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The iPad's dirty little secret.

I have an iPad and I think it is pretty neat. If nothing else, it is a large iPod touch with a REALLY GOOD battery and I can play music all the way to Florida when I drive down to see my parents and still have lots of battery left. It also has great features with the large screen and photos look great on it, and maps are awesome and if Google ever releases a GPS app for the iPad, it will beat any other GPS out there hands down. But there are some things missing that should be there. In fact, that is the iPad's dirty little secret. Steve Jobs will tell you that the iPad will run most of the 100,000+ apps already available for the iPhone and Ipod Touch, but what he doesn't tell you is that they look like crap. An app needs to be programmed for the iPad's screen resolution to look good, and what's the point of running an app that looks like nintendo (the original one) graphics on your new hi-tech device? Facebook seems to have been caught totally unprepared by the iPad, so you have to use the iPhone app which looks like junk. That's just one of the many missing apps for the iPad. I'm an app junkie, and I check the app store on a regular basis. The truth is, there aren't a lot of new apps hitting the store right now. It is a slow curve as the apps start to come to the iPad. That is the dirty little secret. In a year, the iPad will probably have a rich, mature app store with most everything you can imagine and want but right now it is slim pickens. And one of the things that I thought would be REALLY COOL for me, as a radio announcer, would be an app that would let me edit wav or mp3 files (think Adoble Audition or something along those lines) and that I could bring into the studio and play from my iPad. I haven't seen anything like it yet. One other dirty secret, apps cost too much on the iPad. Not sure why an app that is $0.99 for the iPhone is $2.99 on the iPad (and many games go as high as $9.99, when you can get the same game for $2.99-$4.99 for iPhone) but apparently developers think that since it has a better screen we should pay more for the app, even when in many cases it is identical to the iPhone version except for the graphics. Don't get me wrong, I love my iPad, but there are a few little hassles that you should know about before you plunk down your $500+ for one.

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07/21/2010 8:07AM
The iPad's dirty little secret.
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