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Summer Colds Stink

Summer colds stink.  Well I think they stink....can you really smell when you have a cold?  I have a cold.  I try to be a courteous when I'm sick. I always feel the responsibility to tell whoever I'm dealing with that I have a cold. For example I told the lady that the Post office today that I had a cold. She was very grateful.  Even at church when it's time for handshaking I always explain why I'm not shaking hands. People usually thank me for that.   I feel the need to tell my co-workers to stay away when I have sick cooties.  And that makes them happy. I also try not to contaminate things like door knobs, remote controls, and telephones when I am sick.  I go to great lengths to use other body parts instead of my hands when sick.  For example,  for the past week I have been using my butt to open doors. ( I must say the ones that have doorknobs do take a bit longer, but it can be done.) I guess what I'm trying to say is some of you germ carriers out there are not so courteous and that's why I have a cold in the summer and that upsets me. Please, next time you have a cold, just tell me. Don't try to shake my hand.  I'll take an elbow.  Thanks.

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08/12/2010 2:20PM
Summer Colds Stink
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