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 GOOD MORNING! It's Heidi.
Big wins , yesterday, for  Both the Tigers and Gamecocks… Clemson 8th in  the AP poll.., o 7th in the BCS standings./     The Gamecocks -13th in the AP poll, up to 12th  in the BCS rankings

Theres  A recall of  Honda Odyssey minivans…model years..2007-2008 ..theres  a problem that can cause the vehicle to brake suddenly

A new study of puberty and body mass index…: Extra weight may be sending U.S. girls into puberty earlier than ever, with physical changes happening by age 9./ other triggers include.. inactivity, and chemicals in food and water…

The first-ever YouTube Music Awards yesterday/ besides ..the surprising appearance  of Lady Gaga …wearing plaid outfit, a truckers cap and no makeup….the highlights were Eminem --as artist of the year,  Taylor Swift won for YouTube phenomenon and the breakthrough award went to Macklemore and Lewis.

Which Profession Has the Most Psychopaths? characterized by shallow emotions , stress tolerance,  coldheartedness, lacking guilt, big ego,  antisocial - All the professions on the list …require power and objective thinking. Firswt on the list is  CEO -
TV/radio personality
Police Officer
Civil Servant--       If these people made decisions based on feelings, they would pretty much be fired.

Jimmie Johnson dominated Sunday's AAA 500 race from start to finish. him a  slight lead in the Sprint Cup Series standings

The Carolina Panthers beat  Atlanta 34-10 yesterday …and are now 5 and 3/

Coming up nov 9th  - The HOPE Relay! Its  a running.. team  adventure- for the whole family – coworkers , friends, different levels of difficulty..sign up at hope relay .org
New info about the health of Young girls

The winners included Eminem, Taylor Swift and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. But like the MTV Video Music Awards, the first YouTube Music Awards won't be remembered for the awards themselves but for the ``moments'' it produced. The 90-minute show was hosted by Jason Schwartzman and Reggie Watts who worked without a script. All they had was a series of note cards to get from one segment to another. As for the honors themselves,

 Investigators are trying to determine what motivated the apparent hatred for the TSA that prompted a gunman to open fire at Los Angeles International Airport. One TSA agent was killed. The incident could ultimately lead to changes in the way airports are patrolled. Officials say the wounded suspect, Paul Ciancia (see-AHN'-see-uh), remains under guard at a hospital.

The Supreme Court hears arguments this week in a dispute over prayers at government meetings. The high court, which asks for God's protection before every public session, will consider a challenge to prayers at the start of town council meetings in a, N.Y., town/ . Over an 11-year span, every meeting was opened with a Christian-oriented prayer. 

India ..this week will launch ... its first probe ...destined for Mars. Only the United states, Europe and the former Soviet Union have succeeded in exploring the Red Planet .... More than half of all attempts to Mars have failed... India's launch is scheduled tomorrow
LAS VEGAS (AP) This year's Miss Universe pageant will be held in Russia's capital Moscow. Nov. 9.
Miss USA is moving to Miami from las vegas/

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11/05/2013 5:43AM
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