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Is Lea Michele out of control? NAYA RIVERA SEEMS TO THINK SO!!

Are Will Arnett and Amy Poehlr...BREAKING UP!?

Seth Rogen and Nancy Grace got into it on Twitter...CHECK OUT THEIR FIGHT!!

See how Victoria Beckham spent her 40th b-day...OVER HERE!!

Kris Jenner was hospitalized...UT OH!!

That rapper who went all crazy and cut off his own junk...WON'T BE GETTING IT BACK!!

Tom Cruise is denying that he and Laura Prepon...ARE DATING!!


Russian Firefighters created their own Hovercraft.

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A new retail development with shops, hotels and restaurants is planned for Highway 101 and I85 near BMW - /Outdoor store - Bass Pro Shops will be one of them

if youre hitting the road for easter ? - the average price for gasoline in SC is $3.43 a gallon

Atlanta has a Major League Soccer team- / the Atlanta falcons …owner … bought the francise to begin play in 2017 in the new $1 billion retractable roof stadium…tnear the Georgia Dome.

Amazon will start collecting Florida's 6-percent sales tax on May 1/ the online retailer will start collecting sales tax in sc ..january 2016:

The Weekend BackPak SnackPak Program provides food for children in need..theres a fundraiser tonight 6-10…at larkins by the river organized by – miss Clemson teen --callie martin ..the clemson tiger will make an appearance

There were 46 lifeboats attached to the South Korean ferry that sank in frigid waters -- but only one lifeboat was deployed,/ nearly 300 ppl are still missing / mostly high school students/ officials say there may be survivors inside the sunken ferry…within pockets of air

- yahoo's recently fired …chief operating officer, Henrique de Castro,.. left the Internet company… with a severance package of $58 million after just 15 months on the job

KFC sold more than 10 million in the first month when the Double Down launched in 2010,/ its bacon, cheese , between 2 chicken filets./.avil only April 21 to May 25.

Attention Amazon shoppers: According to CNNMoney, your online order might be getting pricer. At least eight states have asked Amazon to change sales tax on its orders. South Carolina will begin collecting in January 2016.

350 million new photos are uploaded by Facebook users every day./ To date, more than 400 billion photos have been shared, requiring huge server capacity / Facebooks - digital attic," is in Rutherford County near Forest City
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Thursday April 17th @sgntias Gossip Blog

See Chris Brown's mugshots from his D.C. assault arrest...OVER HERE!!

Demi Lovato shuts down a hater on twitter...SEE WHAT SHE WROTE!!

Meet Katy Perry's new dog...PICTURES HERE!!

Drake is being sued for stealing music...STORY HERE!!

Will there be a second season for Lindsay Lohan's reality show? LOOK!!

It turns out Kate Upton DIDN'T say she wanted smaller boobs? VIDEO HERE!!

Orlando Bloom got out of a ticket...BECAUSE HE'S ORLANDO BLOOM!!

Watch Leonardo DiCaprio get his butt handed to him...WATCH THE VIDEO!!


The director of "X-Men" is facing some very serious accusations...STORY HERE!!

The release date for the "Magic Mike" sequel is out...FIND OUT WHEN YOU CAN SEE IT!!

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg...ARE GETTING MARRIED!!

Is there going to be a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel!? UHHHHH!!


This dude was working on the ultimate #Selfie next to train tracks. The conductor of an oncoming train decided to kick him in the head.

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Wednesday April 16th @sgntias Gossip Blog

Miley Cyrus was hospitalized...STORY HERE!!

Get ready for a Jay Z and Beyonce summer tour...LOOK!!

Cameron Diaz says having lots of lovers...IS BETTER THAN TRYING TO STICK WITH ONE MAN!!

See who Zac Efron is dating...OVER HERE!!

Where will "Glee" take place in the final season? FIND OUT HERE!!

Paul Walker's brothers will help finish...THE REST OF FAST AND FURIOUS 7 FILMING!!

Dina Lohan pleads guilty to DWI and speeding...LOOK!!

The first promo for The Bachelorette is out...AND JUAN PABLO WON'T LIKE IT!!

Tracy Morgan is worried for Alec Baldwin...MORE HERE!!


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Theres a news conference today at 4/ the spbg area chamber of commerce wont say if its related to BassPro Shops,/ said to be opening a new store near BMW in greer/ according to-- go

A ferry carrying over 450 ppl- mostly high school students ….sank off South Korea. Four bodies have been found / nearly 300 still missing…

Former Gamecocks cornerback… Victor Hampton and defensive end …Kelcy Quarles …are sought for questioning in connection …with a nightclub beating in New York City/ nfl-draft elegible…they were in the city for a magazine shoot with ESPN.

Clemson freshman golfer… Ashlan Ramsey is turning pro after the school year. She is ranked as the world's best amateur… according to GolfWeek.

