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B937AlltheHits: RT @ChrisScottTV: Greer Police remind you of railroad work by CSX @ E. Poinsett St @ City Hall CLOSED!



The top earning model… makes more than her superstar hubby
its back to school for more students this morning…Roads will be more crowded….and heavy rain ..in areas.....will cause more delays / Police say …they will be …aggressively patrolling ….school zones .

 So far, Two boys, ages 14 and 15, are charged in connection.. to  the shooting of a  Pizza Hut …delivery driver… late Monday night…near the Valley Brook subdivision in Greenville/ a group of  teens flagged down the driver, asked for money , then shot him in the head as he drove away/ the driver in his 20’s …is hospitalized in serious condition

Nearly 7 million Americans have fallen behind on their student loans, /buyer beware-  A new industry  has sprung up  to help you pay those debts..but sign-up ..and service fees are high.. /ther are federal programs that ofer th same help – for free/
Gisele Bundchen's is Forbes top earning model of the year..The 33-year-old from brazil - earned an estimated $42 million in 2013. That's more than what her quarterback husband Tom Brady made in the same year!

.. The results of the latest ACT tests say only about a quarter of  this year's.. test-takers … actually have… the reading, math, English and science skills… they need to succeed…. in college or a career

It’s the kate affect-  the dress that duchess kate wore… a for a family photo ,…with  prince William , and… their  new baby.. sold  out within two hours./ .the fuscia,dress by  sheraphine,  cost  $72

 Pavlov’s, the Five Points bar popular with University of South Carolina students, has made the list of the 25 Greatest College Bars in the U.S., according to foodie website The Daily Meal. the only South Carolina bar mentioned 
New NFL rules ..have… spawned an angry mob ….made up of half the population of the United States…./ women ..and they are not happy about being limited to a credit card sized cluth bag..or a gallon sized Ziploc /
working for minimum wage..how long does it take to by a big mac? Strategists found…in the U.S .. It takes 34 minutes ./ 18 minutes in Australia/   and moer than 6 hours in India (7.25u.s-$4.56mac)
The testing company ACT says most of the high school graduates taking its tests this year aren't ready for the next level. ACT says only about 25 percent have the chops in reading, math, English and science skills to succeed in college or a career. The data also show a downturn in overall student scores.

 Gov. Haley is telling all state agencies to take a good look at how they're handling information security. About 6.4 million taxpayers and businesses had Social Security and bank account numbers stolen in the hacking of computers at South Carolina's Department of Revenue last year.
Parents with a baby born in 2012 will spend $217,000 to half a million dollars to raise the child to age 18, not including the cost of college, according to statistics from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. / The exact amount families spend varies depending on incom

Bruno mars tonight in charlotte
JC stroble – the gentleman –who for 57 years called out  A Plenty orders.. at the beacon drive in ..in spbg.. had an accidental fall and suffered severe brain injury-  a few days ago../ his family made the difficult descision Sunday morning .. to remove artificial life support../ as of Monday night- Stroble was listed in serious condition

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08/21/2013 8:15AM
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