Justin has his Calvins and Tom has his Hanes.  Who wears it better?

Torture Tuesday - Kato eats an onion

Kato eats an onion like an apple for Torture Tuesday.  He said he LOVED onions, so we put him to the test.  After, he said he was going to have to cut onions out of his diet for a while.  Haha.


A Random in studio moment with Kato Keller

Hawk & Tom host an intimate evening with MKTO

The Hawk and Tom Show hosted an acoustic intimate evening with MKTO at the Childrens Museum.  This was an invite only event for BVIP's.  Click HERE to see the photos.

See the photos from the Hawk and Tom Prom

Kato Goes Turky Bowling..

The Hawk & Tom Show Rides A Mechanical Bull..

Kato is the human Christmas lights display.

Hawk & Tom complained that Woodruff Rd. didn't have enough Christmas decorations, so they sent Kato up a telephone pole wrapped in lights.  After about 30 minutes, Kato had to be cut down because he was beginning to have problems breathing.  Here's a pic followed by the video shot by Jessica Drew at Scene on 7.


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