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Texting and iphone show off

I was in a meeting the other day and one of my co-workers (Tom) was on his iphone the whole time.   The guy leading the meeting drove from North Carolina  to talk with us about our show.   I was embrassed because what would he think about Tom on his iphone.  I brought it up on the show and told Tom it was just like breaking out a book and reading it while someone was trying to have a conversation.   So as we where talking I started reading a book.  Tom said it wasn't the same.   I feel that we have lost the importance of conversation  when we whip out our phones and start texting when someone is trying to have a conversation with us.  Its ok to look and see who it is and then say excuse me but I need to text this person back .......but most people just  take the conversation for granted.   And why is it when one person looks at their phone everyone in the room checks theirs.   It is like when someone yawns you sub-consciously yawn....same thing with a phone.              Lastly let me call Tom out about being an iphone show off.    Anytime anyone mentions a song Tom brings out the iphone and plays the song for you or if someone says I had a hotdog for lunch Tom will look up the ingredients or maybe where the hotdog originated.  I really don't need to know all those facts. I do appreciate the effort but Tom please keep it to yourself.  Sorry I complained today I'll try and be more positive  next time I blog.  thanks for reading Hawk

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09/29/2009 3:33PM
Texting and iphone show off
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