Ford is building a Limited Edition …of the Mustang GT… to honor the pony car's 50th anniversary. Ford will build only 1,964 of the special cars,

In Georgia, Theres a new regulation that says… no Vidalia onions can be packed for shipping …before the last full week of April …some farmers say they will ship early anyway// Other farmers support the regulation as a means of protecting the reputation and quality of Vidalia onions.

Theres still the opp for you to play in the project HOPE Invitational Golf Tournament on Monday april 28. …An Evening of HOPE Gala Dinner fundraiser for the autism community.. is the 27th..- details at project hope

Her excuses are getting sketchy/ Miley Cyrus has been hospitalized ..for either …a severe allergic reaction to antibiotics, or the flu/ forcing her to cancel her Kansas city concert last night./…last week- the 21 year old canceled a charlotte show..for either the flu or deth of a pet/

A Jared Emerson performance Art Show and Benefit for the Premier Foundation Tomoro at zen in Greenville- /details at perspective art

Someone is randomly shooting cows and bulls .. in union county - a reward being offered for info that leads to an arrest in the case./ call Union County Crimestoppers with info

general Motors plans to ask a federal bankruptcy judge to shield the company from legal claims for conduct that happened before its 2009 bankruptcy. /. at least 13 deaths have been linked to a faulty ignition switch that can knock out the vehicle's engine.. steering, .brakes and air bags. / about 2.6 million GM cars are being recalled

two people are dead...More than 290 people are still missing as searchers scour an area off South Korea's southern coast where a ferry sank with 459 people aboard. Most of the passengers were high school students on a trip. .

Five of the six Republicans running against U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham are meeting in a debate in Aiken. The Aiken Republican Club is sponsoring today's debate, which will take place after the club's luncheon in downtown Aiken. Graham will not attend.

Miley Cyrus has been hospitalized. A spokeswoman says the singer had a severe allergic reaction to antibiotics and had to cancel a concert in Kansas City, Missouri, last night. Cyrus is on medical rest on the advice of her doctors. / Cyrus called off a show in Charlotte last week because she had the flu. .

Greenville County deputies announced a traffic enforcement blitz … to target impaired drivers and people not wearing their seatbelt.
It was CBS' sixth straight weekly win in prime-time viewers.

The network had 15 of the top 20 shows, led by the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship game #2 ABC followed by NBC and Fox.
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a cold front is moving in- it'll get really windy,,,with temps dropping into the low 30s for the Upstate and mid 20s in the mountains/ a freeze warning has been issued for overnight/

The income tax deadline is tonight at midnight/ The IRS says about three-fourths of filers get refunds/

/ About 12 million taxpayers ,filed for a 6 month extensions …
… if you owe the IRS… money ../there are penalties for filing late…you're charged a percentage of what you owe, and late fees pile up quickly../get help at

Sources say BassPro Shops, is looking at Spartanburg near BMW for a new store …Local officials have been courting the ourtdoor retailer for about seven years. …according to-- go

Clemson quarterback Chad Kelly was dismissed from the team on Monday for conduct detrimental to the program/

on the singing competition "The Voice…"Delvin Choice, who lives in Greenville and works in Anderson, has moved on to the top 12- he is on Team Adam

.tax day freebies and discounts – available from – arbys, bonefish grill, hardees, and sonic, visit their websites for coupons

a new law in SC will require more people convicted of driving under the influence… to install a device… that won't let their vehicles start …if the drivers have been drinking.

Maryland is now the 17th state in the U.S. to decriminalize …the possession of small amounts of marijuana starting in October.

Passover began at sundown yesterday, the 8 day holiday involves family, and prayer/ commemorating the exodus of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt under the leadership of Moses

Read more here:

, Read more:

/Coach swinney said Kelly was to our program,/ likely it was a verbal altercation he had with coaches at the spring game over the weekend/ theres now a 2-way competition for starting QB… Cole Stoudt and freshman Deshaun Watson.

Someone is randomly shooting cows and bulls .. in union county - a reward being offered for info that leads to an arrest in the case./ call Union County Crimestoppers with info

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Tuesday April 15th @sgntias Gossip Blog

Does Ice Cube have beef with the late Paul Walker? STORY HERE!!

Michael Phelps is coming out of retirement...LOOK!!

Is Selena Gomez over Justin Bieber's antics...AGAIN!?

How many different jobs has James Franco had!? SEE THE LIST!!

Taylor Swift surprised a fan...AT HER BRIDAL SHOWER!!

Ariana tweeted about getting a bone removed from her head...BUT, IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK!!

Heather Morris will be making her return to Glee...FIND OUT WHEN!!

You have to watch Leonardo DiCaprio dancing at Coachella...VIDEO HERE!!

