If you're reading this then chances are you are a GINORMOUS Jonas Brothers fan.  Or you atleast know who they are.  However if being an extremely teared up, crazy, overwhelmed by dudes in curls with a brother who looks nothing like them fan, then pay attention.  Below is a picture of a black box.  Looks like a box that you would put stage eqipment in for a concert.  Do you know what actually goes in this black box?  A Jonas Brother.  Notice the seat, the small fan and the small window.  This is how they have to get to the stage.  On their summer tour they perform on a circular stage.  Squeezing into this small but spacious(???) box is the only way for them to make it to the stage safely without being mobbed by thousands of young teenage girls.  So, when you go to a show and you start making your way towards the front and start knocking over every black box you see just to see if a Jonas Brother will pop out like a jack-in-the-box, when you're being arrested on your way out, scream into the news cameras you love Fenway from B93.7. jonas_brothers_box

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07/23/2009 12:15PM
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