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Squirrels are driving me nuts

Squirrels in my attic?  Are you kidding me?  Sitting alone upstairs I heard and interesting noise the other day. It sounded like scratching on my ceiling. I though at first it was probably a little mouse.  I stood on the chair and banged on the ceiling only to hear the creepy sound of something much bigger scurrying away. So now I'm thinking squirrel, not mouse. Since there is no access to this part of my attic, I'm actually having to hire a carpenter to come in and make a hole into the attic to catch whatever it is that has already made a hole into my attic.  I've heard of roach motels... I wonder if they have squirrel motels?  How about those fly strips for squirrels? Well, Im off in search of these things.  I will keep you posted.....

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04/06/2011 2:20PM
Squirrels are driving me nuts
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03/04/2012 8:08PM
my friend has a squirell in her attic too!!!!
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