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My Nails Fell Off !

Hi friends, help me through a most difficul time in my life. My acrylic nails are gone. They started to come off during vacation. So, I thought it would be a great time to "go natural". BUT,as many of you likely know, if you ,too, have had fake nails forany length of time, your real nails are yukky. My nails are paper thin, sensitive and short! I am going through fingernail withdrawl and it hurts!! Any suggestions about how to get 'em to grow and look better would be greatly appreciated!! xoxo heidi

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07/15/2010 7:50AM
My Nails Fell Off !
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08/10/2010 5:00PM
my boyfriend went to the haywood mall and spent 50 bucks on this nail package i to wanted to go natural with my nails and this lotion combo is great and u can use the lotion all over your body. the store is called dead sea cosmetics. it is the complete nail kit treatment. hope it works for u.
08/20/2010 10:17AM
Take Biotin for your nails it really works. You can find it with the vitamins at any drugstore.
12/12/2010 8:54PM
Hedi, I use the stuff at the pharmCy u can get it for like 4 a bottle it is for thin brittle nails I love the acrylic nails to but I work with auto parts and can't have them mine look great now! Hope it helps u! Love you guys!!! :) Merry Christmas!!
01/12/2011 4:43PM
I have worn fake nails before and i knwo what u mean... just try to cut them pretty short and soak tehm in warm (not to hot) olive oil every night u should see a definate improvement! good luck with ur aw natural:)
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