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I'm Feelin' Gassy

Gas prices are outrageous.  They are higher than Charlie Sheen on a winning streak!  You know gas prices are high when the gas stations are offering free anger management classes with a fill up. Heck, for mother's day my mother wanted something expensive so I just bought her a tank of gas.   I'm trying to think of ways to use less gas.  I've even considered a motorcycle but every time I ride one, I have to stop and brush the bugs out of my teeth when I get there. Really, when are the prices going down?  The worst part about it is every time I borrow my wife's car, there isn't any gas in the tank. I know she does this on purpose. She drives an SUV, and the other day I had to take out a small loan from the bank just to fill it up!  I'll show those gas companies, I'll stop buying gas! (By the way, I need a ride to work tomorrow.). Sorry to complain.

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05/16/2011 9:19PM
I'm Feelin' Gassy
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