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Security Tag Mishap

Hey,  hope things are better at your house than mine.  I think my wife is going to jail.  Wow... my wife the fugitive.  Well,  I thought so anyway.   She was trying on some clothes the other day right after she had returned from  the mall and she noticed a security tag still on the blouse. Being the manly man I ain't I said let me see if I can get the security tag off.   After hours of trying to remove it with a screwdriver and hammer I just handed it back to her with a look of shame.....her man had let her down...again.   As I was thinking of how to get it off the shirt I thought to myself....will the store clerks really believe me if I try to take it back.  Also when you are taking it back will the security machine beep as you are walking back into the store..... What a dilemma....  You know how embarrassing it is when you walk out of a store and the beepers go off.   Everyone is looking at you,  the greeter has you up against the wall frisking you before you know what has happened.......Ok maybe I'm exaggerating a little...  Anyway, I ask if that had happen to anyone on the show and Tom said he'd had it happen to him before.  He said it wasn't a big deal just take it back with a reciept.   One lady called in and said it had happen to her.  She said just put it into the freezer and leave it overnight and then when you try to get the security tag off the next morning the ink will be frozen.   So if this hapens to you now you know what to do. .

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06/01/2010 12:20PM
Security Tag Mishap
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