See if Falvor Flav will be going to jail...OVER HERE!!


A drunk guy climbs a fence with a surprising ending.

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A possible home invasion …on Greenland Road in Anderson yesterday about 2:30 Sunday morning/ the home owner shot and killed the suspected prowler. .. Leandus Pickens, 28, of Columbia/. the home owner and victim did know one another.

The income tax deadline is tomoro at midnight/ because of budget cuts at the agency Taxpayer services are suffering, … with millions of phone calls to the IRS going unanswered./ get help at

Tops At the box office this weekend - - ``Captain America: The Winter Soldier''/. ``Rio 2'' debuted at number 2. `/` supernatural horror film. Oculus'' placed third

35- Bubba Watson , a University of Georgia product,…got his second Masters win in three years.

Theres still the opp for you to play in the project HOPE Invitational Golf Tournament on Monday april 28. …An Evening of HOPE Gala Dinner fundraiser for the autism community.. is the 27th..- details at project hope

Greenville County deputies announced a traffic enforcement blitz …to start today…to target impaired drivers and people not wearing their seatbelt.

The "Blood Moon," is slated for tomoro– The rare sight of the red –orange..,moon …will also feature a lunar eclipse…that begins at 2 a.m. /Totality around 3 a.m

About 12 million taxpayers ,so far, have requested extensions …giving them an extra 6 months to file. /

for Journalism's highest the Pulitzer Prize.will be awarded today/

Sony is advising consumers …to quit using some models… of its VA-IO laptops/. The non-removable battery pack can overheat..dont plug it in… the packs could burn the laptop's housing /saony says it''ll announce a fix in a couple of weeks

``The Hunger Games: Catching Fire'' wins movie of the year at the MTV Movie Awards./ stars Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence …won best performer honors
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Monday April 14th @sgntias Gossip Blog

The MTV Movie Awards were last night...CHECK OUT THE WINNERS!!

Check out who crashed Seth Rogen's SNL monologue...VIDEO HERE!!

Outkast's entire set from Coachella...IS STREAMING ONLINE!!

Katy Perry says selfies are a "disease"? MORE HERE!!

Johnny Depp was subpeonad in a murder case...STORY HERE!!

Find out how much money Miley Cyrus made last year...OVER HERE!!

See Khloe Kardashian getting confetti-bombed...BY A CLOWN!!

The final book from the Divergent triology...WILL BE SPLIT INTO TWO MOVIES!!

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter got married over the weekend...LOOK!!

Kate Upton says she wishes...SHE HAD SMALLER BOOBS!?

Mike Myers and his wife had their second child...OVER THE WEEKEND!!

TRENDING VIDEO OF THE DAY: Bryan Cranston Reprised His "Breaking Bad" Character to Help a Kid Ask a Girl to Prom

On Thursday, a 17-year-old from California named Stefan Montana waited for BRYAN CRANSTON outside his Broadway show in New York, and asked him to help ask a girl to PROM. Stefan had an iPad, and asked him to record a video message where he said the girl should, quote, "tread lightly" if she doesn't say yes. Which was a reference to something Walt said to Hank in season five of "Breaking Bad".

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New jobs – gunmaker palmetto state armory… in Lexington is hiring 300 people..
Fountain Inn became the latest city in the Upstate to pass a ban on texting while driving /The ban will go into effect in 60 days.

Profits are down…Family Dollar said Thursday it will close hundreds of stores mostly older locations…and lower prices on 1,000 items and stock more food..

The Clemson tigers spring game is Saturday at 4pm/on espnU
The gamecocks –spring game is Saturday at noon in columbia

Greenville golfer…..bill haas is the leader going into todays round at masters/TV coverage on espn starts at 3. Live stream at cbs

On American idol..ashevilles caleb johnson advances to the top 7…As of last night , Caleb's version of the song Faithfully, that he performed on wednesday… was No. 2 on the iTunes rock chart

Wounded warrior family support – sign the new Shelby mustang at Texas roadhouse 5-8 ..a fundriaiser to create smart homes for wounded vets.

Its the most sought-after fashion item among the kindergarten set. he Princess Elsa dress from the Walt Disney Co. (DIS) hit "Frozen,"Stores across the U.S. are sold out, and originals are being offered for as much as $1,600

The IRS paid out nearly $4 billion to people using stolen identities in 2012./ the thieves have evaded detection lately by getting refunds loaded onto prepaid debit cards instead of receiving them by check.

Google will sell the ``Explorer'' version of Google Glass on April 15. Cost is $1,500

An Oklahoma City teen found a teardrop-shaped …yellow diamond the only public diamond-producing site in the U.S. …in Murfreesboro, Ark …at almost 4 carats..its about the size of a jelly bean..and sold for$20,000 ..that shell use toward college..
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