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Wow, I feel like an idiot!

sanfordfamily On the show today I was talking about Mark Sanford's mysterious disappearance and Kato mentioned that some people were saying the Governor might be having an affair.  I started to tell him that was ridiculous, but I thought before I spoke and instead made a more considered remark.  I said, "I don't know Mark Sanford personally, but I would be very surprised if he was having an affair."  Well I guess that I am "very surprised."  I'm even more shocked at how it has played out! We are supposed to believe that Mark Sanford is smarter than the average bear.  He has told us how taking the stimulus money (and not using it to pay down debt) is a bad idea.  Personally I believe he is right about that - but he did a terrible job of selling it to voters.  All anyone saw was "Mark Sanford doesn't want to take 700 million in stimulus money from the government and it will go somewhere else."  He wasn't able to explain that the money is temporary and when it dries up in a couple of years, we will be left with huge expenses from the jobs and programs created by this newfound (borrowed from our grandchildren's tax debt) money and then we will either have to raise taxes dramatically to fund the programs, or fire a bunch of newly-hired people and shut down a bunch of new programs when the money runs out. So Mark was smart enough to see this even though most voters couldn't get past "Hey, the government is offering us free money - take it dude!" How can he be so smart about finances and so dumb about his personal life?  His wife says that she kicked him out of the house two weeks ago in order to draw a line in the sand and hopefully improve their marriage.  Maybe she figured if she threw him out, he'd realize what he was missing and want to come home to his family and quit seeing his mistress.  Instead, he hops the first plane to Argentina and goes off to see his mistress.  He stays gone (and out of touch!) so long that people start asking questions and then comes back and wonders, "What is all the fuss about?" Now he has to confess his infidelity on national TV, resign his position as head of the Republican Governors and see his Presidential plans flushed down the drain. I've heard people say, "He who is without sin, cast the first stone."  Well, what if I haven't done that particular sin?  Can I throw stones then? I'm very disappointed.  I'm also angry.  Another looked-up-to leader, claiming Christianity as an important part of his life has publicily shown my kids that "everyone cheats" and "infidelity is separate from your public life."  Well I don't think that is true and I think Mark should go ahead and resign right now.

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06/24/2009 6:10PM
Wow, I feel like an idiot!
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06/25/2009 4:50AM
Angie Enlow
I totally agree Tom. I have supported Gov. Sanford. I was physically ill while watching the news conference. I was angry and disappointed. I never thought he was going to say what he said. Shame on me for putting so much faith into a human.
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