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Valentines Day

Well the big day of love is coming up this weekend.  My 3 year old niece calls it Valentimes  Day.  You know there is a lot of thought that goes into the the valentines gift ladies.  We men suffer for days trying to think of the perfect gift.  So if it is not exactly what you wanted Just smile and say thanks honey .  Last year I got my wife a gift and told her it was the thought that counted and she said well you better think I really didn't laugh out loud on that one.  What is the initial for a little giggle LG.  Anyway just know we are trying even if it is  flowers and a card from Hallmark.  Someone told me that he even got his mother-in-law a valentines day card and flowers.   That just ain't right...  I have to draw the line somewhere.  Hope you have a great Valentimes Day. 

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02/08/2010 1:38PM
Valentines Day
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02/23/2010 6:03AM
Hey Hawk, How are you? It has been about ten years since I sold you. (LOL) OK, don't get nervous, I was an account exec for the station. You introduced me to the station and Ms. Kirkland. Remember, Stephanie and the gang. I see Cato and Heidi still singin on the Bee. Im in ATL and having a ball. Send me a shoutout on the radio and email. It's a shame that you're still a cutie. Best wishes, Sherri
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