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Who do you follow on Twitter?

Ok, this idea came to me because Just Joe had it as a poll question. But being a poll question, it only had a couple of answer. I'm always looking for someone cool to follow on twitter and I don't want celebs who have someone else twitter for them - I want to hear from that celeb. Here are some that my wife and I follow. She follows Lance Armstrong. He does his own twitters and even has responded to some things she has written him so that is very cool. She also follows Ryan Seacrest and he updates a lot during American Idol and tells some of the things that you will see on that night's show. I am a NASCAR fan and it is hard to find NASCAR drivers that tweet regularly. Juan Pablo Montoya is one driver who does his own tweets and does a lot of them. Ross Kenseth is Matt's son and he is a prolific tweeter! Kevin Harvick and his wife Delana are on twitter as well. I also follow WSPA Channel 7's TV Amy for all my local news - she is on top of any story that is breaking and you can count on her tweets to keep you up to date with local news. So, now I turn it over to you. Who do YOU follow that is cool on twitter? Please post them in the links so we can all check it out!

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08/20/2009 8:20AM
Who do you follow on Twitter?
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