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It happened Falls Park  in Dt  Greenville – last  Thursday night-- A 19 year old man… says he was attacked and robbed  as many as 12 men…  about 10;40pm.  near Furman College Way…/ he says he was   pushed him off his bike.. punched ..- forced at gunpoint to lay on on the ground../ he was kicked..and robbed of his $800 bike and cell phone,.. call Crime Stoppers at 23-CRIME.

Investigators say someone is stealing pieces of guard rails from bridges in Cherokee County.  And likely reselling them for scrap.

“the average American car is nearly 11 and a-half years old. ..That's up two years from 2007, before the start of the Great Recession... repair shops and auto-parts stores are benefitting

A Safe Kids Worldwide ..survey of emergency room visits…. shows more than a million times a year…, or about every 25 seconds, a young athlete… ages 6 to 19 treated for  a sports-related injury

Its national night out!   get to know  your  neighbors a little better…in the fight against neighborhood crime/. 

The city is in shock,” -/  Two children living in an apartment… above an urban zoo… in the Canadian town …of Campbellton .. -- -- were killed by a boa constrictor that had apparently got loose ..yesterday from the The Reptile Ocean - / The children were  five and seven years old. /The exact cause of death was not immediately clear.

Dozens of flights were canceled or delayed worldwide early This morning.... after a major computer software …outage …forced several airlines… to manually check-in …and board passengers - with some staff even having to use a ---using pen and paper.

It's Shark Week!/   The week-long series’ ….main event, is Shark-poc-a-lypse,
focusing on shark sightings and attacks./. sightings are on the rise along the East Coast
When it comes to getting hired, your body size may play a bigger role than your resume, / grad school applicants went through in-person interviews.., those with a ..body mass index… north of 25 -- the typical cutoff point between "normal" and "overweight" -- were 27%  less likely to score an admission invite than their trimmer co-applicants

Party on Hawkeyes! The University of Iowa is the nation's best party school -- at least according to the rankings from the Princeton Review./  . Brigham Young University …on the  other hand – is at the top of the ``stone-cold sober schools'' list.

South Carolina collected 18%  less in taxes over the past ten years..but, increased spending  by about the same amount…/ the Washington-based nonprofit Tax Foundation …ranked SC 49th in growth…
A dozen big league ballplayers have accepted 50-game suspensions …following Major League Baseball's investigation of a Florida anti-aging clinic …accused of distributing banned performance-enhancing drugs. But Alex Rodriguez is vowing to fight. The Yankee third baseman received the harshest punishment, a suspension to last through the end of next season. But he was in the New York lineup Monday as he appeals the suspension to an arbitrator. A ruling isn't expected until November at the earliest.
. An industry research firm says Americans are keeping their cars and trucks longer than ever state registration data gathered by the Polk research firm show the average age of the 247 million cars and trucks on U.S. roads hit a record of 11.4 years in January./up two full years since 07/ .. to avoid the monthly payments. .

It's one way to get out of diaper duty for a night. Add Kanye West to the mix of performers at the MTV Video Music Awards this month. MTV says the rapper and new dad will perform the single ``Black Skinhead'' at the August 25 show. It's the seventh time West has performed at the VMAs. For those who keep track of such things, that will tie Madonna for the most performances at the show. The event airs live from the Barclays Center in New York

Desiree confessed to Chris last night on The Bachelorette.'' that she was devastated… when Brooks decided to leave the competition./ even so, chris proposed, she said yes..althjo- no wedding pans were announced.
 State tourism officials are spending $1.2 million to help tourists find their way along South Carolina's barbecue trail. What's your favorite mom-and-pop barbecue joint in the state?
The State Department has ordered the evacuation of non-emergency government workers from Yemen in response to an intelligence warning of potential ..seriuos..terrorist attacks.  

 South Carolina collected 18%  less taxes per capita over a decade, ranking 49th in growth. That's according the Washington-based nonprofit Tax Foundation. Two weeks ago, the foundation ranked South Carolina 48th in state government spending per capita over the decade, with a 17 percent growth rate. founder Jeff Bezos  has struck a deal  to buy the legendary ... Washington Post ..and other newspapers / Bezos made his fortune by pioneering online shopping, first with books, then with just about everything else...He's paying  $250 an is not involved/]

Communities from across the nation will participate in the 30th annual …National Night Out ….tonight/.  The event is designed to heighten crime and drug prevention awareness in local communities

08/06/2013 8:55AM
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