If you happened to catch Torture Tuesday this week, you'll remember that Hawk & Tom sent me out to rap my breakfast order at local drive-thru restaurants.   I rapped and Heidi had the beats.   Here's the two raps I wrote..   Check out www.hawkandtom.com to see the video. HARDEES RAP: I need some breakfast for me and the crew You said can I help you, here's what you can do Give me 2 loaded biscuits with some gravy on top A double sausage egg and cheese and fry me some tots Two buttitos put the salsa on the side And a buttered jelly biscuit, I like to eat I won't lie A low carb bowl a sandwich made with Texas toast With extra crispy bacon cause I like that the most How about a Frisco breakfast sandwich, make it 2 with cheese And an order of those sweet biscuits - I like blueberries And 2 large drinks make one Sprite the other Mountain Dew And a big, big bowl of Southern grits, I think that's all - Thank you BURGER KING RAP: I need a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit, one with ham and cheese An egg and cheese croissanwich add double bacon please Two ham omelet sandwiches and order of french toast sticks One cheesey bacon BK wrapper can you tell I need my fix Some crunchy golden hash browns with ketchup on the side And warm and gooey Cini-Minis, extra icing makes me cry And 2 OJ's, 1 large coke and coffee make it black I think that's all I need today please put it in one sack

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05/26/2010 2:51AM
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06/02/2010 10:04PM
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