Why does it rain everytime I wash my car

What a day.  I spent 2 hours washing my car.   Just as I was finishing up it started raining.   Really.....Come on!!!!!!   It took me 30 minutes just to unwind the waterhose and them another 15 to put it back.  I shined up all the tires washed the windows with windex the whole nine yards.   I have decided to just now wash my car anymore unless the yard needs watering.  Also why is it when you plan a day at the pool it always rains.  You know the only way to ensure a warm sunny nice day is to offer to help a friend move or volunteer to drive my mother-in-law to the airport.  The TV weather men should just call me and ask if I am going to wash my car and thats how they could predict rain or shine.......But I'm not bitter I just am a bitter blogger.  Whatever that means....thanks for reading my nonsense...hawk

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06/14/2010 3:09PM
Why does it rain everytime I wash my car
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06/16/2010 6:06AM
Erin McDowell
U STINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
06/16/2010 6:08AM
that stinks. u r awesome and funny.
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