresa Giudice (JOO'-dys) are scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday in Newark NJ for failing to file tax and mail  fraud…

Eat nuts.. Just one ounce a day.. every day…/ those who did were  20 % less  likely to die from a variety of causes such as heart disease, stroke, cancer and respiratory illness.
theres a claim that some LG smart TVSsend information on home viewing habits …back to the company … even after an information collection feature was disabled.
Chris Brown has ordered singer to serve three months in a residential treatment facility and to submit to drug testing. After continuing to exhibit aggressive behavior
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Theres more than $400 million in unclaimed  funds in SC… –and some could be yours… go to my Heidi blog on    for the linkclick  this link to the SC State Treasurer's Office . (

Tomoro- is the The Great American Smokeout …. / encouraging smokers to quit, /

the first ``American Idol'' champion. kelly expecting… Married last month to  Brandon Blackstock …its  first child.

? have a comment about Greenville County’s.. pedestrian and bicycle network. …discussions will be held today--./.,.. -• 4-6 p.m., at Greer City Hall,. about the proposed network /

The Miracle berry … a small, red berry out  of West African…it comes in pill form – tricks your tastbuds…. making sour things taste sweet/    look for a new trend- /     taste-tripping parties and restaurant dinners.

. ? did Census Bureau  workers fake.. statistics about unemloyment and the economy –to  make them look better than they were.. - just before the 2012 presidential election??   A House panel  will.... investigate allegations made in a New York Post article

A sc  wildlife officer shot and killed an injured deer… at Haywood Mall yesterday,….the 120 pound animal -  had wandered into bushes near the  food court entrance/ increasing development in the Greenville area is reducing habitat for wildlife,

 Operation Christmas Child is  collecting  filled showboxes through.. Nov. 25….. at  17 Upstate drop-off locations,/ details at

People magazine’s … ``sexiest man alive'' of 2013. Is  Adam Levine/ Asked how he feels, Levine replied ``sexy

A  state wildlife officer shot and killed an injured deer that had wandered into bushes just 20 feet away from the entrance to the food court at Haywood Mall yesterday--

While there is a shortage of large,fresh, butterball turkeys…the company says there are plenty of frozen birds..the kind most people buy…/ Fresh turkeys account for about 15 percent of all Thanksgiving birds sold
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