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Tuesday April 15th @sgntias Gossip Blog

Does Ice Cube have beef with the late Paul Walker? STORY HERE!!

Michael Phelps is coming out of retirement...LOOK!!

Is Selena Gomez over Justin Bieber's antics...AGAIN!?

How many different jobs has James Franco had!? SEE THE LIST!!

Taylor Swift surprised a fan...AT HER BRIDAL SHOWER!!

Ariana tweeted about getting a bone removed from her head...BUT, IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK!!

Heather Morris will be making her return to Glee...FIND OUT WHEN!!

You have to watch Leonardo DiCaprio dancing at Coachella...VIDEO HERE!!

See if Falvor Flav will be going to jail...OVER HERE!!


A drunk guy climbs a fence with a surprising ending.

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Monday April 14th @sgntias Gossip Blog

The MTV Movie Awards were last night...CHECK OUT THE WINNERS!!

Check out who crashed Seth Rogen's SNL monologue...VIDEO HERE!!

Outkast's entire set from Coachella...IS STREAMING ONLINE!!

Katy Perry says selfies are a "disease"? MORE HERE!!

Johnny Depp was subpeonad in a murder case...STORY HERE!!

Find out how much money Miley Cyrus made last year...OVER HERE!!

See Khloe Kardashian getting confetti-bombed...BY A CLOWN!!

The final book from the Divergent triology...WILL BE SPLIT INTO TWO MOVIES!!

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter got married over the weekend...LOOK!!

Kate Upton says she wishes...SHE HAD SMALLER BOOBS!?

Mike Myers and his wife had their second child...OVER THE WEEKEND!!

TRENDING VIDEO OF THE DAY: Bryan Cranston Reprised His "Breaking Bad" Character to Help a Kid Ask a Girl to Prom

On Thursday, a 17-year-old from California named Stefan Montana waited for BRYAN CRANSTON outside his Broadway show in New York, and asked him to help ask a girl to PROM. Stefan had an iPad, and asked him to record a video message where he said the girl should, quote, "tread lightly" if she doesn't say yes. Which was a reference to something Walt said to Hank in season five of "Breaking Bad".

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Fry-day April 11th @sgntias gossip blog

Stephen Colbert will take over The Late Show...AFTER DAVID LETTERMAN RETIRES!!

See why Craig Ferguson isn't that upset...THAT HE'S NOT REPLACING LETTERMAN!!

Watch Emma Stone sing The Spice Girls...AND THEN MEET HER IDOL MEL C!!

Selena Gomez fired her mom and dad...STORY HERE!!

See a video of Ellen giving Pharrell...A REALLY, REALLY BIG HAT!!

President Obama wants nothing to do...WITH KIM KARDASHIAN!!

Did Amanda Bynes mother take her off her meds? UT OH!!

Are those Kris Jenner Playboy rumors true? MORE HERE!!

Joe Jonas says "we all saw it coming"...REGARDING JUSTIN BIEBER'S DOWNFALL!!

Hilary Duff is calling off her divorce...LOOK!!

TRENDING VIDEO OF THE DAY: A Woman in Rio got mugged while doing an interview about an increase in Muggings.

On Wednesday, a news crew in Rio de Janeiro was interviewing a woman about the increasing number of robberies there. And in the middle of the interview a guy ran by and tried to steal the woman's gold necklace right off her NECK. It's hard to tell in the video, but the necklace snapped, and the mugger dropped it. So luckily, she got it back.

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Thursday April 10th @sgntias Gossip Blog

Rihanna goes bottomless for a photo shoot...SEE THE PICTURES!!

Ellen and Rob Lowe kissed on her show...WATCH THE VIDEO!!

The lawyer for Amanda Bynes cleared up some rumors...SEE WHAT SHE SAID!!

Julia Louis-Dreyfus got naked for Rolling Stone...SEE THE COVER!!

Watch Lindsay Lohan and Letterman prank call Oprah...VIDEO HERE!!

Are Katie Holmes and Jason Segel dating!? FIND OUT IF THE RUMORS ARE TRUE!!

Is Johnny Depp's fiance pregnant? LOOK!!

Nominees for the Billboard Music Awards...HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED!!

Big Sean's engagement has been called off...MORE HERE!!

Did Alec Baldwin go on another...HOMOPHOBIC RANT!?

Finally some good press for Shia LeBeouf...OVER HERE!!


There's a video making the rounds of an old woman riding her first ROLLER COASTER. And she can't stop laughing because she LOVES it so much. It's part of a marketing campaign called "Firsts" for the British cell phone carrier, Vodafone.

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Wednesday April 9th @sgntias Gossip Blog

Could Kimye's wedding plans be ruined? STORY HERE!!


Kirstie Alley defended herself...FOR USING THE TERM "CIRCUS FAT" IN HER JENNY CRAIG AD!!

Check out an eye opening interview...FROM MILEY CYRUS IN ELLE MAGAZINE!!

Ed Sheeran talks about his new LP...OVER HERE!!


Ellie Goulding tells Cosmo...SHE WON'T PUT MEN ON A PEDESTAL!!

