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I am hooked!

hi! I am officially a Coupon Freak! I am hooked on clipping and saving! My daughter, lauren has shown me some unreal register receipts! She'll pay $35 for $150 worth of groceries!! My girlfriend, Barbara, does the same thing. She loves the CVS bucks. Looking for printable coupons, I came across a great site called Hot Coupon World. Some of the blog below is from Julie & Heidi & Lesley at HCW. You can see for yourself how finding the right site can really keep you informed and help you save money!!! What's going to be on sale this week? General Mills "cereal, boxed side dishes, Gold Medal and other Betty Crocker baking items"....look for coupons online. There are going to be offers on "Conagra - Hunts, Healthy Choice, Snack Pack" as well as "Post Cereals". Their site also mentions sales on meat like new york steaks and ribeyes and pork. Look for pork coupons. And HCW says that a popular soft drink brand is going on sale...I dont usually buy soda,unless its really cheap. If it hits $.79 a liter,then I buy some. The site says it could go for under $.70 a liter! I hope some of this info helps. There are lots of sites out there that offer printable coupons,rebate info and special deals. Happy Shopping and Saving!! xoxo heidi

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12/01/2009 3:03PM
I am hooked!
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12/26/2009 8:28PM
Lori B.
Hi Heidi! I'm Lori in Easley. I'm a big couponer too. One of my fav sites is Southernsavers.com. I also go to HCW & afullcup.com. Love you all on the show!
04/28/2010 9:46AM
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05/05/2010 6:46PM
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06/30/2010 6:26PM
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