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Thursday October 31st Tias Gossip Blog

Did you see Miley's XXX Halloween themed tweet!? PICTURES HERE!!

How long will Chris Brown be spending in rehab? FIND OUT HERE!!

Did Lindsay Lohan fall off the wagon? UT OH!!

Is Kanye West turning into a bridezilla? WOULD YOU BE SURPRISED!?

Rihanna got a new tattoo...PICTURES HERE!!

Dolly Parton says she admired Miley Cyrus...YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT!!

Did Justin Bieber drop $7K on a stripper? BIEBS MAKING IT RAIN!!

Joe Jonas responds to drug rumors...OVER HERE!!

Is Kerry Washington pregnant? LOOK!!

George Clooney talks girlfriend rumors...AND SETS THE RECORD STRAIGHT!!

There's going to be a How I Met Your Mother spin off...MORE HERE!!

Guy Fieri got into a knock down drag out fight...STORY HERE!!

Kristen Cavallari is pregnant...WITH BABY NUMBER TWO!!



Cyrus and Thicke's VMA's Performance with Narration from a Nature Documentary

I wish someone had thought of this sooner, but there's a video online of Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke's controversial performance at the VMA's. Except they took the sound out, and added audio of David Attenborough narrating a NATURE documentary. And it works surprisingly well.



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More  Horrific details  about the Tuesday evening "domestic" case… that left six dead in Greenwood/  the suspect, 27 Bryan Sweatt … had an extensive arrest record,…failing to appear in court Tuesday..on a burglary charge/  he  used a large-caliber handgun …to "execute" the victims, identified as - his girfriend  Chandra …//, , her parents – Richard and  melissa fields…., and her nephews,…. 9 william and 11- tariq… robinson/  a likely motive was a custody battle overhis 7 month old chile, with Chandra/       Sweat called his parents … after the shootngs, saying he had…. shot someone./ he then  shot himself.

the Red Sox are World Series champs..beating  St. Louis  last night..6-1…at Fenway Park...its their first series clincher in Boston in 95 years.
Hapy halloween….weather for trick or treat should be mild with temps in the 60’s this evening..

Events include;   nightmare on Pendleton st haunted house../ childrens museum booseum–/Denver downs pumpkin patch  … / in Laurens  the Haunted Jail: / and at the mall -  haywood/Asheville and westgate mall..will  host trick or treaters..

Wealth X has listed the wealthiest individuals in each you know the richest carolininian? Anita zucker  in sc  2.6B/ james goodnight  in NC 7.4/ ann chambers in ga is  11.4b/
Oprah Winfrey is having a tag sale, on Saturday/ The star is auctioning off possessions from her multiple residences around the country http://www.kaminski

Smokers under 21 will soon be barred from buying cigarettes in New York City.
 The new law..raises  the minimum age for purchasing cigarettes and electronic-vapor cigarettes from 18 to 21. 18 is a federal minimum

More details are emerging  from Tuesdays multiple murder- suicide in greenwood../  27 Bryan Sweatt… was out on bond ….and was supposed to appear in court on Tuesday …on a burglary charge…. but never showed./ There was a custody battle ….over a child …..he had with his girfriend  Chandra…a likely  motive//Sweat  killed Chandra, , her parents – Richard and  melissa fields…., and her nephews, 9 william and 11- tariq… robinson/        Sweat called his parents just after the shootngs, saying he loved them, and that… he had…. shot someone./ he then  shot himself.

Get a free ticket to Disney on Ice../Donate  five canned goods or more at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena …. Saturday, from 10 a.m.-2 p.m…for  Harvest Hope Food Bank .
Other sad news..Keisha Kirkland, former News 4 weathercaster, lost her battle with lung cancer Tuesday. Keisha, a healthy non-smoker, was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2008,Condolences to her husband ..
former Clemson star and NFL All-Pro linebacker Levon Kirkland.  And their  daughter, Kennedy, .
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Wednesday October 30th Tias Gossip Blog

Chris Brown has entered rehab....FOR ANGER MANAGEMENT!!

Mike Tyson says Chris Brown needs to stop punching people...OH THE IRONY!!

Did Kanye West say Kim is more influential...THAN MICHELLE OBAMA!?

See why P!nk is fighting back against fans...OVER HERE!!

Kelly Osbourne has apologized to Lady Gaga...GUESS THAT FEUD IS OVER!!

Orange is The New Black's Laverne Cox...NOT OFFENDED BY JULIANNE HOUGH!!

The Jonas Brothers are over...FOR NOW ANYWAY!!

There will be a 5th season...OF THE WALKING DEAD!!

Did Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep get their freak on...BACK IN THE DAY!?

Check out Marilyn Manson...IN A NEW HALLOWEEN FUNNY OR DIE VIDEO!!

The Entourage movie is happening...SWEET!!

Bob Barker is returning to The Price is Right...STORY HERE!!


Just in time for Halloween, the guys who do a YouTube series called "Batman in Classic Movie Scenes" have a new episode, where Batman and Bane are inserted into classic SCARY movies.


