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My First Ever Published Photo and The Blockhouse Steeplechase in Tryon!

I am not a professional photographer.  I have no delusions of grandeur.  (Ok, if you listen to the show you know that I have LOTS of delusions of grandeur, but this is not one of them.)  I just enjoy photography as a hobby and I talked my wife into letting me spend an exorbitant amount of money on some camera gear when we found out we were pregnant with our first child.  I told her that parenthood would be meaningless without good photography gear to capture the moments. It was a silly argument, but it worked.  And to be honest, while we all know that a parent with no camera at all can be just as good a parent as one with tons of camera gear, it has turned out to be really cool having nice camera gear to take pics of the kids!  It has also turned out to be cool at other places too... Every year we go to the Blockhouse Steeplechase in Tryon, NC.  It is a day of horse races (the kind where they jump over fences) and mostly it is a chance to spend a day outdoors in the mountains with a bunch of friends and fried chicken!  That's not a bad day in my book.  I also bring my Canon 30D and my BIG LENS (400mm zoom) with me and try to practice taking pictures of the horses just as they come over the jumps. When I get home, I look at the photos and hope for the shot that will capture the horses in all their glory.  A shot that will be sought after by ESPN and major sports magazines to be printed, reprinted and shown again and again because it is just so good that it has to be used.  Sadly, I've never gotten one of those.  But I do occasionally get everything right and end up with a PRETTY GOOD shot.  I'm kind of proud of this one because it was good enough that Western North Carolina magazine used it on their story about the Blockhouse Steeplechase this year. This year the Blockhouse Steeplechase is Saturday, April 18th and you can look for most of the B93.7 staff to be there since we are sponsoring the event.  We'll look for you there, but look for me over by one of the horse jumps taking pictures and still hoping for that ONE PHOTO that will make me world-famous!!! Tom’s picture is on the right!

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04/14/2009 5:57PM
My First Ever Published Photo and The Blockhouse Steeplechase in Tryon!
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