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The NASA Constellation Program Has Been Cancelled!

As many of you know, I hold NASA near and dear to my heart.  My father worked at the Kennedy Space Center his entire life until he retired in 1999.  My brother still works at Kennedy Space Center and I have an engineering degree that was supposed to be used at NASA, but I stumbled across radio while in college and took another path.  So it bothers me to see us abandoning important work in space exploration.  An electrical engineer with NASA named Calvin Turzillo made a video that shows why it is important that we continue the Constellation program and what will be lost if we do not.  There is some amazing rocket footage in this video and you will learn a lot just watching it.  He also points out that about 7,000 more people will be out of work when Constellation is shut down.  More unemployment! Mostly though, it is just a great video about an important part of NASA that is about to be shut down.

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02/02/2010 4:15PM
The NASA Constellation Program Has Been Cancelled!
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02/10/2010 11:05PM
Hey there! Thanks for posting my video! Glad you liked it, and hopefully it will make a difference! :)
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