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I've just changed my life!

Ok, this isn't revolutionary but it is a big deal in my house.  We have four remote controls.  One for the TV, one for the Moxi DVR, one for the surround sound and one for the Playstation 3 (which we use as our DVD player as well.) It is really annoying.  Or at least it used to be really annoying. I just bought a Logitech Harmony universal remote.  I've tried universal remotes before, but there were always issues and you had to "teach" the remote to do many of the functions.  The Harmony series (and probably many of the others now, as technology has advanced) let you enter all of your model numbers for your devices on your computer and it programs the remote with a USB connector. Now we have ONE remote, and it knows to turn on the surround sound and set it to the cable box if we want to watch tv or it knows to turn on the surround sound and set it to DVD  if we want to use the Playstation.  And it even does the DVR functions like FF and REW and REC, etc... I'm in hog heaven!

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03/03/2010 6:39PM
I've just changed my life!
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