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I am the neighborhood grump!

If you've been following the show, you know that I recently did something that almost everyone has dreamed of doing at some point or another.  I stood up to the neighborhood kids who were leaving all their stuff in my yard all the time.  After mowing around a bicycle that had been in my yard all weekend over the Memorial Day holiday, I took the bike and put it up for sale on Ebay. Wanna bike for your kid? The bidding was up to $31 when a woman called into the show and said that was her 6 year-old son's bike and she wanted it back.  I told her that if she had a receipt for the bike I would happily return it, but otherwise I was claiming it as abandoned property and selling it on Ebay.  She wasn't happy with me.  So she apparently notified Ebay that the bike was "stolen" and they took my auction down. Click here to see the whole e-mail! Well, now the harrassment has started.  I came home from eating lunch at Applebees today and this is what I found... Click the picture to enlarge! If this keeps up I think that I may be able to retire soon.  Anyone want a scooter, bike or skateboard?

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05/28/2009 1:43PM
I am the neighborhood grump!
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05/28/2009 2:37PM
Deana Cruse
we will be more than happy to take a scooter
05/28/2009 3:00PM
I love it. Sell them all they all know what you are doing with them so its there own faults.
05/28/2009 4:59PM
You need to put up a sign that says "Yard Sale"...
05/28/2009 5:03PM
Nice! Looks like it spells something out.
05/28/2009 7:39PM
Fran Colquitt
I have never laughed so hard listening to your show, than I did this morning. I am 100% behind you Tom, the woman is out of control, and oblivious to reality. I told every one I work with about this, and we all agree, you had every right to the action you took. Maybe the crazy lady will keep a closer eye on her kid, and his belongings.
05/28/2009 8:02PM
You should put up a No Trespassing sign and when they come on your property have them arrested! LOL!
05/28/2009 8:52PM
That woman needs a serious lesson in child rearing! I agree with you, it is her job to teach her child to not only take care of his things, but to respect other peoples property! I say call the police and have them come pick up the abandoned property, then all those kids and their parents have to prove the are the owners and get their stuff back. Now I don't know about the law in your area, but in most places if the owners don't claim it in 30 days, you can take it and it is legally yours to do whatever you want with it! As for that mom, is needs to lay off the calls to you and learn to tell her children what I told my son growing up, you don't take care of your things, you will lose them! Her excuse of "well that is how kids are" is crap, your kid is dumping his stuff all over the neighborhood because you didn't teach him better! Here is a suggestion Tom, accidently leave a few of your baby's diapers on her lawn, just because you don't know any better!
05/29/2009 7:38AM
Thats Funny... But you should Take it all to goodwill, all that stuff would be a nice gift for goodwill and would be a nice tax write off for you!!!!
05/29/2009 11:16AM
jonathan cox
that is to funny you could have made a killing off the bikes ha ha ha luv ur show
06/03/2009 11:52AM
What's the status on the bike? Do you still have it?
06/03/2009 7:08PM
if you look at the sccoters and skate boadrs in the front of this photo I think it reads HI! i found this intresting because I thought they were protesting not writing hallmark greeting in your lawn.
06/11/2009 12:57PM
Ha hahaha That is hilarious. I think you need to have a B charity auction and sell that stuff... Some of those bikes were nice you can make a lot of money off of them. lol Plus the money would go to a good cause. Hey it's their fault it is abandoned property finders keepers is what I always heard...
06/19/2009 3:18PM
First off you do not look like anything I have imagined and second That is really funny!!!!!!!! I have had that happen and the man said "that bike is mine" And rode it up and down my road saying "I like Barbie Bikes" Finally it broke under his big butt!!You sounld try it!!
07/16/2009 4:25PM
01/11/2010 12:01PM
WTH... good idea. take them all to goodwill. and notify the cops before so they are aware of this nonsence... i'd be pissed off
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