New York City has its first case of Ebola. The patient is an emergency room doctor who had traveled to West Africa to treat Ebola patients in Guinea/

It's the 20th anniversary of the Susan Smith case…She she reported her 2 young children …Michael and Alex …as missing on Oct 25th 1994 / nine days later…… Smith admitted driving a car into John D. Long Lake.. with her two children inside…, killing them/ . Smith is in prison, serving two life sentences.

A new schedule and route for The free downtown grenville trolly –it takes you to the childrens museum =art museum and library on weekends only/and there are designated stops- now- marked by signs at ride green link .com

Weekend events- the spinx run..downtown Greenville / the sptnbg buddy walk- / granfondo cycling event at hotel domestique in TR…/ the gvl road warriors opening night is tonight at 7/

Football tomoro- USC plays auburn 7;30 on the sec network/ Clemson hosts Syracuse- 7pm on espnu/newberry at UNC Pembroke/north Greenville at carson newman/

The NFL's .. first day game in London. Is sunday…between the Atlanta Falcons and Detroit Lions at Wembley –kickoff 9:30 a.m.

Want to get your hands on some of Halle Berry's lingerie? She is reviving the French - Scandale line - which was started in 1932/ they'll be sold at Target.

- researchers say their study on the latest diet craze - green coffee bean extract not accurate… even Dr. Oz says the study was flawed.

The Ken Burns series The Roosevelts'' is a big hiot- giving PBS its biggest audience in two decades./ That makes it Burns' third most popular film after ``The Civil War'' and ``Lewis & Clark:

US-PS team that won the 1999 Tour de France… Christian Vande Velde, and Kevin Livingston and lance Armstrong will join legendary George hincapie… at hotel domestique in travelers rest .for a 15 to 80 mile race, and family events …on Saturday- info at granfondo hincapie .com -

Lose weight with -- No- Not! ./....The lead researchers – and Dr. Oz…say there were mistakes in the study and have backpedeled
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Bye Bye Honey

It's hard to believe that Here Comes Honey Boo Boo has made stars out of Mama June and her clan.

It's even harder to believe the things that Mama June does.

Now, TMZ is reporting that TLC has cancelled the show because Mama June is dating a registered sex offender.

The guy was put away ten years ago for child molestation.

And here's the worst part - Mama June was dating the guy when it happened, and she knew his victim too.

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Put Some Pittsburgh in Your Mouth - in a Few Days

Primanti Brothers is a legendary sandwich shop in Pittsburgh.

The business started as a vending cart in the 1930s. The founder stuffed all his best ingredients into one sandwich so blue-collar workers could carry everything in one hand.

That was then. Now, Primanti Brothers has announced they’ll be delivering their sandwiches nationwide.

Thanks to a partnership with a new gourmet delivery startup, people can go on-line and order a Primanti’s party pack.

You get a loaf of fresh Italian bread, your choice of pastrami or capicola, provolone, hand-cut French fries, coleslaw, hot sauce, two tomatoes and a Primanti’s T-shirt.

The T-shirt is not edible. At least, I don’t think it is.

Price tag: $109.

No word on the delivery time, but if you order it this morning, you will not have it for lunch today.

Unless you live in Pittsburgh, and then you’re more likely to do pick-up.

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Curses, Hydra, Foiled Again!

A trailer for the 2015 film, Avengers: Age of Ultron "leaked" a little early this week.

It was supposed to hit at the beginning of next week - Tuesday, to be precise, during an episode of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but instead, somehow found its way to the Internet about six days early.


The folks at Marvel Entertainment took it all in stride, and blamed it all on Hydra.

Hydra's the terrorist organization for which many of the bad guys in the Marvelverse work - so why not?
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What Happens in Atlantic City Should Have Stayed in Atlantic City

Tom Bergeron hosted the Miss America Pageant once.

Just once.

He revealed in a recent interview with HuffPostLive that he wasn't asked back because of an "incident."

The "incident" - which wasn't his fault, he says - involved getting a shoulder massage from one of the contestants.

He told her that was a good massage - and she promised a "body massage" if she won.

No big deal - until he told the story on a talk show afterwards.

And just like that, his phone wasn't ringing.

Turns out that HuffPostLive wasn't the first to get the story. Tom told it over a year ago for the Archive of American Television.

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Zach, Brad & 2 Ferns

Zach Galifianakis could be the most underrated fake talk-show host since Jiminy Glick.

He’s had some pretty interesting guests on his show, Between Two Ferns, not the least of whom was Barack Obama.

His most recent guest – who looks more like a hostage in this one – is Brad Pitt, there ostensibly to promote his new movie, Fury. Or Furry, if you’re Zach.

Check it out.

Pretty funny stuff.

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Enjoy Your Flight to Middle Earth

Air New Zealand gets an A+ for ingenuity with its new air safety video.

It uses characters and actual actors from the Lord of the Rings movies - all filmed in New Zealand - to go through the in-flight safety speech normally done live by flight attendants.

Elijah Wood - Frodo Baggins from all three films - appears in the video and sums it up.

Just before Peter Jackson, the director of the films, wraps it up.

