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B937AlltheHits: Gotta wear a court ordered ankle bracelet? Listen and find out what one guy did to escape..


Justin has his Calvins and Tom has his Hanes.  Who wears it better?

Torture Tuesday - Kato eats an onion

Kato eats an onion like an apple for Torture Tuesday.  He said he LOVED onions, so we put him to the test.  After, he said he was going to have to cut onions out of his diet for a while.  Haha.


Retired Marine Gets $70,000 Homecoming Surprise

When Sgt. Jacinto Bernardo came back to the United States from Okinawa after serving as a Marine for 21 years, he was already shocked when his friend showed up in a limo at the airport. But when the limo stopped in front of his house, he walked out, and started sobbing to see his once-humble house in Suisun City, Calif., had gotten a $70,000 face lift.

A Random in studio moment with Kato Keller

Reese's Bottom Cheesecake

Check out this no-bake dessert..  If you happen to make these, we would LOVE to taste test them for you..  Ha!  

Hawk & Tom host an intimate evening with MKTO

The Hawk and Tom Show hosted an acoustic intimate evening with MKTO at the Childrens Museum.  This was an invite only event for BVIP's.  Click HERE to see the photos.

See the photos from the Hawk and Tom Prom

VOTE: for Delvin Choice on The Voice

When voting starts - click this link for all ways to vote:

Kato Goes Turky Bowling..

The Hawk & Tom Show Rides A Mechanical Bull..

Torture Tuesday - Duct Tape Strength Test


Fourth Of July Torture Tuesday

Hawk and Heidi set off thousands of bottle rockets, missles and roman candles toward Kato for the first ever Bottlerocket Badmitton.  Take a look at the video.

Kato is the human Christmas lights display.

Hawk & Tom complained that Woodruff Rd. didn't have enough Christmas decorations, so they sent Kato up a telephone pole wrapped in lights.  After about 30 minutes, Kato had to be cut down because he was beginning to have problems breathing.  Here's a pic followed by the video shot by Jessica Drew at Scene on 7.


Kato gets his flu shot in the drive-thru

Kato gives cheap massages for Torture Tuesday

Torture Tuesday - Kato tries on clothes in the middle of Costco


Torture Tuesday - 4th of July 2010

Special thanks to Charlie's Fireworks Superstore in Travelers Rest, South Carolina for supplying us with some outrageous Roman Candles for this torture Tuesday.  We dressed Kato up in a fireman's suit and turned him into a moving target as we attacked him with a massive barrage of fireworks.  The video is crazy.  If you want fireworks like this, check out 

Charlie's Fireworks Superstore 
3019 North Highway 25 Travelers Rest, SC 29690-8544 Phone: (864) 834-3443.


Torture Tuesday - Fast Food Rap!

It is all over YouTube™ and we decided to try it ourselves.  Heidi and Kato went to a couple of fast food restaurants here in the Upstate and rap their order at the drivethrough.  The folks at Hardees thought it was pretty cool!  CLICK HERE to see the lyrics that Kato wrote the night before.


Their second attempt wasn't appreciated so much... the manager came out and told them to be on their way!

Torture Tuesday - The Waffle House Rap

 We had such a success with rapping at the drive-through, we decided to try it INSIDE a Waffle House!

Torture Tuesday - Christmas Carols at Waffle House

 We decided to try a "flash mob" style Christmas Caroling  Torture Tuesday at the Waffle House on Roper Mountain Road.  Kato, Heidi and three interns went to the Waffle House in different cars and sat all around the Waffle House, then Kato started to sing and the others joined in and the rest of the customers were underwhelmed...


Torture Tuesday - Excessive Chest Hair Man

 Kato shaved his chest (and apparently all his "other" body hair) and brought it in to Tom as a "Locks of Love" donation so that Tom could experience having chest hair like a real man.  Tom glued the hair on his chest and went out to see if anyone would comment...

Here is a video of Tom applying the chest hair:



And here is video of Tom going out to see what people think about his chest hair surgery:


Torture Tuesday - A Nerd in Love

 We sent Kato out dressed as a nerd with flowers and chocolates to tell a stranger that he has been in love with her for some time.  She seemed ok with that as long as he was handing out flowers and candy!



Torture Tuesday - Kato Uses His Head While Bowling!

We sent Kato out for some SUPER BOWLING this week at Wade Hampton Lanes.  He went bowling without a bowling ball so he used his head instead.




A pic of Heidi in college

Kato is asking for your vote for the Slumber Party

Torture Tuesday - Licking a Frozen Flagpole!

 We watched the 24 hour marathon of "A Christmas Story" over the holidays and decided to make Kato try and get his tongue stuck to a frozen flagpole outside Perkins on Woodruff Road.  Guess what?  It works!!!


Torture Tuesday - Kato Rides Through a Brushless Car Wash!

We sent Kato to the Wash Me Car Wash on Butler Road to ride in the back of a pickup truck through the brushless car wash and get "the works!"  Did we mention it was 34 degrees outside?  Check out the video here!


Torture Tuesday - Football Head!

Everyone is talking about football this week, for some reason or another? Wink, wink.  So we decided to do a Torture Tuesday, competition style.  Heidi and Tom took turns throwing a football at Kato's head to see who could knock a champagne bottle off the top of his helmet.

Torture Tuesday - Indian Leg Wrestling

Kato gets an indoor tan wearing a two-piece



Heidi Finally Eats Meat


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