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Little Boys and Caterpillars

Well recently Asa (my 16 month old) has loved playing outside.  Of course I have hacked and cough my way through the pollen this year..........  it doesn't seem to bother him.   Well being so young he is curious about everything.   He chases the birds the rabbits the squirrels and anything that catches his eyes,  including bugs.   I must say he is all boy.   He doesn't mind being sweaty and dirty and apparently he doesn't mind wierd things in his mouth like....ah......well.....caterpillars.  As he was playing in the backyard I was busy doing dad things like wrapping up the waterhose.    When I turned around Asa had a caterpillar hanging halfway out of his mouth.   It wasn't dead but the little fuzzy worm was hanging on for dear life as my son ran around the yard.   I finally caught him and carefully pulled the little caterpillar out of his mouth and tried to explain why he should not do that....I don't think he cared.  So if you see a beautiful butterfly later this summer take the time to appreciate it.... and wonder to yourself was that the caterpillar that hawk saved from his son.... thanks for letting me bore you with kid stories....hawk

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04/22/2010 2:03PM
Little Boys and Caterpillars
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05/15/2010 6:09PM
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