Jessie J wants you to know...HER BEING BISEXUAL WAS "JUST A PHASE"!!


A video of a Dutch reporter falling off a boat during an interview is making the rounds online. There's a good chance it was staged though since it kind of looks like she meant to fall. What do you think?

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Tuesday April 8th @sgntias Gossip Blog

Has Justin Bieber been BANNED by Miami's biggest nightclubs? STORY HERE!!

Rob Lowe shares his take on Justin Bieber...OVER HERE!!

Ed Sheeran released a new song yesterday...TAKE A LISTEN!!

Scarlett Johansson wants us all to stop doing something...SEE WHAT IT IS!!

See Miley's new dog...PICTURES HERE!!

Barbara Walters announced the final time she'll appear...ON THE VIEW!!

Kirstie Alley is getting backlash...BECAUSE OF THIS JENNY CRAIG AD!!

25 year-old Peaches Geldof...HAS PASSED AWAY...

A "Gremlins" sequel could be in the works...LOOK!!

Kevin Federline is a father again...FOR THE SIXTH TIME!!


A video of a two-year-old experiencing her first drive-thru CAR WASH is making the rounds. And it's funny to watch, because obviously she's not in any actual danger. But for her, it's TERRIFYING, and she keeps covering her head with a blanket.

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Monday April 7th @sgntias Gossip Blog

Mickey Rooney passed away....HE WAS 93...

Is Rihanna pregnant? STORY HERE!!


If you hated the "How I Met Your Mother" finale...THEY'RE MAKING AN ALTERNATE ENDING!!

Could Chelsea Handler be headed to CBS? LOOK!!

Have topless photos of Demi Lovato...BEEN LEAKED ONLINE!?

Snooki is pregnant with her second child...SEE HER ANNOUNCEMENT!!

Did you see Anna Kendrick on SNL? WATCH THE VIDEO!!

Is a "Goonies" sequel happening? MORE HERE!!

Rob Lowe says there's prejudice against good looking peopel? UHHHHH!!


I'm not sure where this happened, but there's a video going around of a college professor who makes students answer calls on speakerphone if their phone rings during class. Or at least that USED to be his policy. Because for April Fools' Day, one of his female students had a friend call her during class and pretend to give her the results from a PREGNANCY TEST. Then she revealed it was a prank by telling the teacher she planned to name the kid "April Fools."

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Friday April 4th @sgntias gossip blog

David Letterman announced when he's going to retire...LOOK!!

Who will replace David Letterman? SEE SOME NAMES!!

Did James Franco try to pick up an underage girl...ON INSTAGRAM!?

In case you were curious why Lorde doesn't smile in pictures...HERE'S YOUR ANSWER!!

Is Selena Gomez involved with Orlando Bloom? BIEBS WOULD NOT BE HAPPY!!

Someone launched a petition...TO CHANGE THE SERIES FINALE FOR HIMYM!!


Find out why 2 Chainz was arrested...OVER HERE!!

Nick Cannon spilled some interesting secrets about Mariah Carey...STORY HERE!!

Is former Bachelor Juan Pablo cheating on his girlfriend already!? MORE HERE!!


The odds of this are ridiculous. But there's a video online that apparently shows a skydiver almost getting hit by a METEORITE during a jump. Or at least that's what experts THINK it was. It happened in 2012, but the skydiver didn't realize it until he watched the video recently.

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Thursday April 3rd @sgntias Gossip Blog

Ed Sheeran sang to a dying fan...MOMENTS BEFORE SHE PASSED AWAY...

Is Miley Cyrus pregnant? SEE IF THE RUMORS ARE TRUE!!

Will Leonardo DiCaprio perform...WITH A SWEDISH METAL BAND!?

Did Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin...HAVE AN OPEN MARRIAGE!?

Will Michael Strahan be joining...GOOD MORNING AMERICA!?

Lana Del Rey put a new song out...LISTEN HERE!!

Does Khloe Kardashian have a new man? LOOK!!

TRENDING VIDEO OF THE DAY: did a prank with the guy who does voiceovers for movie trailers and the 'Honest Trailers' videos series. They put him in charge of a fast food DRIVE-THRU. And the results are awesome.

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Wednesday April 2nd @sgntias Gossip Blog

Which celebrity did Rihanna reject? FIND OUT HERE!!

Miley Cyrus got Avril Lavigne to help her play an April Fools prank...SEE WHAT IT WAS!!

Did Miley Cyrus pose for a sexy Snapchat with a fan in bed? SEE IT HERE!!

See how Katy Perry is getting over John Mayer...OVER HERE!!

Kaley Cuoco admits to Cosmo...WHAT SHE'S OBSESSED WITH!!

O-Town got back together...LOOK!!

Watch Kim Kardashian get "attacked" by an elephant...IN THIS GIF!!

Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd from The View...WENT TOPLESS!!

Farrah Abraham is going to write a trio...OF EROTIC NOVELS!?


A mother posted a video of her daughter finding out she's been accepted to Harvard to Youtube and it has started to go viral. Obviously she's super excited and is freaking out, but it's what happens at the very end that you won't see coming that makes this video great!

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