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You know the word "blog" really sounds's  a "blah" with an "og" on the end.   When someone uses the term "blah" I've always thought it meant boring.  Do people really care about what I'm thinking.......I don't think so. But they tell me I will be suprised.  So, I figure if you are sitting here reading this you must be bored.  Ok, Give me a second to think ......ahhh........well........ huh....  well I got nothin'.   Wait! Hold on.  Yeah, I think I've got something for ya.  A thought's coming!  Hold on. Hold on.  Yeah, I definitely think I've got something....... there has to be something in here.  What is it?  It's kinda hard to think about what you are thinking?  Have you ever thought about that?  You know, thought about thinking about what you're thinking? That's what I'm thinking.  Well , that's all I've got right now. I hope you got as much out of this blog as I did.  It's really been theraputic for me. Thanks for reading

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11/23/2009 9:25AM
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