Friday, February 17th

Wanna know how you can get rid of your deodorant and never buy it again?  Listen, Tom will tell you how to get rid of those stinky armpits..


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Perry is tired it's been a five bucks to stick on deodorant is not really maybe it's not working now well Florio's. I mean I will say this my idea overdosed leaves some of those pit stains like you know if you used over and over again put too much deodorant on cellular like Johns. On my shirts and the homeland you don't use semesters to let you. Right amount. Who don't want a stink. And some people use deodorant it doesn't work form they try it just does that work there is stink is so strong that they can't beat it down I want only his views on one arm. Rwanda's smells of that that's weird how did you your. Don't ask me ask her district is. Now in every walk of I ask you know why I am not against you can DM you only have one eye contact list true in then. When contact in arms are yeah. And I can't. OK let's move on another topic because I want to tell people how they can get rid the odor at all and for ever good at once and for raw. And it's kind of freaky how they did this they found some people who had disgusting smelling arm pits. And they got them together and team them up and they started off with a identical twins one who had stinky armpit of one who didn't. But they moved on to just people who work related to detest this. And they found another group of people who had aren't hits that didn't smell bad. They took the armed hits wet from the people who did not stink. And they swabbed it liberally on to the arm pits of the people who did stink. And over a period of a week of doing this he got rid of this date on the people with the smelly armpits. They've basically. Moved to the bacteria from the non stinky person. On to the sticky person's arm pits and that bacteria upbeat out the smelly armpits stinky bacteria. And took over and they non stinky armpit bacteria and now they're Pitts don't stink anymore. Today so that makes you who lives there now you have it did but they had bacteria before they had stinky bacteria before. Now they have not stinky bacteria if you wanna bring my life in and get that one good karma for all of us who just rubber arm and that's he's. And I your French kiss with a armed hot shots that actually take in the good arm to hit a news that's led on the bad what is she might could've gotten rid of it needn't it is at all and she has her own donor armpits wet. Yes she doesn't have to Wear a lot of Dieldrin all my wife it's. She's like I don't know what it is about her armpits they just don't smell them. So it's good. There are laser treatments he can get to the help with these not only not growing hair but it smelled it. This is that's who we're conversational like you're quite fond of that one arm but I'd like to brag on and. I they are few other transplants today. You all don't even sorry because I'm afraid aren't sorry anytime allies thought our kids don't stink I wonder what else he thinks senators don't stay around well I mean when you transplant the bacteria. The on the our bid slightest knowledge they used a big cotton swab is only it does is rub rub it on their real good they did it for like a week for a whole week in this over that next period over a month. That person's arm pits didn't smell anymore I'm a still tell us how to kill her and smell armpits let's find out how the things now well I've got here. I'm pretty sure I don't stage. Now to Sarah tennis Millman zone. They'd do better body parts to it balance sound that bacteria keeps you and other things what are you talking about at and T. Is that fecal been my V train hard and go there are. It's a procedure you in the next is hers and her parents won a nasty stolen we yeah. You think the balance in certain areas he looks like armpits stink would be eager donors like you want to be your donor are always armed and it's still a target early. Like it intimately pit right now I'm likely to hear what he's talking about pain in late. Behind you need mine you need is or is is defeated by your need to be like doing on the other side here Alba. Yeah. Armpit is weird like the bottom here that's what I think your leg my kit to ultimately put it might have. Op sprayed a bit higher than elected. Denton that burned a little bit at first but it seems to you know and toddlers and was the I just fallacy that smelled. Ray was on an. And I are good idea the volunteers on that donor list. That's because she's the one who says that the donors things she wants to do I just wanted to help about people who smelled bad on their arm pits today OK all you gotta do is fine facility doesn't stink and rubber arm pits with each other days like armed and I found actually that is a bad idea you might actually get their stinky stuff bruises that use the cotton swabs not a matter -- it.