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Torture Tuesday Gone Wrong

This past Torture Tuesday didn't go as planned, but do they ever?  Hawk and Tom are always trying to find a way to "Torture" me and yesterday the torture went to a new level.  I was ticketed for being a nuisance and fined $470.  I simply put on some snorkeling gear and jumped into the water fountain at the Hyatt on Main in Downtown Greenville.  The Greenville City Police Department didn't find that too funny, so... Everyone seems to thinks that the ticket AND the fine were ridiculous, but I'm ok with it.  The alternative was going to jail and that's exactly what I thought was going to happen when I was escorted to the back of the police car.  Intern James missed that part while recording the video, but he did get me floping around the fountain AND me talking with the officer.  Make that officers, because several police cars were on the scene.  Am I that much of a threat? Here's the video..   You tell me what you think about the situation.  Was it really that bad?  The officers said I HAD to get the ticket because they ticket homeless people when they go wading in the fountains.  Come on.  Homeless people want to go to jail to have a nicer place to sleep AND eat.  I don't want to go to jail, so I'm gonna pay the fine.  Hawk and Tom said they would help out with the fine and Heidi promised me a beer.   We'll see if they come through.  Check out to see the actual ticket and a video from one of the many listeners that came out to the Hyatt to see me.  I'm gonna go now and do a little praying, won't you join me?   lol

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07/22/2009 10:46AM
Torture Tuesday Gone Wrong
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09/13/2009 8:10AM
God love you, Kato!!! You risk your life, put aside your pride, and now..... become subjected to police "brutality"!!! Oh yeah.... That shows our tax dollars being put to good use! (??) I know they're just "doing their job", but on more than one occasion, I've observed those homeless fellows swimming/ bathing/ pulling shenanigans in fountain(s) downtown.... no one seems to pay any attention!!! But boy, they were all over you (all serious, by the way- which was REALLY funny!) Also- I noticed the video can't be found on your website anymore- don't tell me they made you take it off???!! Anyway... just a word of encouragement to you; keep that chin up (don't go putting any more body parts into a fan)and keep doin' what you're doin'!!! ;-)
09/13/2009 8:20AM
One more thing.... It's even funnier the 3-4th time around!! Kato- you jumped when that horn beeped! Love how you pointed out to passers- by "There's a lot of money in here!!!" So, yes- you are decidedly, & definitely a MENNACE to society!! (ROTFLMAO!!) Oh... James- good job filming!!! :-)
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