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Need More Info!!

I'm not one to complain much (pause for laughter), but I'm beginning to get really mad (to be polite) and I want to share my story.  I've always heard if you want to get something off your chest, just write out what you're feeling.  Well I don't write much, so I'm gonna blog (Is that the same thing?). I use the computer a lot throughout the day whether it's at work, on my computer at home or on my new G1 phone from T-Mobile.  I like to see what movies are playing, maybe check out a local restaurant's menu to see if they have what I like or maybe try and find out if an outdoor concert, sponsored by the City of Greenville, is going to be rained out.  It's bad if a business has no website at all, come on people everybody's doing it, but what makes me "really mad" is when the website don't tell you anything but the name of the business (I already know that).  Don't you hate when you want to check out a restaurant to see what's on the menu, only to find out that the menu part of the website has been "under construction" since they first opened.  That makes me mad enough not to spend my money in that restaurant. Well somthing similar happened to me today.  I wasn't looking for any restaurant to visit, but I was planning to attend the Reedy River Nighttime Concert that's held every Wednesday at the Peace Center Amphitheatre with some friends from out of town (they live in Anderson).  Before making the long drive, my friends wanted to know if the concert was going to get rained out, I mean it WAS raining.  Should we just assume since it's raining that the concert is cancelled?   I say no.  Why?  Because I've delt with the City many times in the past and rain hasn't always stopped an event.  You know the City has to make their $1 from selling wristbands to those wanting to drink, right? I searched every website the City owns, called every number listed under the "contact us" section on the City website and even checked out the City's Facebook and Twitter pages, but NOTHING.  (BTW, who knew the City of Greenville was on Facebook and Twitter).   The last Tweet from the City was over 7 hours ago and it mentioned nothing about cancelling the concert.  Heck, it wasn't raining 7 hours ago.  So what am I going to do? I don't want to drive around Downtown for an hour looking for a parking place, just to find out that the concert ain't happening, that would really "really" make me mad.  So, I'm not going.  I'm not going to pay $5 to park, I'm not going to pay $1 for a wristband and I'm not going to sit on soaked grass just to see some band that I don't care anything about (who picks these bands in the first place). So I guess one can assume the rain has cancelled the concert even though I may be the only one not attending (I hate going out in the rain, it's just all muggy and hot and humid).  But I will sit here at my computer and give some advice to business owners (both local and the national chains).  Get a website, put all the info we need about your business on that site and keep it up to date.  I hate going to a site that hasn't been updated in months (and I'm not talking about myself, after today I promise to keep up with my blogging). Thanks for letting me vent.  You got anything to vent about?  Just leave me a comment and thanks for listening. -Kato

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07/08/2009 4:41PM
Need More Info!!
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