Check it out... It's even better if you're an LOTR fan - or a Hobbit.

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Five varsity football players… from Blue Ridge High School… have been suspended after what the Greenville County School District… is calling a "ganging" incident in the locker room last Tuesday ./ described as more than one person confronting another and causing injury …in this case a 9th grader.. / expulsion and Criminal charges are possible,

- all travelers coming into the U.S. .. from… Ebola-stricken… countries;, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea…will now be monitored for 3 weeks../

Todays partial eclipse reaches its peak at 5:45 p.m.—lasting about 2 hours…/ the next solar eclipse over North America… will occur in about three years -- and it will be a more dramatic and rarer total eclipse/.

The Kansas City Royals have evened the World Series with a 7-2 win over the San Francisco Giants. /. Game 3 is Friday night in San Francisco

World class cyclists – including members of the US-PS team that won the 1999 Tour de France… Christian Vande Velde, and Kevin Livingston and lance Armstrong will join legendary George hincapie… at hotel domestique in travelers rest .for a 15 to 80 mile race, and family events …on Saturday- info at granfondo hincapie .com -
and chefs take part in the gran fondo hincapie at Gran fondo starts wed

A Fundraiser tonight to build homes for adults with special needs – is a 70's bash at thornblade club …with live band,food and auction..wyff news 4's-- michael cogdill and his wife jill …are hostiong.. starts at at
an Indiana man Darren Vann..has confessed to killing seven women .and says there are more victims....

A vintage 1976 Apple computer…. one of only 50 made…. in Steve Jobs' garage…. in has sold for $905,000 at auction in New York City … to The Henry Ford museum - its still working and intact

Bank of America is apologizing for double-billing customers who made purchases using Apple' Pay - a new mobile payment service./ you'll get a refund

A court hearing is scheduled for this morning …for suspended …South Carolina…. House Speaker …Bobby Harrell, who prosecutors say misused his office for personal gain.

. Renee Zellweger says the reason she looks so different these days is because she's h
appier. / It wasn't surgery // Some fans say she's ``unrecognizable'' after seeing People magazine photos of the 45-year-old actress at a Hollywood event this week.

New Jersey housewife- Teresa jew-dice is going to jail..for 14 months- no halfway house- / she and husband Joe pleaded guilty …in March… to fraud charges …and filing phony loan applications . …Joe will serve 41 months

in Canada ..a 32-year-old convert …to Islam … shot and killed a soldier guarding a war memorial before… being fatally shot… inside Ottawa's ..Parliament building yesterday/ On Monday, ..a man described as an Islamic State-inspired terrorist …ran over two soldiers… in a parking lot Quebec, killing one of them..

Registered voters who cant wait until Election Day to decide on U.S. Senate and down-ballot races now have the opportunity to vote in person across North Carolina. The 10-day early voting period opens Thursday morning in all 100 counties and runs through midday Nov. 1

Todays partial eclipse reaches its peak at 5:45 p.m.—lasting about 2 hours…/ the next solar eclipse over North America… will occur in about three years -- and it will be a more dramatic and rarer total eclipse/.

USC plays auburn Saturday,,,a 7;30 Kickoff on the sec network/ Clemson hosts Syracuse- 7pm on espnu

Canada's prime minister says the killing of a soldier ...standing guard at an Ottawa war memorial... and another deadly attack two days earlier.... won't intimidate the nation,.... which is part of the anti-Islamic State group coalition./ The gunman was shot and killed inside the Parliament building.

An Associated Press-poll finds there is some level of confidence ...that the U.S. health care system... will work to prevent Ebola ...from spreading in this country./ But --the poll finds some skepticism among Americans asked if they believe their local hospital can safely handle an infected person./ Nine out of 10 also think it's necessary to tighten screening of arrivals from the outbreak zone.

For the well-heeled ...who wish to combine tourism ...with a little touch-up,... Dubai is a rising star/ . The luxury-filled emirate is now racing ahead to dominate the Middle East's plastic surgery market ....with plans to attract half a million medical tourists in six years.... Beirut used to be tops in the region but violence in Syria ....spilling into Lebanon has changed that
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Bizarrely Funny

Shia Labeouf has had more than his share of troubles in the past several months.

And now, Rob Cantor - a singer and songwriter - has penned a tune in tribute to Shia.

Well, not really a tribute.

More an extremely weird and bizarrely funny performance piece - featuring Rob, a couple of choruses, a troupe of dancers and what may be a partial philharmonic orchestra.

Check it out - it's perfect for Halloween.

And make sure you stay until the very end for an unexpected surprise.

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Annoying Then, Annoying Now

Yes, I know, it's hard to believe, but Kim Kardashian was just about as annoying 20 years ago as she is now.

Thanks to Entertainment Tonight, we all get to witness just how annoying, on the video they unearthed from ther eighth-grade graduation.

"My name's Kim Kardashian, I'm the dopest on the ropest person in this class," she says on the video. "I'm dope on the rope, and you should learn my vocabulary."

One of her classmates says, "Define 'dope,' Kim."

And she responds, "Kim is dope."

This is one of those times when jokes simply write themselves...

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