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Tom Steele has a large mole under his left arm, ask him to show it to you next time you see him!



Property taxes to pay for  school debt will jump by nearly 12 percent for Greenville County homeowners, automobile owners and businesses. /The School Board approved a 5-mill hike yesterday …

Supreme Court justices are expected today to deliver opinions…this morning… in their first-ever… gay marriage cases. .. South Carolina Equality and other gay rights organizations plan to march in Columbia this evening.

The Army has announced major cuts … It will eliminate at least 12 combat brigades, relocate thousands of soldiers and cancel $400 million in construction projects.

Sam’s Club in Easley …will officially open tomoro morning at 8am.. /.
TripAdvisor named Falls Park in Greenville .. the ninth best park in the nation /
A new study suggests that  eating two big meals a day..at breakfast and lunch….results in more weight loss than grazing..eating 6 smaller meals each day... 

sports stars will bare all in.. ESPN The Magazine’s …annual “Body Issue,” which features athletes who’ve pushed their physiques to profound frontiers.”/ it hits  newsstands July 12.
your smartphone or other electronic device ends up in water... / a new product called EVAP.. provides two rescue pouches… to evaporate- or – draw water out of your phone….Or try dry rice..remove the battery and sink your phone in the uncooked grains …another idea.. save those silica gel packs that come in packages ..and use them to soak up unwanted moisture.


An Upstate teen named emma, aka.., the coupon kid, is featured on the nickelodeon tv show called figure it out..

 South Carolina House members will consider Gov. Nikki Haley's vetoes less than 24 hours after she issued them. The House returns to Columbia this afternoon to take up the governor's 81 vetoes that strike $94 million from the state's $6.7 billion spending plan. 

The funeral for James Gandolfini ...will be held tomoro  in New York City. The 51- star of ``The Sopranos'' died Wednesday in Rome

Supreme Court justices are expected today to deliver opinions in their first-ever gay marriage cases. The issues before the court ...are California's constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.... and the federal... Defense of Marriage Act, which denies legally married gay Americans a range of tax, health and pension benefits available to heterosexual married couples.  Gay marriage supporters plan to march in Columbia today no matter the outcome of the U.S. Supreme Court's upcoming ruling.

A jury ordered Providence, R.I., resident Joel Tenenbaum to pay $675,000 for illegally downloading, then sharing, about 30 songs...thats  $22,k  per song/ the Recording Industry Association of America sued him on behalf of four record labels.

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06/26/2013 8:28AM
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