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Post Dramatic Breast Syndrome

Whoa... I did it.. Actually, Dr.Kevin Keller at Upstate plastic Surgery did it. Two weeks ago, I had a breast reduction and lift. Hawk and Tom call it a crime against nature. I call it wonderful. I am not sure what it will all look like yet. Dr. Keller says it will take a few weeks for things to settle into place. I do know that I am already so happy with the changes! I knpw that plastic surgery isnt for everyone. I have confidence in my doctor and his wonderful staff. And, after trying workouts and nutrition plans,there are just some areas that wont change with diet and excercise. So, I decided plastic surgery was the route to take. I was out of work for just 5 days. I feel pretty much up-to-speed now..just 2 weeks after the procedure. it is a decision that requires thought and 2nd opinions,so, good luck if you are choosing the same option.. I am looking forward to getting back to ultra-fit and really seeing the difference that workouts and diet will now have on my new look! xoxo

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09/21/2010 4:25PM
Post Dramatic Breast Syndrome
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09/22/2010 7:55AM
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09/28/2010 4:30AM
Kimberly Steinel
Good Morning Heidi, I am glad you are very happy! I know what you mean about feeling better and making yourself happy! I would do the same thing too if that is what I needed. I am not happy with myself in some many ways but everyone tells me that I am fine I don't need to change anything but that doesn't make it better and change your mind you know what I mean. I had a scary time in my life here recently and it changed the way I look at things somewhat and it was life changing in certain areas. I will tell you if you would like to know what happen to me recently it is really interesting atleast to me anyways. But I have always been a fan of yours and the guys too. I listen to you station every morning when I am heading to work. YOu guys are amazing. NO ONE can even compare to your station and thats the truth. My birthday is coming up in October really soon and I would love to have a happy birthday announcement from you and the guys while I am going to work but of course it would have to be on a friday cause my birthday falls on a Saturday the 9th.... But I love to listen to you guys from 6:40am to 7:05am MOnday thru Friday! I love you guys!!!! YOur amazing!!! Kim
11/18/2010 8:43PM
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01/05/2011 6:06PM
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