Laughing during Prayer

You probably know my father was a preacher.  That's right I am a preachers kid and you know what they say about the preachers kids......well that is true.    I remember going to church when I was in the second grade and me and my friend Jeff Tayes sat on the front row while my dad preached.    I'll never forget the time he and I started talking while my dad was preaching and right in the middle of his sermon he stopped ......looked down at Jeff and I and said "Boy don't make me come down there".   Needless to say I didn't say a word for the rest of the message.   Oh yea, I  got a big whoopin' when I got home.   I'll never forget that story and is always funny to think on.    It kinda ties in with my latest story at home.  Asa my son is now 15 months old.   Every night before we eat out dinner I pray a short little prayer to bless our food.   Rebecca and I always close our eyes and I pray aloud.   Well  when I finish we look up and Asa has the biggest smile on his face and always giggles.   He must think mommy and daddy are playing a joke on him.   It always cracks us up.  You know.......... you have to think whats going on in there little minds at that age.   Just wanted to share....take care hawk

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03/22/2010 1:37PM
Laughing during Prayer
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03/22/2010 1:58PM
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03/28/2010 4:30PM
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