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It's Dinner Time. What Cha Eatin'

Question for ya..  Do you like to cook?  I do, but I never do it.  Why?   Because I will eat all of it.   It's so hard to cook for one, so I cook for 10 and before the night is over, I end up eating everything I've cooked.  It's like a crack addiction (hey, I watch A&E), you know the food is there and you do everything you can to take your mind off of that awesome dinner, but nothing you do is helping, so.. you go and fix another plate.  It's just healthier for me to order something from Wedgy's or Pebble Creek Pizza, because I'll order one meal, eat it and have nothing to munch on all night.  That's healthier, right?  Great, now I'm hungry.  Do you happen to have the phone number for Steak Out?  lol. Actually, I might just go out for dinner, or maybe hit a drive-thru.  Which do you like?

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03/10/2011 9:29AM
It's Dinner Time. What Cha Eatin'
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