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TRENDING 10-30-13

.../the man said he was feeling edgy and threatened to harm himself./ .police  responded to his call…and found…Six people dead.. -- four adults and two children .. at a home in  Greenwood on  Callison Highway  … they believe it was a domestic dispute/   the alleged gunman … 27 Bryan Sweatt.  was among the dead, / the victims between age nine to mid 50 / 

From Friday through Sunday,NC  customers ..won’t …have to pay sales tax …when they purchase energy-efficient energy-star…washers, freezers, air conditioners and other major appliances/

Get a free ticket to Disney on Ice../Donate  five canned goods or more at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena …. Saturday, from 10 a.m.-2 p.m…for  Harvest Hope Food Bank .

The Boston  Red Sox could capture their third World Series… championship a decade tonight   at Fenway Park,. /  Boston  has a 3-2 series edge over  the St. Louis Cardinals.

sign up now for An Amazing Team Adventure..for all ageas.. to support the Hope Foundation for autism/Saturday Nov 9.. at the Kroc Center l..get info at hope relay .org

State Sen. …Vincent Sheheen's … is criticizing …Gov. Nikki Haley …on the anniversary… of her announcement of a massive hacking of state files…. In an online letter, the Democratic candidate for governor …..calls the hacking a horrible and preventable disgrace

Jesse Jackson’s speaks at  Furman University this evening … commemorating   the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement….'' /  The free event starts tonight at 7 o'clock. ..followed by a  question-and-answer session
-after 23 years ..John Paul’s Armadillo Company will close next week and the contents of the restaurant, including the full-size buffalo ..lions,sheep, deer..and other animals… will be auctioned. …on Nov. 22 and 23 in the parking lot of the restaurant on Congaree 

Tonight. the Boston Red Sox .. have a 3-2 series lead last ...won the World Series on their home field of Fenway Park. back in 1918 …and Babe Ruth was on their team the Red Sox get a chance to change all that.... as they face the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 6. /   The Red Sox
the Boston Red Sox ..last ...won the World Series on their home field of Fenway Park. back in 1918 …and Babe Ruth was on their team......Tonight the Red Sox get a chance to change all that.... as they face the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 6. /   The Red Sox have a 3-2 series lead.
Got old computer  parts … TVs or video game systems… lying around? Its illegal to just toss them out…/ bring them to  the electronics recycling event Saturday at  the public works facility on south Hudson st  in Greenville from  9 a.m. and 1 p.m.
124 area artists will open their studios nov 2 and 3 ..details at greenville open
Sunday, is the end of daylight saving time …we fall back one hour.. on Sunday at 2am/
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Tuesday October 29th Tias Gossip Blog

Lady Gaga got naked on stage in London...PICTURES HERE!!

Chris Brown's felony charge...HAS BEEN REDUCED TO A MISDEMEANOR!!

Kanye West says he'll marry Kim next summer...AND HE WANTS FIGHTER JETS!?

Selena Gomez shows off her new tattoo...IN A BIKINI!!

Justin Bieber is helping build a school...BUT HE FORGOT HIS SHIRT!!

Miley cyrus says she'd rather be naked in front of people...THAN CRY IN FRONT OF THEM!?

See why Lady Gaga and Kelly Osbourne are feuding...OVER HERE!!

Kim Kardashian made a pretty candid admission...ABOUT HER POST BABY BODY!!

Check out Jennifer Hudson's new look...MORE HERE!!

The Fifty Shades of Grey movie...IS BEING PUSHED BACK!!

Ellen DeGeneres is developing a sitcom...THAT STARS A PREGNANT LESBIAN!!


Mike Tyson says Brad Pitt begged him not to beat him up...BACK IN THE DAY!!

Ciara got engaged...LOOK!!



For the past few Halloweens, a guy on YouTube has been posting videos where he mutilates pumpkins in increasingly weird ways. He just posted his newest video, where he goes after them with guns, a tractor tire, a fire extinguisher, throwing stars, and a weed whacker.


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Trending 10/29/13 with THE RIDDLE

why your FB friends are giraffes..
 Last night , Greenville County Council took the ..first step …toward a possible penny sales.. tax referendum…to cover road construction/ a 1 percent sales tax would generate… $65 million annually
The Books-A-Million store on Laurens Road in Greenville.. has  closed. / its likely a ..2nd and Charles store …may  open in its place.. / offering used  books, comics.. movies,  and gaming systems,

why the giraffe pics all over facebook? a user posts “ the”  riddle to their Facebook page, requesting that friends guess the answer via private message./  Answer incorrectly.. …you must change you must make your profile photo a giraffe.  …. Users have declared two correct answers—ill post the riddle on my fb page at heidfi aiken 1/  and my blog on

Here's the riddle:
3 a.m., the doorbell rings and you wake up. ..Unexpected visitors. It's your parents and they are there for breakfast. You have strawberry jam, honey, wine, bread and cheese. What is the first thing you open?
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Monday October 28th Tias Gossip Blog

Chris Brown was arrested over the weekend...AND IT WAS FOR A FELONY!!


