Rejection, Dancin' & one BIG WIN!

March 20, 2017

     This weekend is going to go down as one of the best in my life and all the credit goes to March Madness coming to Greenville!  Sure, many people complained the week before about the traffic that would come with the reported 42,000 fans and even my Mema was concerned for my safety but the flood of new people is what MADE it so amazing!  Let me give a little credit to it being St. Patty’s weekend because of course, everyone was in a very festive mood and dancing around, which that alone will make anyone feel amazing! Don’t believe me, just pop your hips side to side.  Add music to that and bam, happiness.

     But don’t think that everything was peaches and roses, or whatever the saying is.  A guy that I’ve been crushing on hung out with me all night and ended my St. Patty’s by saying he wasn’t interested in me at all.  Rejected in the purest form but I’m gonna say that was me finding the four leaf clover I had been looking for all day.  See, you can always do better in life and that’s a saying straight from my heart.  Honestly, I couldn’t have been scraped at a better time because I had thousands of tourists to show the beautiful city of Greenville to, and boy did I!  I got real close to girls from Orlando and DC and then hung out with boys from Canada and Boston.  They loved my southern accent and I loved theirs just as much! 

    I can honestly say, I am nothing but smiles over all the new people I met and saw!  The next time we have a huge event, I encourage you to get out and adventure around the city but even the small events will make you appreciate the charm Greenville has to offer.  For instance, Downtown Alive just started up where you can enjoy a free concert every Thursday starting at 5:30 in Noma Square. Unless it’s cold, you can bet I’ll be there and I hope to meet you!

PS- SHOUTOUT to those Gamecocks for pulling out the W over Duke in the last game for March Madness!  That alone was a BIG WIN but the whole weekend is going down as a complete success for me! Let’s hope it happens again ASAP!