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I've been trying to eat healthy lately by eating salads.   My wife said I was defeating the purpose because of everything I put on my salad.  How do you eat your salad?  There is a recent survey that says 44% of people dribble their dressing(pouring just enough to  top the salad, 39% are swimmers ( cover the salad up with dressing) and 13% are dunkers ( dressing on the side).  However 4% don't even use dressing.  WHAT!  thats just crazy talk.  I have got to have dressing to cover up the taste of the lettuce, tomato's and cucumbers etc.  While you are at it put bacon bits on it and cheese along with the dressing to make it eatable.  I had a friend who was at a salad bar and he accidentally put butterscotch puddin' on his salad.  You should have scene his face.  He didn't like it but I bet I would.  Be careful at the salad bar.  Have a great day Hawk

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07/22/2009 10:47AM
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