There's also rumors that Bieber paid...FOR SOME LOVING!?

Katy Perry calls out other pop stars...FOR ONLY PLAYING THE SEX CARD!!

See a hilarious Vine from Al Roker...WHILE HE'S AT A DRAKE CONCERT!!

"Society wants to shut me down"...SAYS MILEY CYRUS!!

Will there be two versions of the new Anchorman movie? CHECK THIS OUT!!

See why Julianne Hough had to apologize...FOR HER HALLOWEEN COSTUME!!

Look at a bunch of non-offensive celebrity Halloween costumes...OVER HERE!!

CeeLo Green wants you to know...GIRLS AREN'T NERVOUS TALKING TO HIM!!


Olivia Wilde is pregnant...LOOK!!

Christina Ricci got married...MORE HERE!!


Check this out...Hilarious. Baby on motorcycle Halloween costume.


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South Carolina has the nation’s fifth-highest violent crime rate,… with an apparent relationship …between lower income and less education… and higher crime rates,.. according to a new study and a justice policy expert.
In the AP college football poll/ / the Tigers stayed  at number  9 /  The Gamecocks are  14th /  /in the BCS – Clemson  is number 8/ and and USC is 14th/

To help with your tailgating plans coming up on Saturday/…The Tigers will travel to Virginia.--3:30 p.m. on ESPN. / USC will host the Mississippi State Bulldogs 12:21 p.m. On SEC TV
It's all even! the Boston Red Sox rallied to beat the St. Louis Cardinals 4-2 last night, tying the World Series at two games each/  Game 5 is tonight in st Louis/ .

Travelers Rest High School's  Fall Festival is tomoro Tuesday, Oct. 29 from 5 to 8 p.m. at the school/.  This free, family-friendly event is open to children up to sixth grade for carnival

We will ALL  do this  - late Saturday – early  Sunday…this weekend… .. daylight savings… time… Sunday… 2am.. fall back hour

 South Carolina taxpayers ..can sign up for a second year of state-paid …credit monitoring …./  Enroll  now at  SCID 

Coming up nov 9th  - The HOPE Relay! Its  a running.. team  adventure- for the whole family – coworkers , friends, different levels of difficulty..sign up at hope relay .org

Top movies this weekend were: Bad Grandpa'', sinking …three-week champ ``Gravity'' to second place./. The high-seas… thriller ``Captain Phillips'' came in third.
 Milwaukee-based Garden-Fresh Foods is recalling several varieties.. of chicken and ham products… over concerns of possible listeria contamination/  they are  sold under the Garden-Fresh, Grandpa's, Archer Farms and D'Amico & Sons brand names
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Friday October 25th Tias Gossip Blog

Pauly D's baby mama says she has texts...THAT HE TOLD HER TO GET AN ABORTION!!

Check out the evolution of Miley Cyrus...IN ONE ANIMATED GIF!!

Lady Gaga is back to wearing ridiculous costumes...SEE THE PICTURES!!

See Ke$ha's latest Rolling Stone interview...OVER HERE!!

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr have split...MORE HERE!!

More proof Tom Hanks is awesome...SEE THE VIDEO!!

Lindsay Lohan responds to the photo...THAT LOOKED LIKE SHE WAS REACHING FOR WINE!!

Katharine McPhee explains those photos...OF HER MAKING OUT WITH HER DIRECTOR!!


The cast of High School Musical...IS REUNITING!!

"Murder, She Wrote" is getting a reboot...LOOK!!

Zac Hanson welcomes another son...THOSE HANSON KIDS ARE FERTILE!!



A comedian named Tom Mabe disguised his remote control helicopter as a scary looking version of the GRIM REAPER. Then he used it to prank joggers by flying up behind them with it. The YouTube video he posted is already picking up hundreds of thousands of views.


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Thursday October 24th Tias Gossip Blog

Pauly D is in a custody war with his new baby mama...THEY HATE EACH OTHER!!

A new Christian Grey has been picked...FOR THE FIFTY SHADES OF GREY MOVIE!!

Did Kim Kardashian pick out her own ring...AND KNOW THE PROPOSAL WAS HAPPENING!?

Are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart...HOOKING UP!?

Minka Kelly and Chris Evans split...SEE WHY!!

A new trailer for Anchorman 2 is out...WATCH IT!!

Ut oh what is that Lindsay Lohan is reaching for? PICTURES HERE!!

Is Dina Lohan blaming her DUI...ON THE PAPARAZZI!?

Ja Rule wants to write a cookbook...BUT THERE'S A TWIST!!

See the list of the top earning dead celebrities...OVER HERE!!

Who's America's creepy celebrity? LOOK!!


Here's a somewhat simple Halloween costume that would also make it easier for drivers to see your kid. Someone posted a video on YouTube of their toddler's STICK FIGURE costume. Basically, they bought some L.E.D. wire that lights up, then put a circle of it around the kid's face, a line down his chest, a line down each arm, and one down each leg. And the end result is pretty cool.


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