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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson's death hit home with me this week.   You know we all have a appointment with God and  you never know when it is going to happen today tomorrow  the main thing is to  be ready.   I really enjoyed Michael Jackson's songs and dancing.  I love the 80's music and I think M.J. was one of the greatest entertainers of all time.   I know people have there opinion of  his personally life but I think now is not the time for gossip.  You know the one thing that continues to burden me about M.J.'s death is, was he ready to meet God in all his Glory.  I just want to tell everyone I know this week that your time as well as my time is coming and we should live everyday to glorify God the creator of the universe and Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for dying for our sins.  Everything is God's.   He created the universe and he created man, therefore anything we create is His.  Michael Jackson had everything he could ever want,  fame,  fortune,  friends basically anything this world has to offer.   But now the only thing that matters to M.J. is....did he have Jesus in is heart.  I pray that he did.   My thougths prayers are with Michael's  family right know.    Thank you so much for allowing me to share my heart with you I am humbled by your interest.  Take care and God Bless

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06/27/2009 5:29PM
Michael Jackson
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