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What a Week!

 Wow, what a week!  Celebrities dropping like flies (which is a dumb thing to say because the flies at my house seem to be doing just fine - not sure why they have a reputation for "dropping."), Mark Sanford's most personal secrets revealed and the Fourth of July is almost here.  There is so much to talk about, I hope you have been listening for the latest on all these things on the show each morning.  If not, here's a quick summary of the big news for this week: Ed MacMahon, passed away at age 86 of cancer.  Sad, but at that age you have to start figuring you are going to die of something.  At least we hear he had gotten out of debt before he passed. Farrah Fawcett passed away at age 62 of cancer also.  She had been in the news for trying some alternative treatments in Germany.  Cancer is a lousy deal.  We don't really have a cure for it and when it gets down to the wire people will try anything to see if it works.  And yes, I had one of her posters on my wall growing up. Michael Jackson died at age 50.  Surprise death, caught everyone off guard and we're still not sure what caused it.  Some people see it as the passing of the King of Pop and others have called in and said we were praising a child molester.  Certainly different takes on that one.  Also, I saw where the Police took a bunch of prescription drugs out of his house and they are investigating where the drugs came from - lots of Oxycontin and other painkillers.  I can barely get my doctor to write me pain relievers that I need for migraines.  How do people get large quantities of this stuff anyway? The REAL LOSER in this deal is Joe Jackson, who looks like the worlds biggest jerk ever to live as he uses his son's untimely death to promote his new record company.  Makes you think the allegations of abuse were probably on the mark.  What a worthless human being. Billy Mays also died at age 50.  First thought was that it was a subdural hematoma after a hard plane landing caused some baggage to fall from the overhead compartment and hit his head but the autopsy shows and enlarged heart and heart disease.  So probably just a plain old heart attack.  Bummer. He was quite the salesman and I'm sure you all remember the OxyClean and Orange Glo commercials that he did over the years.  Lately he had been pimping that "Mighty Putty" where you can pull a 30,000 lb. truck with it.  I've got some of that Mighty Putty but I haven't got the truck to try that yet.  I think you can fix a coffee cup with it too, so I might break a coffee cup to try that. And finally our buddy Mark Sanford - governor of South Carolina (as I write this) caught on an amorous Argentinian trip instead of an arduous Appalachian hike.  I think he needs to step down.  I voted for him, I liked his policies but I think this scandal is going to undermine his ability to lead.  Every day we learn more about other infidelities and we have more questions about whether he used taxpayer money to fund his trips to see his girlfriend(s) and it makes South Carolina look bad and he has to spend all his time deflecting accusations instead of running the state.  Mark, you really let us down.  I thought you were going to be President and I was ready to vote for you, but now you just seem like every other ego-driven politician. Also, my wife would have kicked my butt to the curb and she WOULD NOT be welcoming me back.  So I guess that I am a little jealous of Mark for being able to play around that much and his wife is still willing to take him back - and he still keeps talking about that other woman in Argentina as his "soul mate."  Did I mention my wife would kick my butt if I tried that crap?  It defies comprehension.  Politicians and rich people live different lives than you and me.

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06/30/2009 3:17PM
What a Week!
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