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political parties

hi, I'm getting ready to go to a political fundraiser at North American Rescue. I love attending events like this because I can meet the cadidates and see what they are all about. I take politics seriously. Its important to know who you are voting for and what they stand for. Plus, they are usually great parties! I became more involved in politics because a friend of mine, Gresham Barrett is a candidate for Governor. I am really proud to be supporting him. He is a good leader, a dedicated family man and has powerful ideas for moving SC into more prosperity by creating jobs with an emphasis on education. I hope you will get to know him and vote for Gresham Barrett. His wife,Natalie,is a dear friend. You would like her. She is very kind,funny and is a great mom. have a great night. and listen tomoro morning - we're giving more hints for the Spinx free gas for a year contest!( if someone hasnt already won it!) xoxo heidi

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11/19/2009 12:04PM
political parties
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