As tempting as the Mcdonald's Monopoly game is, I always wonder how much you'd have to eat to actually have a chance at winning the cash or a brand new car.  Here's a website that'll tell you how many Big Macs you'll have to eat to win one of the prizes.  Let me just say that if you decide to consume this many Big Macs, it'll be best that you do it when you're drunk or hungover.  Here's the link... http://eatwithaspork.com/fun/bigmac/

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10/18/2010 6:17AM
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11/01/2010 11:35PM
Jennifer Henderson
Hi Fenway! Listen I think ya’ll need to check out this guy Brandon Hilton. He has a song called Glamour Zombie playing on the radio station 96.5FM WSLR and I think its a really Great song. Thanks and have a great day.
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