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 JOBS in northeast Georgia - King's Hawaiian Bread.. will hire 450 people after expansion of their facility  in Oakwood. .

. The university of Connecticut won the  NCAA   title/… 60-54  over Kentucky  last night/ tonight ..the undefeated UConn women play undefeated Notre Dame …for the women's title /

/ a 29-year veteran of the greenvile plice force…. Major Mike Gambrell will become interim  chief …after Terri Wilfong… leaves the force …next week/ gambrel says – he’s  been dreaming about …being Chief , since he’s been  little boy…and he says.. "I hope it becomes permanent."

Former Pres bill Clinton speaks at the peace center this evening..a fundraiser for the riley center at Furman

The price of limes – is at a 3 year high..unrest by Mexican drug cartels, rain in california..demand for margaritas..has caused a spike in prices..(37-56) Airlines and other businesses have stopped serving a lime with beverage…

last night --At the last minute- Miley Cyrus  canceled her charlotte show – the concert promoter said she has the flu- Ticketmaster said the show will not be rescheduled.

as of today, no more Windows XP security updates or fixes…Microsoft says that is putting industry and consumers …using the 12 year old system, in danger of hackers./  

Only 2 of 9 …midsize ..SUVs have gotten the highest crash test rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Those were the Chevy Equinox and the GMC Terrain, both GM vehicles. /  SUVs Earning a  ``poor'' rating: the Kia Sorento, Mazda CX-9 and Honda Pilot.

anti-tech tension  is brewing in san francisco- / Some residents in san franc... are blaming rising rent and living costs... on hi-paid teckies.../car tipping is the result- protesters or pranksters are turnign over tiny smart cars..police are invstigating
Voice, winner - '' Cassadee Pope, will sing the national anthem before the NCAA women's basketball championship game
UConn  held off a late Kentucky run.. to win the NCAA men's basketball national championship 60-54/the undefeated UConn women play undefeated Notre Dame …for the women's title tonight
Microsoft support for Windows XP ends today. / no more security updates or fixes…putting industry and consumers …using the 12 year old system, in danger of hackers./
The daughter of Irish musician Bob Geldof… was found dead at her home in near London/, the unexplained sudden death of 25 Peaches Geldof  is being investigfated/
``See Tracks? Think Train''! that’s part of a new ad campaign designed to highlight the dangers of trains./ .theres an increase in train related deaths – that may be caused by distractions like smartphones and other tech devices
The Federal Trade Commission says it's taking action against the operators of a website called Jerk.com. / the website harvested personal information from Facebook to create profiles labeling people a ``Jerk'' or ``not a Jerk''. Consumers were then told they could pay $30 to revise the online profile but got nothing in return. The FTC is asking an administrative law court to halt the company's actions and have it delete improperly obtained information.
A quick skateboard ride down a hill, left a Travl rest teen with serious head injuries..allexx terry ..suffered a skull fracture and brain bruise..,/ Sunday he was brought out of a medically induced coma./ .his family says he has a long road to recovery and they urge skateboarders and bikers to wear a helmet. /help with medical bills.. at give forward.com for alex terry
Today marks exactly one month since Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 disappeared, a significant date because the battery life for locator beacons on the black boxes ..last only about 30 days/ . Officials say search crews have heard only silence today as they try to relocate faint beacon sounds heard deep in the Indian Ocean over the weekend..

 Researchers say they've succeeded in getting three paralyzed men to stand and move their toes or legs, duplicating results three years ago on another man whose spinal cord was zapped with electricity. The researchers are quick to point out this is not a cure and the men can't walk, but doctors say it is promising.

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04/08/2014 8:51AM
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